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Quell her Inner War

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Women
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Fighting-Myself-230x300Most men don’t understand the forces that rage inside of every woman.

-She has one force that is her desire to be desired. This craving is insatiable, it’s like a tidal wave that rushes through her psyche Red Pill, Red Pill Pushers, RedPillSetMeFree, Selfie, Blue Pill, Woman, Women, Solipsism, Narcissismand her body all the time. She longs to be looked at, to be noticed, to be wanted, to be so sexy that men can’t resist her, and other women can’t resist hating her. This is the main reason girls both love to get naked, and/or show off their bodies in as many ways as they can(always of course while protesting to the contrary). There’s no such thing as too much attention, as long as it’s not always coming from the same source.

-She has her ever present lust to obtain resources. This is rooted in her hypergamous need to seek out the strongest seed, and to trade up whenever possible to get the best deal. gold-digger-magnetProvision, protection, status, she will take as much as she can get, by official or unofficial whoredom, with no apologies and no regrets. If you could literally give a woman the moon, she would soon ask you if you could relocate to a new Earth that had two moons, so she could have that second one too. 

-It’s her third desirous force that seems to present the biggest head scratching conundrum for males, because it oft manifests itself in behavior that would seem to indicate the opposite.  It’s rooted in the fact that Adam both named Eve and called her a woman. She longs to be dominated and conquered by a man stronger than she is; a man so powerful that he can plant his flag over her first two desires and bring her under control. She longs to be whatever you call her; she longs to be defined by the strength and the naming of her man. And, whatever you call her will imprint on her mind. If you think she’s attractive, Red Pill, Red Pill Pushers, RedPillSetMeFree, Selfie, Blue Pill, Woman, Women, Solipsism, Narcissismand say so, she will think so; if you call her fat, she’ll see that when she looks in the mirror.

Now you can see why girls crave their father’s everything, and why women that are 10s are so shocked by men that ignore them. When a woman is a 10 she’s gotten used to men falling all over her with gifts and compliments, as men have been doing so since she was 13 years old. So a man that doesn’t is a mystery and an anomaly to her mind. She must know why this man is seemingly immune to her charms, as all the other men seem not to be. It’s also the quiet but nagging insecurity trip of every pretty girl. Her mind is always saying, “Yah but…am I really pretty? And…for how long?”

By understanding these three internal forces, you ought to be able to see where much of human behavior comes from. Women that keep trying to prove that they are “strong” and “independent” are actively trying to reject their third desire, and acquire resources on their own. To literally not be defined by a man, as they’ve been told that that part of femininity is weak and needs to be categorically rejected. And when they do, they wake up in midlife in Spinsterville having never been married, childless, and often suicidally lonely.

And why? Because as much as they claim they don’t want to belong to a man, their deepest yearning is just the opposite. They want their life full of the smell of his strength and status(and last name), and they want their belly continually full of his babies. The more they can put an apron on you and tell you to get in the kitchen and fix them a sandwich, the more sexual attraction is running out of them like a car with a hole in the gas tank. And God help you if you are one of those pansies men that has taken his wife’s last name. weddingUgh. She was cheating on you at the wedding. Go rewatch the footage.

Women that are constantly shrieking about how “they don’t need a man” are fighting themselves, consciously or not, and that’s the source of the outwardly manifested turmoil and turpitude. This is also why men that acquiesce, and give them whatever they want without conquering them or defining them produce that sense of “something’s missing.” Whenever a woman has to talk herself into gratitude, i.e., “I’ve got a man that’s good to me and loves me, why aren’t I haaaapy?” it’s because he hasn’t been strong enough to define her. Put her in her place. Conquer her. Name her. Make her his. TINGLES, motherfoogers. That’s what she yearns for more than anything.

The secret that women will never tell you is that these swirling forces inside of them tend to really overwhelm them. Sometimes they hate themselves for what they’ve done, and would do, just to achieve validation. Oh what a girl will do just 4eb61dfce9b4e-theatre-review-apocalypse-not-now-3to feel wanted, even if it’s only temporary. It’s why girls have a Walk of Shame, and guys really don’t (unless it’s seriously ugly chicks). It’s why girls love to do what Jamie Foxx said and blame it on the alcohol(which doesn’t turn you into someone you’re not, it just lowers your inhibitions). Because they don’t really want to admit the truth out loud, that they are constantly craving male attention, validation, definition, and domination, and they’ll sleep with many a guy just to try and drown out that unsilenceable siren blaring in their souls. Their hypergamy combined with their attention whoring is what has been unleashed without restraint through feminism, and now you should be able to see why feminists fight so hard against the third desire for domination. Why do you think women want to be spanked, tied up, pounded senseless sexually, and have rape fantasies? Let’s examine Amazon’s description of Fifty Shades of Grey, shall we?(bold emphasis mine)

When literature student Anastasia Steele goes to interview young entrepreneur Christian Grey, she encounters a man who is beautiful, brilliant, and intimidating. The unworldly, innocent Ana is startled to realize she wants this man and, despite his enigmatic reserve, finds she is desperate to get close to him. Unable to resist Ana’s quiet beauty, wit, and independent spirit, Grey admits he wants her, too—but on his own terms.
Shocked yet thrilled by Grey’s singular erotic tastes, Ana hesitates. For all the trappings of success—his multinational businesses, his vast wealth, his loving family—Grey is a man tormented by demons and consumed by the need to control. When the couple embarks on a daring, passionately physical affair, Ana discovers Christian Grey’s secrets and explores her own dark desires.

Erotic, amusing, and deeply moving, the Fifty Shades Trilogy is a tale that will obsess you, possess you, and stay with you forever.

This book is intended for mature audiences.

Didja catch all that? Why do you think women have responded to this work by the millions, just like Twilight before it? Because it speaks to everything that they want. A beautiful but intimidating man sets his own terms for having her because he can’t resist her, and she, caught in his wake, has the rationalization she needs to let her own inner skank loose. Because without being taken and owned by a man, women still feel out of control about the first two of their desires, and still don’t have the real definition that they crave. This is why even men without a lot of resources but with a lot of confidence can get very far. That longing to be named and defined by Adam is something that they cannot achieve on their own, no matter how hard they try.

You ought to now be able to see why ugly, fat, feminists and plainjanes become enraged at all that is feminine and attack it, and do the same for all that is truly masculine. Ugly fat girls will never be the bathing beauty; they will never be the object of desire. They will never be longed for, so they have chosen to attack every single thing that makes a woman attractive to a man. And, have pledged to forever spew their femme-ugly-feminist5venom on all that is male, because they won’t be able to achieve their true desire from it.

Women, the arbiters of Herd Mentality, constantly measure their lives by other women; it’s never enough to be happy, they have to be happier than all the other girls. So if Fatty McButchHaircut isn’t happy no one else can be. Notice, if you will, that many of these feminists STILL have a man of their own, after all of their crying foul about patriarchy and the inherent evilness of the Male Imperative. Talk about Sleeping With the Enemy. Why in the world would they still want a man, I wonder? The answer being, because they still want his leadership, and they hate that they do. lindyMost miserable are so many of these feminists, having to eventually acknowledge that they don’t feel complete without male attention, and never feel satisfied without male domination and definition. This is why women love weddings; it’s all of the things they crave together in one space at one time: attention, validation, desire, female jealousy, and being willingly owned by him in front of the whole world.

Can you now see why tingles are so important to a girl? Can you see why women can run through a man’s resources, especially beta orbiters, and then divorce them without even blinking? This is why men need to be taught to be men; not supplicaters. But conquerors. Leaders. This is the natural station of a man, but letting the feminists erode this, starting in our boyhood, just results in long term misery for everyone.

And the non-feminist womenz? They want you to just get all this without them having to tell you; if they have to tell you any of the above, you’re still doing what you’re told, which is a guaranteed tingle snuffer.

This is why women feel like they’re settling without an Alpha; and they treat the poor fools that kiss their asses like what they are, Plan Bs. No man need accept this position in life. It’s not about you impressing her; that is laughable. Why in the world should you even care about trying to impress someone 51ZZQK0WiALwhose every molecule longs to be conquered by you? It’s about stepping up, and taking your place in life. The women will always follow.

Giggling with girlish glee.

Red Pill Rules Post #2

Posted: November 16, 2013 in Red Pill Rules, Women
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PILL PUSHERSI already posted this, but I realized that I don’t want to post them one at a time, so I’ll just make a running tally as we go. Here are some Red Pill rules every man that’s looking to be free should know:

1) Women don’t mean a damn thing they say. You should’ve learned that one in junior high.

2) If a woman rejects you, it doesn’t matter what her stated reason is…there’s only one real reason and it’s the same for every woman: it’s because you don’t make her panties wet enough.

3) Women lie about their N count because they know innately that being a slut is shameful.

4) Women lie & manipulate & do whatever they have to do to secure a man’s resources without remorse or apology(and religious women have a Come to Jesus moment later to wipe it all away).

5) A woman is only there to secure your resources; she never has, and never will, give a damn about what you want or need.

6) Women will bargain their short window of SMV for a lifetime of payments from you with a sense of brazen entitlement, and will call you a misogynist for not eagerly agreeing to their terms.

7) NEVER ask a woman for advice about anything, but ESPECIALLY relationships.

8) Women will shriek and rage and scream and curse and call you every name they can think of to insult your masculinity when you have the courage to tell the truth about them.

I already posted this at Dalrock’s, but I wanted to comment on it even further.

I saw this article in the comment thread:

Wife’s Experience Leaves Him Frustrated

DEAR ABBY: This is my wife’s second marriage. When we were dating, she led me to believe that I was the second sexual partner she had ever had. Shortly after our wedding, I found out through some mutual acquaintances she had attended college with that she had been very promiscuous during her college years and that the number of men she has been with is far greater than two.

I feel lied to and trapped in my marriage. (If I had known this, I would not have married her.) She knows I know. She dismissed it by saying the past doesn’t matter, but what she fails to recognize is that it matters to me. I can’t help but wonder if she has lied to me about something this important, what else will she lie to me about?

What do I do?
– Confounded in the South

Clear Red Flags:

-Her second marriage. Did you vet her about what went wrong with the first one? And even if you did, I’m sure that she said it was all her ex’s fault.

-She lied to you about something as important as N count. No integrity.

-Minimizing your feelings/concern/perspective by saying “the past doesn’t matter.” Um, if it didn’t matter then why did she feel the need to lie?

He asked what he should do. What you do is take the Red Pill son, and accept some things:

1) Women lie about their N count because they know innately that being a slut is shameful
2) Women lie & manipulate & do whatever they have to do to secure a man’s resources without remorse or apology(and religious women have a Come to Jesus moment later to wipe it all away)
3) A woman is only there to secure your resources; she never has, and never will, give a damn about what you want or need
4) Women will bargain their short window of SMV for a lifetime of payments from you with a sense of brazen entitlement, and will call you a misogynist for not eagerly agreeing to their terms
5) NEVER ask a woman for advice about anything, but ESPECIALLY relationships. Do you think she, or the beta knighters in the comment thread are going to see it from your perspective?
…The Red Pill will set you free.

But check out Abby’s “advice:”

DEAR CONFOUNDED: People lie when they feel threatened, when they want to impress someone or when they’re ashamed of something. The lie your wife told you may fall into the latter category. She wasn’t honest about the number of men she had been with because she knew you would react the way you have.

You say you love her, but if you truly mean that, you either need to change your attitude or do her a favor and think about ending your marriage. From my perspective, the number of lovers she has had since the wedding is far more important than the number she had before.

Please be aware that many women in our society have had multiple partners, so if you’re looking to replace your wife any time soon, you may be hard-pressed to find a woman with no experience. If you want to salvage your marriage, I strongly recommend you talk with a therapist, but don’t spend your money unless you can forgive your wife for being afraid to tell you the truth.

….Did you catch all of that?

She felt threatened, i.e., it’s your fault that she had to lie. It was your reaction that she feared that’s the problem, not her well deserved sense of shame or clear lack of integrity.

You have to prove your love to her, by changing your attitude, but be aware that she has most likely already cheated on you anyway, so prepare to end the marriage. She doesn’t have to repent, change, show remorse or come clean. You have to do her a favor, the one that started this relationship with a huge lie.

-Have no expectation of chastity of any woman in today’s society, get ready to foot the bill for therapy, and remember, you have to forgive her.

Not one shred of responsibility required on the part of the SlutBag wife.

But we’re not done; check out some of the comments:

    • Posted 9:10 AM, 11/15/2013

      Seriously???? Did you just arrive via the way back machine from the 50’s ?I also find it hard to believe you were straight up about things going on with you in the past.You sound like one of those southern Bible beaters. Ok, do like the good book says and forgive the woman.Oh and seek professional help. You sound like you have other issues.— vrb1955

  • Posted 9:20 AM, 11/15/2013
    • LW1-let her go; she obviously made a mistake when she thought she needed to shade the truth to satisfy you.— CanisMaximus

  • Posted 9:34 AM, 11/15/2013
  • LW1- What’s past is past. Get over it!

  • Posted 10:51 AM, 11/15/2013

    L1- You are a tool. Even women in the Amish/Mennonite community had more than 2 partners before marriage. Do your wife a favor and send her my way.


Unreal. The man is SOL and it’s his fault. Accept the Slut Nation you dweeb!

Oh well, clearly men have to keep getting burned before they learn.

I have read at least three epic threads in the last several weeks: two from Sunshine Mary:

How Feminism self-perpetuates: Today’s Sluts, Tomorrow’s Frivorcees & Spinsters

Why Do Modern Women try to use Sex to secure Commitment from Men?

And one from Haley’s Halo:

Do People Even Want to Date Anymore?

….and the comment threads all(eventually) move towards the same issues:its-not-fair1

“Why do women say they want nice guys when they really want thugs?”

“Why does the Bible say ‘flee fornication’ but that’s exactly what women use to get their men, even Christian women?”

“Why doesn’t being a nice guy work?”

“Sluts shouldn’t be able to get married, but they still do and it’s not fair!!”

I just came to the point where I don’t get why people just ignore the clear answers. These issues have been addressed over and over again in the Manosphere ad naseum. But I thought I’d put some points together all in the same space.

Red Pill Realities

Females tend to be Hypergamous; that is, they want the best male/seed possible, hypergamyas well as the best situation possible, and are always willing to trade up to get it. This is nature’s way of ensuring that the strongest seed survives. Female thinking is Solipsistic, meaning, women tend to think that only what is in their minds is real. Their reality is a movie they wrote and it’s always playing in their heads. This is nature’s way of ensuring their survival, as they are physically the weaker sex, so their thinking is rooted in self-absorption.

Males tend to be Polygamous; that is, we want to spread our seed and pollinate as many flowers as possible. This is nature’s way of ensuring that children survive to adulthood, because if a man fathers 10 children, apart from technology & medicine, he’s fortunate of 6 of them survive to adulthood. Male thinking tends to be rooted in lines, rules, maps, formulas…we can grasp the three dimensional world well. This is nature’s way, along with our stronger bodies, of ensuring that we can provide for the women we dominate and the children we spawn.

So you can already see why people act the way they do, and also why we get mad at the problems that come with the above system.

Those problems include: Females living by their vagina tingles; strong men, not ‘moral’ or ‘nice’ men, are what excite them. Nature has wired them thus, and they have no moral qualms going after and/or surrendering to the strongest of men, regardless of situations or circumstances. This is why thugs get laid, and being a ‘nice guy’ doesn’t work. This is why many women are attracted to married men, they’ve ‘proven’ they can commit. You can’t talk a woman in or out of attraction. And you can’t apply male logic, rooted in lines and rules and formulas, to women. They simply do not think that way. What has been dubbed ‘The Hamster’ in the Manosphere is the female solipsistic ability to justify and/or rationalize almost any choice and behavior. This is frustrating to many men, but it is the nature of females, because survival and reproduction and security drive them, not morals, logic, or rules. Simple as that.

Men will use their physical and economic superiority to dominate and conquer women; much to the chagrin of non-Alpha males, women like it. They crave it. But it has to be from an Alpha, because if it’s not, domination becomes rape and conquering becomes assault and pursuit becomes stalking and creepiness. This means, in the real world, that men with natural Alphaness, or those that learn game, will have access to the most females. And those females will do whatever it WOMAN_zpsdbcc65f5takes to secure relationships with these men, including porn star quality sex. If they can secure commitment, the women are happy. If they can’t, the women will keep going down the Male Attractiveness ladder, with their legs open, until they find a man that will stay. And the uncommitted men at the top just laugh and enjoy their plethora of femme-plundering choices.

By design or necessity then, this is going to exclude females that are less attractive, by weight, age, or face; this is also going to exclude males with no Alpha traits, and/or game. Both these groups of people are going to have to take what’s left. Unfortunately this is about 80% of humanity. So these are the voices of frustration, and they are a’plenty. Feminism was created to give Alphas even more choices(removing female sexual inhibition), and through shame tactics, make non-Alpha males take the leftover women, and the women that can’t compete under any other circumstances or mating system. So this means that fatties, bitches, and sluts now have more choices and chances to compete, but not for Alphas. They’re still beta choices and below. fuck-feminism_o_1558757Betas have a generally greater access to sex, but in most cases, it’s going to be fatties or sloppy Alpha seconds, dubbed ‘Carousel Riders.’ As in cock carousel.

Nothing can be done about biology. What can be done are the same things that have always been done….and that is, the application of self-investment principles.

Women that are not naturally 9s or 10s in beauty have to go to the gym, get some fashion sense, learn sexual tricks, and more than anything else, become as feminine and demure as possible, regardless of age. Male attention will increase a hundred fold with those choices.

Men that are not natural Alphas have to go to the gym, learn game, start their own business, go to the gun range, whatever it takes to man up, and get some confidence and become a leader. Female attention will increase a hundred fold with those choices.

Q: So why don’t people do it? A: I don’t really know.MatrixBluePillRedPill

It seems that many would rather bitch and moan about the unchangeable than work on that which is changeable. That attitude, however, just leads to more frustration.


So where is God in all of this? He’s in the same place He always is, watching to see what you’re going to do with what He gave you. He put the tree inside the seed, but you have to plant it, or, no trees for you. His rules regarding sexuality and marriage are quite strict. fornicateWe are caught between the tension of biological reality and spiritual responsibility; if we adhere strictly to God’s principles, because of both biological and sociological factors, we may actually decrease the chances of finding a suitable mate. If we violate God’s principles, many times, but not ALL the time, we can end up where we always wanted to be. We can also greatly crash and burn. That doesn’t seem fair, or just, but guess what? People aren’t perfect, and neither is life. It would really be nice if obedience to God was a guarantee of success as we imagine it, and disobedience brought the wrath and judgement that we often think it should. (But only when others are disobedient; when we ourselves fall short, we want His mercy, not His justice.) I’ll write a separate post for how I think faith applies, but for now, this means, in a real world sense, some virgins will die virgins, and some whoremongers will have great marriages. BUT. Sometimes virgins find each other, and it will either not fair picturework or not, and sometimes sluttish people have STDs and multiple children and spinsterhood(male version?) to live with. There is just no guarantee of outcomes; remember, some marriages end because the love of your life dies suddenly and prematurely. Where is God then? He clearly gives no guarantee of what we think is fairness in this life. Sorry folks.



Part of taking the Red Pill for me was accepting everything I just wrote. It just is the way it is. I’ve never had a problem getting women, but if I did, I would still have to realize that I can’t change one single element about life but myself. It’s pretty much that simple. The Scripture says, “He that hath an ear to hear, let him hear.” For those of you who heard this post, God bless and let’s move forward to improve ourselves. For those that still want to rail about the way life is, then have at it.

I’m trying to get better, not bitter. Keep-Moving-Forward


Most men don’t understand the motivations of each of these categories of female, nor how to relate to them, nor the costs involved. Once you Red Pill it, they become clearer.


ImageFirst and foremost, your wife is not there to meet your needs. She’s there to meet her needs, whatever they might be, and that’s her sole motivation. She wants status, provision, support for the children, not to feel alone, whatever. The female array of combination needs is weighted differently for every woman, but she only gives you whatever she gives you in exchange for meeting those needs. Stop doing that and she’ll open her legs to someone else so fast it’ll make your head spin. And it won’t be for the sex, she’s trying to secure from the new guy what she can no longer get from you.


She is there to Imagemeet her own need as well, and it is primarily financial. She wants cash, not emotional connection. Her emotional satisfaction comes from the fact that she’s desirable enough that men will pay for her charms. Some whores do take pride in their work, and want to do a good job for their clients. But make no mistake; she’s not into freebies. It’s not the sex, it’s the cash.


This is the trickiest of them all, because a mistress will be the most accommodating to Imageyour needs as a man, but she will have combination need elements of both a wife and a prostitute. Long story short, a mistress will give you all the things that your wife won’t: she’ll always look and smell good, she’ll stay in shape, she’ll give you sex on demand, she’ll do the freaky stuff you like, and act like she likes it while she’s doing it. What will stymie most men is trying to figure out why.  A mistress gets her validation from the fact that her charms are strong enough to pull you away from your wife; she gets her wetness from the danger and forbiddenness of the relationship. But she may want cash & prizes, or she may want to replace your wife, or both.


You have to pay all three of them, but wives are the biggest investment with no guarantee of return. She costs a house, access to your children, half of your assets present & future, and half your pension, with no promise of sexual satisfaction or respect in return.

A prostitute will charge whatever the market will bear; you just have to remember she’s an actress, don’t get emotionally involved.

A mistress….she might cost you everything. Reputation, respect, marriage, the whole nine. But she’ll be the most eager to please you. It’s the risk/return thing.

So know your poison before you choose it.


You can’t trust a damn thing women say.

This is a lesson you’re supposed to learn in junior high school, Imagewhen you first get rejected by a girl. She’ll give you some excuse, “I’m not dating right now,” yada yada, and two days later, you’ll find out that she’s getting horizontal with Rebel McDropOut and loving it.


Any rejection by a female in her prime can always be attributed to just one single thing. No matter what she says, here’s the real reason:

You just don’t make her panties wet enough.