Red Pill Rules Post #1

Posted: November 1, 2013 in Red Pill Rules
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You can’t trust a damn thing women say.

This is a lesson you’re supposed to learn in junior high school, Imagewhen you first get rejected by a girl. She’ll give you some excuse, “I’m not dating right now,” yada yada, and two days later, you’ll find out that she’s getting horizontal with Rebel McDropOut and loving it.


Any rejection by a female in her prime can always be attributed to just one single thing. No matter what she says, here’s the real reason:

You just don’t make her panties wet enough.


  1. deti says:

    Good stuff. Have to agree with this. Difficult to admit and accept, but… it’s true. If your woman is sexually rejecting you, it’s because you don’t turn her on. Simple as that.

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