Same Old Questions, Same Old Answers

Posted: November 2, 2013 in Life, Red Pill Rules
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I have read at least three epic threads in the last several weeks: two from Sunshine Mary:

How Feminism self-perpetuates: Today’s Sluts, Tomorrow’s Frivorcees & Spinsters

Why Do Modern Women try to use Sex to secure Commitment from Men?

And one from Haley’s Halo:

Do People Even Want to Date Anymore?

….and the comment threads all(eventually) move towards the same issues:its-not-fair1

“Why do women say they want nice guys when they really want thugs?”

“Why does the Bible say ‘flee fornication’ but that’s exactly what women use to get their men, even Christian women?”

“Why doesn’t being a nice guy work?”

“Sluts shouldn’t be able to get married, but they still do and it’s not fair!!”

I just came to the point where I don’t get why people just ignore the clear answers. These issues have been addressed over and over again in the Manosphere ad naseum. But I thought I’d put some points together all in the same space.

Red Pill Realities

Females tend to be Hypergamous; that is, they want the best male/seed possible, hypergamyas well as the best situation possible, and are always willing to trade up to get it. This is nature’s way of ensuring that the strongest seed survives. Female thinking is Solipsistic, meaning, women tend to think that only what is in their minds is real. Their reality is a movie they wrote and it’s always playing in their heads. This is nature’s way of ensuring their survival, as they are physically the weaker sex, so their thinking is rooted in self-absorption.

Males tend to be Polygamous; that is, we want to spread our seed and pollinate as many flowers as possible. This is nature’s way of ensuring that children survive to adulthood, because if a man fathers 10 children, apart from technology & medicine, he’s fortunate of 6 of them survive to adulthood. Male thinking tends to be rooted in lines, rules, maps, formulas…we can grasp the three dimensional world well. This is nature’s way, along with our stronger bodies, of ensuring that we can provide for the women we dominate and the children we spawn.

So you can already see why people act the way they do, and also why we get mad at the problems that come with the above system.

Those problems include: Females living by their vagina tingles; strong men, not ‘moral’ or ‘nice’ men, are what excite them. Nature has wired them thus, and they have no moral qualms going after and/or surrendering to the strongest of men, regardless of situations or circumstances. This is why thugs get laid, and being a ‘nice guy’ doesn’t work. This is why many women are attracted to married men, they’ve ‘proven’ they can commit. You can’t talk a woman in or out of attraction. And you can’t apply male logic, rooted in lines and rules and formulas, to women. They simply do not think that way. What has been dubbed ‘The Hamster’ in the Manosphere is the female solipsistic ability to justify and/or rationalize almost any choice and behavior. This is frustrating to many men, but it is the nature of females, because survival and reproduction and security drive them, not morals, logic, or rules. Simple as that.

Men will use their physical and economic superiority to dominate and conquer women; much to the chagrin of non-Alpha males, women like it. They crave it. But it has to be from an Alpha, because if it’s not, domination becomes rape and conquering becomes assault and pursuit becomes stalking and creepiness. This means, in the real world, that men with natural Alphaness, or those that learn game, will have access to the most females. And those females will do whatever it WOMAN_zpsdbcc65f5takes to secure relationships with these men, including porn star quality sex. If they can secure commitment, the women are happy. If they can’t, the women will keep going down the Male Attractiveness ladder, with their legs open, until they find a man that will stay. And the uncommitted men at the top just laugh and enjoy their plethora of femme-plundering choices.

By design or necessity then, this is going to exclude females that are less attractive, by weight, age, or face; this is also going to exclude males with no Alpha traits, and/or game. Both these groups of people are going to have to take what’s left. Unfortunately this is about 80% of humanity. So these are the voices of frustration, and they are a’plenty. Feminism was created to give Alphas even more choices(removing female sexual inhibition), and through shame tactics, make non-Alpha males take the leftover women, and the women that can’t compete under any other circumstances or mating system. So this means that fatties, bitches, and sluts now have more choices and chances to compete, but not for Alphas. They’re still beta choices and below. fuck-feminism_o_1558757Betas have a generally greater access to sex, but in most cases, it’s going to be fatties or sloppy Alpha seconds, dubbed ‘Carousel Riders.’ As in cock carousel.

Nothing can be done about biology. What can be done are the same things that have always been done….and that is, the application of self-investment principles.

Women that are not naturally 9s or 10s in beauty have to go to the gym, get some fashion sense, learn sexual tricks, and more than anything else, become as feminine and demure as possible, regardless of age. Male attention will increase a hundred fold with those choices.

Men that are not natural Alphas have to go to the gym, learn game, start their own business, go to the gun range, whatever it takes to man up, and get some confidence and become a leader. Female attention will increase a hundred fold with those choices.

Q: So why don’t people do it? A: I don’t really know.MatrixBluePillRedPill

It seems that many would rather bitch and moan about the unchangeable than work on that which is changeable. That attitude, however, just leads to more frustration.


So where is God in all of this? He’s in the same place He always is, watching to see what you’re going to do with what He gave you. He put the tree inside the seed, but you have to plant it, or, no trees for you. His rules regarding sexuality and marriage are quite strict. fornicateWe are caught between the tension of biological reality and spiritual responsibility; if we adhere strictly to God’s principles, because of both biological and sociological factors, we may actually decrease the chances of finding a suitable mate. If we violate God’s principles, many times, but not ALL the time, we can end up where we always wanted to be. We can also greatly crash and burn. That doesn’t seem fair, or just, but guess what? People aren’t perfect, and neither is life. It would really be nice if obedience to God was a guarantee of success as we imagine it, and disobedience brought the wrath and judgement that we often think it should. (But only when others are disobedient; when we ourselves fall short, we want His mercy, not His justice.) I’ll write a separate post for how I think faith applies, but for now, this means, in a real world sense, some virgins will die virgins, and some whoremongers will have great marriages. BUT. Sometimes virgins find each other, and it will either not fair picturework or not, and sometimes sluttish people have STDs and multiple children and spinsterhood(male version?) to live with. There is just no guarantee of outcomes; remember, some marriages end because the love of your life dies suddenly and prematurely. Where is God then? He clearly gives no guarantee of what we think is fairness in this life. Sorry folks.



Part of taking the Red Pill for me was accepting everything I just wrote. It just is the way it is. I’ve never had a problem getting women, but if I did, I would still have to realize that I can’t change one single element about life but myself. It’s pretty much that simple. The Scripture says, “He that hath an ear to hear, let him hear.” For those of you who heard this post, God bless and let’s move forward to improve ourselves. For those that still want to rail about the way life is, then have at it.

I’m trying to get better, not bitter. Keep-Moving-Forward


  1. MGTOW all the way. I don’t bother with the gym or learning “game”. And I get to spend all my time and money on myself. I can tell you 30k/year is actually a ton of money when your only paying for one.

    • Now that is one of the biggest truths that men learn either sooner or later; it takes 3-5 times more money to take care of a woman than it does to just be a MGTOW. Much easier and cheaper that way.

  2. Farm Boy says:

    My Mom was very careful with my Dad’s hard earned money. Is there a modern woman who could do the same?

    • I really think it’s all in the upbringing, and then later on, the exposure. If a woman is raised to respect resources AND she hangs around women
      who do the same, then yes. If not….run screaming.

  3. Farm Boy says:

    That “said no woman, ever” chick is cute.

  4. deti says:

    “Betas have a generally greater access to sex, but in most cases it’s going to be fatties or sloppy Alpha seconds, dubbed ‘Carousel Riders.’ As in cock carousel.”

    I don’t think betas have greater access to sex now. They have access to sloppy Alpha seconds but only after the alphas are done with them and only after she’s done riding the carousel.

    “Q: So why don’t people do it [self-improvement]? A: I don’t really know.”

    Women don’t do it because they don’t have to under the current mating system. They don’t have to lose weight or be feminine. They don’t have to learn how to cook or clean. Most every woman who wants to marry will be able to do so eventually.

    Men don’t do it because (1) even if they do self-improve, the chances of getting a girl in the target SMV range might not be very high;’ and (2) the potential return isn’t worth the investment. But if a man is trying to self-improve, he’s probably made a rational decision that the return on his investment might be worth it.

  5. deti says:

    “in the real world, that men with natural Alphaness, or those that learn game, will have access to the most females. And those females will do whatever it takes to secure relationships with these men, including porn star quality sex. If they can secure commitment, the women are happy. If they can’t, the women will keep going down the Male Attractiveness ladder, with their legs open, until they find a man that will stay.”

    This doesn’t really answer the question of why women use sex to secure commitment. As I’ve said, this works to get a man to commit. It does not work to get her the man she wants, and it doesn’t work to get her a high status man.

    I think in the end women simply hamsterbate themselves into a relationship and marriage to men who will commit; and she rationalizes that, well, he is willing to commit; therefore I’m attracted to him. I think the bit you wrote above that women just don’t think in a linear, logical fashion is probably the answer to this.

    • Definitely not linear or logical for sure.
      Also, you’ve got to realize what the bottom line is for women, and that is that *any* commitment is better than being alone.
      Being alone is what they fear & loathe the most.

  6. deti says:


    People raise these same questions all the time because they don’t want to accept that this is how things are, this is how women are, this is how men are.

    No one wants to accept that rulebreakers and independent I-don’t-give-a-shit men are attractive to women. But they are. No one wants to accept that there are men out there who cannot attract anything and they’ll take whatever they can get. No one wants to accept that a slut offering sex to a niceguy works to get her commitment.

    Girls, especially, don’t want to accept these things about themselves. They don’t want to accept that an N over 10 puts her firmly into slut territory regardless of how she got there. They don’t want to accept that they are hot enough for fast easy sex with the top men; but not hot enough for commitment from those men. They don’t want to accept that if they want commitment, they will have to lower their standards. They don’t want to accept they’ve probably ruined themselves for commitment from good men.

  7. earl says:

    I accept this is how men and women are. And given the current climate…I’m improving myself for the glory of God and to help my fellow man. Unchained hypergamy and hamsterbating hive thinking rule the day…and I for one don’t want to engage with that insanity.

    Women…they need to come to me and give me reasons to get my attention. I’m not offering my services for free…because I don’t expect them to offer their services for free.

  8. […] It’s not true at all that any old vagina will do, but we are easier to satisfy, as we are not hypergamous. Regular sex, fidelity, regular meals, and regular respect/appreciation is enough to keep us […]

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