Red Pill Rules Post #2

Posted: November 16, 2013 in Red Pill Rules, Women
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PILL PUSHERSI already posted this, but I realized that I don’t want to post them one at a time, so I’ll just make a running tally as we go. Here are some Red Pill rules every man that’s looking to be free should know:

1) Women don’t mean a damn thing they say. You should’ve learned that one in junior high.

2) If a woman rejects you, it doesn’t matter what her stated reason is…there’s only one real reason and it’s the same for every woman: it’s because you don’t make her panties wet enough.

3) Women lie about their N count because they know innately that being a slut is shameful.

4) Women lie & manipulate & do whatever they have to do to secure a man’s resources without remorse or apology(and religious women have a Come to Jesus moment later to wipe it all away).

5) A woman is only there to secure your resources; she never has, and never will, give a damn about what you want or need.

6) Women will bargain their short window of SMV for a lifetime of payments from you with a sense of brazen entitlement, and will call you a misogynist for not eagerly agreeing to their terms.

7) NEVER ask a woman for advice about anything, but ESPECIALLY relationships.

8) Women will shriek and rage and scream and curse and call you every name they can think of to insult your masculinity when you have the courage to tell the truth about them.

  1. deti says:

    Deti’s First Law: There is no difference in attraction triggers between Christian women and secular women.

    Deti’s Second Law: There is no such thing as an “egalitarian” sexual relationship.

    First Corollary to deti’s Second Law: In any sexual relationship between a man and a woman, one partner will be dominant; the other will be submissive. The gender of the participants does not necessarily determine which is dominant.

    Second Corollary to deti’s Second Law: In any sexual relationship which the participants describe as “egalitarian”, the woman is the dominant partner in the relationship.

    Dalrock’s Law: The more obvious the fact one is in denial of, the more ridiculous the counterexample (or counterargument) will be.

    Corollary to Dalrock’s Law, i.e. the Law of Rationalization Hamster Strength: The strength of a rationalization hamster is inversely related to the looks of its host.

  2. deti says:

    deti’s Ten Commandmants for Men:

    1. Thou shalt devise and implement a life plan, consisting of career path, interests, hobbies and desires; and thou shalt work on and revise said plan as appropriate. Thou shalt observe and obey this Commandment above all others.

    2. Thou shalt learn to be observant of the people and situations around thee. Thou shalt cultivate a thorough understanding of thine own nature and that of the female gender. Said understanding shalt be premised upon established concepts of evolutionary biology, evolutionary psychology and game; not upon political correctness, feminism, or artificial social constructs.
    3. Thou shalt approach and pursue what thy will, within the bounds of legal, moral, and reasonable social constraints. Thou shalt not apologize for approaching an attractive woman.
    4. Thou shalt not be a pussy. Thou shalt walk away and forget it when there is no attraction, she is not interested, or it’s not working. Thou shalt suck it up and move on. Thou shalt not view female rejection as an assessment of thy self-worth.
    5. Thou shalt not force intimacy without first establishing attraction.
    6. Thou shalt not derive thy self-worth from a woman’s opinion of thee.
    7. Thou shalt not place her on a pedestal. Ever.
    8. Thou shalt demonstrate leadership and decisiveness in thy plan and relationships. Thou shalt make and keep dates with thy woman, and thou shalt decide where thee will go and what thee will do on said dates.
    9. Thou shalt learn to tell thy woman “no” when necessary.
    10. Thou shalt not seek, accept, or implement dating or male-female advice from thy female relatives or friends.

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  4. Thou shall breath, aim, relax and squeeze, but only when the windage and mirage is correct to your calculations. Thou shall endeavor to hit thy target by all means possible. Missed shots are wasted, and only alert thy enemy that you are shooting at them. Never engage at less than 600 meters.

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