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confused_womanVox’s Post has made my week: Fourteen Years of Fun.

If you ever needed a crystal clear picture as to what 40 years of Feminism and 16 years of YouGoGrrl culture has done to the dating scene, all you need do is read that post. You need to also include in your reading Masculine By Design’s Women Who Live Their Life In Reverse. It’s the perfect companion piece to Vox’s post. It expands the Feminist view of a woman’s life to include every stage.

The Indian woman in Vox’s post doesn’t understand why she doesn’t have the same options as her Caucasian peers. She doesn’t understand why a Traditionalist culture like India who still very much believes in marrying young through arranged marriages wouldn’t welcome her back with open arms. She doesn’t understand why men aren’t plentiful in her 30s like they were in her 20s. And more than anything else, she doesn’t understand that she reaped exactly what she sowed. She wanted to have fun….so she attracted men that wanted to have fun. She didn’t want a husband….so she attracted men that didn’t want to be married. Her confusion is akin to a person that plants a farm full of corn seeds and then laments, “Why do I have all these stalks of corn growing on my farm?”

Whether you’re a MGHOW or not, you should talk to your sisters, your daughters, your cousins, and tell them the truth. That woman may not end up a spinster, but what man do you know that really wants to marry a woman who says she “only slept with 18 guys?” (We know that’s a lie. She’s discounting any blowjobs or handjobs she gave, and any one night stands or drunken adventures she had. That’s just 18 actual boyfriends.) I’ve also discovered that “committed relationship” means “I’m doing the guys in a row, not a circle.”

So if I haven’t been clear enough, let me state it unequivocally:

A high traffic vagina is not an attractive selling feature for marriage.sluts-life-s-play-things-4b1a3d


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Hope-and-SkySo, I want to start with some facts, and then move to asking a very relevant question:

Before Marriage:

There are absolutely no social or legal requirements for a wife to prepare herself to be a wife before marriage. Most men would be delighted to find the following in a prospective lifelong female partner:

-Youth and beauty

-Virginity(intact hymen) and Chastity(not using the other holes as well)

-Modesty(she’s saving something to reveal only to her husband)

-Sweet disposition

-Femininity & Girlyness in all their forms

-Mothering skills

-Investment & Entrepreneurial skills

-A penchant for both Public & Private respect for the man

What would an honorable man do for a woman that possesses those qualities? ……Anything. Including working his fingers to the bone for her for the next 50 years. But alas….there is no requirement for these to be present before purchasing a funny-virgins-9marriage license. Now, the converse is also true for men….no prep necessary before getting married, yet when women are in their prime, they get the most offers. If a man isn’t prepared, he simply gets ignored, or possibly set up for a frivorce, because at the very least, sex is what we want. Not so for women.

During Marriage:

There is absolutely no legal or social requirement for a woman to behave like a wife during a marriage. There is no requirement for her to stay in shape, give her husband sex, respect him, or even honor the vows that she pledged at the wedding. There are also no penalties for her if she does not honor them. For men, there are also no social or legal requirements that he behave like a husband during the marriage. If she decides that he hit her, even if he didn’t, he can be arrested at her request, guilty or not.

Post Marriage/Divorce:

If they are to divorce, which they can decide to do at any time, for any reason at all, he must maintain the lifestyle for her that they had while together, by law. If they had children, the likelihood in a divorce is that he will have to give up his house, and divorcchild support that is based on his income and not what it actually takes to raise a child. In some states, there is a requirement for alimony for life. She also can get access to his pension, and have her alimony and child support orders reviewed every year. Even if he can prove unfaithfulness on her part, it doesn’t matter. Even if, in some states, he can prove by DNA that not all of the children are his, if she puts his name on the birth certificate, he still has to pay. And she can do all of this while having a new lover. The man can also have a new lover, but it will have no effect on his requirement to pay.

So, before, during, and after marriage, there is no requirement on either part for marriage preparation. There is no prohibition against verbal abuse during marriage, but there is one against physical abuse, with the benefit of the doubt always going to the woman. Post marriage, the man still has lifetime financial obligations, and more often than not, restricted access to his children.

To my knowledge, everything I have said is factual. So, here’s my question: What is a man that desires to get married, to base his decision on? Hope? What is the reality of Christian women & wives? What is the guarantee or proof that they believe what they say they believe? Hope? What if a man shows all the dominance he knows how to show, and his wife wants out anyway? What is he to present against that? Hope?

When men get married, are we supposed to hope that our wives stay in shape? Hope that they will be submissive? Hope that they will be respectful? Hope that we are not living with an Alpha Widow? Hope that we will have both regular sexual access & exclusive sexual access? Hope that she will not press the nuke button through Frivorce?

HOPPBecause legally and socially, we have responsibilities once we become husbands, regardless of her behavior. What are we to pin our futures on then?



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So, I’ve been banned from Sunshine Mary’s Blog:

ssm: Hello RPSMF, I’ll let this one last comment out of moderation.

You know, sometimes I have found your comments to be insightful, and though strongly worded, your criticism of the behavior of modern women can be quite helpful. However,most of your comments are not that; for the most part, you simply proselytize against Christianity, and I’m afraid I cannot give a platform to that here any longer.

Furthermore, I have respectfully requested readers who are anti-marriage, anti-family-formation, anti-Christianity, and so on to please find a more suitable site for them to post on, one where they can get the support that will be most helpful to them and which will not pose a constant distraction to the conversations we are trying to have on my site about how to honor God in our marriages and families. I am baffled by the incredibly bad manners of those commenters who simply carry on despite my polite request.

I wish you the very best and hope that you will find peace and joy in whatever life plan God intends for you to follow. I pray God’s blessing will be upon you and yours.

This is really ironic, because I am a Christian. Which is why I wish people would tell the truth. To say that Jesus has redemptive and transformative power is absolute truth. To say that you changed inside of a marriage because of Jesus and it’s actually because of your tingles is a falsehood. This I do not understand.
I also don’t understand how she got the idea that I was anti-family or anti-marriage. Again, what I am is anti-bullshit. Men deserve to know what they’re stepping into before they sign a contract that’s going to affect the rest of their lives. How exactly is that anti-family?

But whatever.

Shocked, Bitter, Angry Men

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Close up of angry man with steam coming out from his earsThere’s been some buzz around the ‘Sphere about how there are so many “jaded, cynical men” making comments on various blog posts and giving cynical advice. I touched on it briefly here, but now I need to go deeper.

Most Red Pill men are working through some level of shock after taking the Red Pill, the same way Neo did when Morpheus first gave it to him, and explained the construct. The_Matrix_Neo_and_Morpheus_ConstructAfter Neo rejects reality, pukes, and takes a nap, Morpheus apologizes. He also tells Neo that “we never free a mind after a certain age,” because Morpheus understood the rough but necessary adjustment period that comes with the knowledge of the truth. And, that it would be better to learn the truth as a boy, and grow up unplugged. Here are the stages/forms of Red Pill shock that can be seen in men:neo-wakes-up

The Frivorced

This is a man who has lost his house, regular access to his children, at least half of his present income, and a significant portion of his pension, all because his wife announced to him one day that she was unhaaaaapy. And this often completely blindsides the man, as he has spent most of the marriage trying to do everything he could to please her. This is a man that’s getting an education on the Predatory Nature of Females.  And how the full weight of the State is going to come down against him for the rest of his life. He most often has bought into the ‘good husband’ lies taught by both Churchian and secular spheres, and has now had his world completely blow up, right in his face.

wake-upThe Cuckolded

This is a man that’s been splattered in the face with the seed of another man, after said seed has first been all over his wife. He has either discovered an ongoing affair, or discovered that some or all of his children have been fathered by his wife’s lover. Some other rooster has dominated his hen house, and yet he has been paying for the eggs. This is a man coming face to sperm with the truth that most women stay immature during the course of their lives, and need to be constantly entertained, controlled, dominated, restrained and subjugated…or, they will very quickly and unapologetically open their legs to a powerful seductive cad that’s anywhere in their vicinity. As I’ve said before, women with any amount of freedom, without being in submission to a man, will complete the AF/Beta Bucks cycle every time. Extra anger points for those men that feel compelled to stay in the marriage because of honor or religion.

The Virginal Nice Guy

This is the man that is maxresdefaultboth naturally a beta, and has completely integrated the Hallmark Valentine’s Day mantra into his psyche. He truly believes that being a supplicative and supportive man is the way to go….yet he finds himself being the tampon of many a hot woman. He absorbs her discharge as she complains about her abusive boyfriend, and then runs back to him at every possible turn. This poor guy just can’t get laid and burns up decades of his life not understanding why. He then comes to the realization that his future will only ever be full of leftovers….women that have racked up an N count of 30 or more, and will only ever bring him their worn out bodies and post Wall looks, asking him yet again for emotional and financial support, and to live with all of her Alpha Widowness on full display.

The Combination Man

This dude has had the unfortunate cypherexperience of being two, or even all three of the above. Maybe he got laid for the first time late in life, maybe he was a virgin when he got married, he did everything he could to be supportive to his wife and family and somehow got both cuckolded and frivorced before the age of 40, and is reeling from all that’s happened. And the events of his life have force fed him the Red Pill…..and he’s most likely choking on it. Rejecting it, not believing it, embarrassed, ashamed, and very unsure of what to do next.

All males that have taken the Red Pill, for whatever reason, can resonate with any other man that’s in the throes of discovery. He’s being violently ripped out of his pod, seeing the world as it really is for the first time, maybe after three to four decades of living fully plugged in. Hence, no male is really shocked by observing the outrage in his fellow man that follows the unplugging. So where are the women in all this?

The Women

The women Fionaare where they’ve always been, swimming in the juices of their Female Imperative. Here’s what men, especially newly awakened men don’t yet fully get: none of the Red Pill truths that we discover are news to women. They know how they are….they’ve always known. They’ve always been manipulative, always wanted Alphas, always been willing to be seduced by whatever man is the most powerful in their immediate sphere, and have always been able to rationalize and justify their behavior, no matter how selfish or immoral. They are, in effect, giving us a great big “DUH” look, and laughing all the way to the bank, and their current lover’s bed. As far as women are concerned, men that don’t “just get it?” …..deserve everything that happens to them. Don’t expect any woman….from the one that made you take the Red Pill, to any that you encounter afterwards… be able to relate or understand. Or even care.

What about the women that claim that they’re trying to do better? So far, those women are still following the script of AF and Beta Bucks…it’s just that they’ve landed their Alpha, so of course they’re happier. And exceptions don’t disprove the rule. That’s why we call them “exceptions.”

The Root of It All

As men, there’s a deeper truth here that needs to be stated. The thing that really triggers rules-made-to-be-brokenall the anger, beyond the obvious surface stimuli….is the fact that men hate, with an unbridled passion, not knowing the rules of the game that they’re playing. We are so goal, rule, structure, and boundary oriented, that to be competing in a contest where the rules are unclear is anathema to the male spirit. For men, realizing that the world you knew was a complete lie, and you were a fool working against his own best interests is akin to a blazing dagger being plunged into the masculine brain, and the pain may never fully go away. Where the female of the species feeds on drama, and its generation fuels and sustains her interest, us males revile it, and would always choose a winning strategy if we know what the real game is, no bullshit necessary. So as we comment? Many times, it’s that blazing dagger, slicing through yet another brain cell, fueling the words being spoken.

All men need to take the Red Pill; sooner is always better than later. Start here.


In Reply to Nicole

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My comments at CH keep disappearing. So over on this thread, The Ten Year Cuck, I told this story:

My best friend became friends with a girl in college. He went back very late, he was 32 at the time, she was 18. A lot of guys wanted her; my friend didn’t, but they became close friends. All of them supposed Christians.
She married the worst guy possible; no job, no money, would monopolize the computer playing poker instead of letting his kids use it. They had two kids, they fist fought, he cheated, they eventually broke up, he left her with a house in foreclosure and several thousand dollars worth of credit card debt. All this time she had been setting up my friend as a Plan B.
She hooks up with my friend before the divorce ink is even dry; it’s not CLOSE to final and she’s sleeping with him, taking road trips, saying that he’s “the love of her life,: and “she’s never loved anyone the way she loves him,” and “she’d even be willing to give her life for him.” They date for about a year & half, and she starts putting the marriage squeeze on. My friend says no, heartbroken. He loved her, but he was not cleaning up her mess and marrying her.
She married her next door neighbor less than a year later; a man she’d met while she was dating my friend. She’d known my friend for 13 years; she’d known her now husband for less than six months.

This shit is real.

What’s not typical is finding a woman that actually cares about the man she’s with. Men are just a means to an end for women. And yes, AWALT.

Nicole replied thusly:

If you have an argument with this, take it up with Nature.

It’s not that we can’t genuinely love a man. It’s that, especially in the recent pussified generations, most of you have nothing real to offer a woman but children and money. Get rid of the overly romantic notions, and you become lovable to women.

A man who understands the difference between men and women conducts himself in a way that shows that he understands, so he gets quality women, how ever he judges that. Equalists behave like women are or should be men, and this turns off quality women by almost any definition, and only attracts harpies looking for an emotional punching bag. They may get settled for as an expedient last resort, but if you haven’t established dominance, don’t expect love.

It is important that you understand that (sane) women’s job is to control access and resist unless or until we find a suitable mate. Our psychology will use whatever means necessary to convince us to go for resources/status first, because this ensures the security of our offspring. Love doesn’t pay the bills.

Women sport-shagging is very recent, and I believe it will go out of style simply for practical reasons. Women just aren’t built for this, and we’re not even getting love for it. Fun neither pays the bills nor brings any emotional fulfillment.

Romantic love is a luxury that most women in the world can’t afford, even if we are capable of feeling it sometimes. Even then, the basis of it for the godliest good girl you will ever meet is the same as it is for the wickedest whore: admiration and respect.

Tell me what there is to admire in the cute guy behind the counter at the juice bar who thinks I’m his equal.

….now tell me what there is to admire in the not so cute but wealthy owner of that juice bar who thinks I’m his equal.

Of both ladyboys, which should a woman choose?

This is the choice women are being asked to make nowadays. If everybody’s either a faggot or shiftless, which Gay or stupid guy would be wisest for me to make babies with?

 My response to that is the following:

It’s not that we can’t genuinely love a woman. It’s that, especially in the recent bitchified generations, most of you have nothing real to offer a man but a good pump & dump. Get rid of the overly egalitarian notions, and you become lovable to men.

A woman who understands the difference between men and women conducts herself in a way that shows that she understands, so she gets quality men, however she judges that. Equalists behave like men are or should be women, and this turns off quality men by almost any definition, and only attracts manginas looking for a mom. They may get settled for as an expedient last resort for sex, but if you haven’t displayed submission, don’t expect love.

It is important that you understand that (sane) men’s job is to spread seed for bequeathing an estate and ensuring generational survival into non-slutty women to avoid being a cuck. Our psychology will use whatever means necessary to convince us to go for submissive, beautiful, virginal or low N count women still in their prime to marry, because this ensures the paternity of our offspring & the chances of them being raised well. Bitches just create bills.

Men being publicly shamed for extra-marital sport-shagging is very recent, and I believe it will go out of style simply for practical reasons. Men are just built for this, and we understand that it doesn’t mean you don’t love your wife. Fun shouldn’t cost a man his entire livelihood & reputation.

Lifetime monogamy is a lie that most men in the world can’t afford to buy into, because they don’t understand the predatory nature of females, and because she’s only got 15 years of being in her prime. The basis of a man’s love for the godliest good man you will ever meet is the same as it is for the wickedest cad: youth and beauty. Nobody writes music about 40+ year old women.

Tell me what there is to admire in the slutty blonde behind the counter at the juice bar who thinks she’s my equal but still wants to drain all of my resources for a body she’s been handing out for free since she was 13 years old?

….now tell me what there is to admire in the overly masculine Oprahfied bitch who owns that juice bar because she frivorced it from her first husband and claims shes “strong and independent.”

Of both entitled harpies, which should a man choose?

This is the choice men are being asked to make nowadays. If everybody’s either a raging slut or an overweight ugly masculine bitch, which shrew or stupid whore would be wisest for me to make any kind of commitment to?

If you have an argument with this, take it up with Nature.

God bless America.

cuckoldAfter reading an older but still fantastic thread at Dalrock’s about male bitterness post Red Pill:

I think we really need to address the real issue here. As men, we are more oriented towards lines, rules, boundaries, instructions, and ethical concepts like morality, vengeance, justice, and equity. Our brains are wired to try and make sense of the world, and a man (unless he’s a sociopath) will almost naturally have a strong desire to balance the scales.

If men display bitterness after taking the Red Pill, it’s because 1) The situational shock is intense and 2) there’s no justice or equity once you become unplugged. There was none while you were still blue pill, but you weren’t aware of it, being a good pre-whipped mangina nice guy knight of the white table. Once your eyes become opened, however, you see the dilemma:

-To actually find a virgin, you have to go young; and in most cases, too young to be legal, as girls are being sexualized and becoming active at younger & younger ages. This also means that the average girl can rack up an N count of 13 or more partners during high school.                                                                                                           -The carousel? Is real. If females are not kept under lock and key by zealous fathers, the cycle of Alpha F*cks/Beta Bucks is inevitable. Many in the Manosphere have concluded that this a type of pre-marriage cuckolding. That your future wife doesn’t have enough respect for your future marriage to even try and save herself for you. And, she expects you to live with the knowledge of whatever she’s done, and just “let the past be the past.” Christian women will have the inevitable Come to Jesus moment once the marriage is secured.

-Given the provable affect of carousel riding on women, if you choose to get married, you now have to stand behind every guy she’s done, live with the fact that she’s highly likely to frivorce you, and understand that she has bonded with some guy way back in her past, and will never bond with you that way.

-There is no Slut Discount in marriage or divorce. In other words, no matter what shape your potential wife is in when you meet her, or how she behaves in the marriage, she still gets to rape you financially and make you pay for her until you die.

Can you now see the dilemma that men face? There is no answer for all of this. Unless you marry her at 13, you have to take the LaCrosse Team’s leftovers, but that has no bearing on what she can do to you in a marriage or a divorce.

This is the truth that’s making men bitter. The truth that, at least on a human level, the choices now are either to Man Up and Marry those Sluts, or become a MGTOW. No more middle ground, and no way to redress marriage grievances if you’re the man. No way to get justice or equity. Women no longer have to pay for unleashing their worst qualities. Men still do.

Want to see the actual types of situations that cause Red Pill shock?

This is not an original story; it’s inspired by Dalrock’s latest post:

I couldn’t find the source I originally read it from, so I’m just reproducing a modified version of it here.

insideoutThe women had traveled very far; they’d been waiting for a long time. There were dozens of them, all aged 18-35, climbing out of their various cars. Some had car pooled, some drove alone, some in rented cars, but they finally arrived at the mysterious building. It was right in the middle of the street, but it was as if they’d never noticed it before. It was said that this building was only a myth, and most women at some point in their lifetime would give up looking for it; but not these women. They had made it.

It was the Husband Factory.

They all stood before its seven floored majesty. It was a plain brown brick building, and most of the women, though they weren’t voicing it, were skeptical that such a plain looking building could actually contain what they all wanted: perfect husbands. But they’d come this far. They weren’t about to give up now. No one wanted to go first; they all stood in front of the two huge glass doors, giggling….laughing with each other….trying to assuage each others’ fears, as good girlfriends do.

The doors then swung open on their own….the women figured it was a typical auto sensor that had triggered it, and started filing in. They were moving in very fast, trying to pretend that they weren’t walking fast. Still giggling.

Immediately upon entering, they saw the first sign. It was hung in the middle of two slate grey doors that they couldn’t see through. The first group of women saw the sign and read it aloud: “On this floor: Masculine, Dominant, Movie star handsome Men with Full Heads of Hair(All varieties).” The women squealed, and kept reading. “Once you enter a certain floor, you may not leave it. You must pick from the men on that floor, and you will get no other chances.” All the women hesitated before going in….and slowly turned their gaze to the marble steps immediately to the right of the doors.

The girls closest to the doors ran for the steps; the women all the way in the back didn’t even bother to read the sign after the first group of women left. They got close enough to read it, but figured since all the other women were now bolting up those marble steps at breakneck speed, they should too. So all of the women, still squealing with delight, ran to the second floor.

Screeching to a halt in front of the second floor doors, they saw the sign. As before, the first group of girls read it aloud: “On this floor: Masculine, 7999854931_ea36d6547f_zDominant, Movie star handsome Men with full heads of hair and Five Figure Jobs.” The caveat was also the same: “Once you enter any floor, you may not leave it. You must pick from the men on that floor, and you will get no other chances.” The women heard sounds on the other side of the door….male sounds. They knew that the men were there….but quickly found the next set of winding marble steps. This time on their left. They charged at those steps with unrestrained glee and anticipation. And as before, all the women bringing up the rear followed without even bothering to read the sign.

Third Floor Sign: “On this Floor: Masculine, Dominant, Movie star handsome Men with full heads of hair, six figure jobs, and great homes.” Same caveat. More squealing. More searching for steps. Yet another mad rush to the right.

Fourth Floor Sign: “On this Floor: Masculine, Dominant, Movie star handsome Men with full heads of hair, six figure jobs, great homes, each man at least 6′ 4″.” Same caveat. Same sounds of men talking and moving on the other side of the non-see through slate doors. More steps to the left. All the females rushed toward them.

Fifth Floor Sign: “On this Floor: Masculine, Dominant, Movie star handsome Men with full heads of hair, seven figure net worth, great homes, 6′ 4″ height minimum, all fantastic lovers.” Same caveat. The girls that were first to the doors put their ears on the door; they heard the male laughter inside even more clearly. One girl proclaimed “I’m going in!” Another woman said, “Why? There’s two more floors!” Other women said that they’d be happy with all of this they’d found on the fifth floor…but all of the girls stood still. Then, one girl pretended that she was going in, but at the last minute bolted for those marble steps on the right. Screaming with girlish glee as she ran up them. All of the other girls hesitated…and then they realized that they couldn’t live with themselves knowing that some other woman might have more than they did. So instead of going in….they ran up those steps after her.

Sixth Floor Sign: “On this Floor: Masculine, Dominant, Movie star handsome Men with full heads of hair, seven figure net worth, great homes, 6′ 4″ height minimum, all fantastic lovers, any religion that you want, all guaranteed fantastic fathers.” Same caveat. This time the women started cheering; they knew they’d hit the jackpot. Each one of them began to chatter with the other on their good fortune. They started high fiving at the prospect of having their pick of men with all of those fantastic qualities. They heard the men laughing and talking on the other side of those huge slate doors. There was only one problem…….those pesky marble steps to the left leading up to the seventh and final floor. The women again started to advance through the doors….and froze. A sign descended on their left above the steps to the seventh floor….it read: “This is your last chance. There are no more floors after the seventh, and you may not start over if you leave this floor.” For five full minutes, the multitude of women stood there in complete silence. And then all of a sudden….ten women in the back tore off their blouses, stripped off their bras, and bolted for the seventh floor steps. They hollered to their stunned sistren as they ran, “Those seventh floor men are gonna see the goods right away! HahahahHAHAH!” All the women that were still standing directly in front of the sixth floor doors put their heads down. They caressed those doors longingly…..but they knew, in their hearts, that they were leaving. One by one, and then in groups of two or three, both crying and smiling, every single woman bid goodbye to the sixth floor and began to imagine the glory of their wedding to a seventh floor man.

The women got to the seventh floor. The bare breasted women were in front, giggling. Anticipating. There were two slate doors as usual, but no sign. All of the women finally arrived and began to mill around, wondering where the description of the men on this floor were. As soon as the last woman had cleared the steps, one large marble slab slammed down in front of the steps; there was no going back. From the ceiling, a sign started descending, and the women started screaming and whooping and hollering with joy. As the sign slid into view in front of the two slate doors, the women closest to it started reading aloud….this time in horror:

“There are no men on this floor. Your presence here proves that women can never be satisfied.” About two dozen women started shrieking and crying from the shock. They continued reading: “On this floor is the exit back down to the street. You will go through these doors to get back to your cars.” And then….the final words: “The Husband Factory moves in time differently; ten years have passed since you entered, which you would have avoided on any floor but this one. You are now 28-45 years old. You will never find The Husband Factory again once you leave. Good Day.”Woman-screaming-pulling-hair-300x223

broken_engagementSo, this happened:

A Georgia man who promised to marry his girlfriend but then didn’t has been ordered to pay $50,000 after the woman sued him for fraud and “breach of promise to marry.” Christopher Ned Kelley and Melissa Cooper had been living together for four years when Kelley proposed to Cooper in 2004, and even bought her an engagement ring valued at $10,000.

The couple continued sharing a household along with their shared child and another child from Cooper’s previous relationship until 2011, when Cooper learned that Kelley had cheated on her for a second time. Cooper, who had quit her job to become a full-time mother based on the assumption that Kelley would become the sole breadwinner after their marriage, was asked by Kelley to move out, and take the children with her.

Cooper responded by filing a lawsuit against Kelley, alleging “breach of promise to marry,” among other claims. She won her suit and was awarded $50,000 by the trial court. Kelley subsequently appealed the ruling, claiming his relationship with Cooper was not unlike prostitution, in that he was merely Cooper’s john.As such, Kelley’s defense claimed, their relationship was illegal, and therefore the promise to marry was unenforceable. For good measure, Kelley also told the court he “never initiated the concept of marriage with her, outside of giving her that ring” and “never said the words ‘will you marry me’ to her.”

Kelley lost again, with Judge Elizabeth Branch deciding [pdf] that the “object” of the promise Kelley made to Cooper was “not illegal or against public policy,” even if the relationship had “the nature of prostitution.” Kelley was again ordered to pay Cooper $50,000.

Be sure to read the comments section below. There is so much fail in this situation it’s hard to articulate it all. It’s at once an admission that marriage is legal prostitution while also suggesting that a man has to pay for a woman’s company, regardless of outcome or even questions of legality. This idiot man also didn’t seem to realize that he ought not play house, live with a woman, and father children by her, and then think he could unceremoniously dump her when he got tired of her.

Because only women have that privilege.

When she gets tired of you, she is free to Eat Pray and Love all she wants to; you eat-pray-love-movieas a male can’t ever do that. Because remember men; the more you try and love her, the sweeter you are, the nicer you are, the more supportive you are, the faster you guarantee that she’ll be done with you in short order.

So what’s the solution? What’s the antidote?

It’s always the same……dominate that bitchspank I posted this comment at Sunshine Mary’s: –

Would they really be willing to marry/partner with a woman who had participated on film in oral and anal sex with numerous partners? The men said yes, so long as she was still willing to do so with him. I was startled by this because many men here say that they are absolutely firm in their resolve not to marry a non-virgin, but some of the men at RT’s say they would be willing to marry/partner with a hardcore slut so long as she was still willing to perform a variety of sex acts.

Understand clearly that many of those men are outright lying, but it may, *may,* not be on purpose. They may be ignoring the true long term male response.
When a man thinks about a woman he’s involved with, or even attracted to, being slutty? It’s a temporary turn on, accent on the temporary. And his first response is, “Well if she gives it up easily and enthusiastically, let me see if *I* can get some.” That’s just the first response.
Even if he can get her to do what she’s done with others, once he releases/calms down/is sexually sated, those images start to literally haunt him, if he’s emotionally involved with her at all. He can’t get them out of his head, and he will want to ask her questions about her activities, and there are no good answers that she could give. It will soon become a source of frustration for him.

Remember this: just as women think about men differently based on where they are in their ovulatory cycle, so do men think about women differently based on our stage of arousal.

There are quite a few men that would be disgusted with a wife like that over time; fun to lay with, but frustrating to think about all the things she’s done beforehand. And, normally men start to lose trust for her, as they will begin to wonder what she does when not in his presence. And if they ever break up, men are convinced that she’ll be slutting it up very quickly with someone new, which most often is true. They will also not be comfortable with any of her male “friends.”

I realize that so much of this is rooted in the Madonna/Whore complex, but, it’s a part of most male thinking. Consider it a male version of solipsism.

The only exception are true cuckolds; and men that are true cuckolds have low self-esteem, hate themselves, and are quite often bisexual. They enjoy being humiliated, and enjoy watching an Alpha/bull give their wives what they cannot, and often participate by submitting to the bull themselves. They just don’t feel worthy of being called a man, hence the submissive behavior.

Other than that…’s a turn on if I can get it too, but a torment when we’re sitting down to dinner or when I’m at work and she said she was meeting a ‘friend’ for lunch.
Men love to use sluts, but we find out to our everlasting chagrin that we will never fully trust them.

….and I think I’ve found partial male solipsism. That’s not fully accurate as to what it is, but the point is, it’s a way in which men fool themselves about potential or current wives. I can’t imagine any man being completely comfortable with his wife’s former or current extra-marital activities, no matter what he says. However, there are men who seem to be comfortably married to prostitutes.

When it comes to any woman that you’re emotionally, and not just sexually involved with as a man, there are always two parts to the mix if she is a current or former slut: attraction and revulsion. Men are wildly turned on by the idea of women that give it up easily and often…unfortunately, many men do not tell the truth about some of the revulsion that they feel if they allow themselves to dwell on her sluttery.

So I really wanted to throw it out to the Manosphere….do you think a man can ever totally be comfortable with, or fully trust a woman that’s been loose in her past, or has any occasion to be with other men in the present(primarily sex workers)?

The Red Pill Playa

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The commenter known as Just Saying has posted the Red Pill Playa credo over at Sunshine Mary’s; every man that is a RPP or is aspiring to be one needs to understand it. Here it is, in its entirety:56095738_15d318e014

Just Saying
December 5, 2013 at 1:58 pm

“women do regret slutty behavior”

True, but ONLY if it is found out by others. This is why I do as well as I do – the women know that I’m not talking. So it’s “cost-free” sex, and every woman wants to up their experience without having any repercussions. That is why I thank Feminism – I really don’t have to do anything other than be myself, and provide young women with the opportunity – since they all think they are missing something. So as long as they know that a photo of them won’t be sent around, or their name won’t be circulated, they are more than willing to do whatever you want. Sure she’ll regret it if anyone were to ever find out, but as long as no one does – it didn’t happen in her mind.

Look at all of the women that scream “rape” after willingly having sex – the video of the woman getting oral sex when waiting in line, comes to mind. Yeah – she said it was rape when the video shows she was pulling his head between her legs and moaning. So she was trying to excuse her slutty behavior. That is how women think – they WANT to be sluts, they just don’t want men, or other women, to KNOW they are sluts. So if she feels safe, and that no one will ever know the things she’s done – she’ll do things she wouldn’t have dreamed of doing any other way. All of her sick fantasies – to be tied up, beaten, choked, kidnapped, “raped”, etc.. Most women have those fantasies, and they will act on them. Bless their black little hearts… (And other more colorful areas….)

Heck, I cannot count the number of times I have had unprotected sex with a woman who makes her boyfriend wear a condom. They get off on “being bad” – it turns them on to know that they are having unprotected sex with someone old enough to be their father and making their boyfriend wear a condom. She just want him as a cover for her sluttiness – so if she gets knocked up, he’ll take the blame. Women can be very dependable when you depend on them to blame others for their actions. Heck, that is what Feminism is based on – blaming others for her own choices.

Boom. You can’t get any plainer than that. I also hope this clears up the questions that keep getting asked by men that find out about their wives’ slutty past. tumblr_kqaycjo6pv1qzl3sdo1_r1_500Women do those things because that’s what they wanted to do.


Please let go of your notions of pedestalized, non-sexual, demure femininity. It is the male equivalent of chasing unicorns. Arabian_unicorns_csg010-1