Sluts then, Wives now? Probably Male Solipsism

Posted: December 6, 2013 in Whore, Wife, Women
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Would they really be willing to marry/partner with a woman who had participated on film in oral and anal sex with numerous partners? The men said yes, so long as she was still willing to do so with him. I was startled by this because many men here say that they are absolutely firm in their resolve not to marry a non-virgin, but some of the men at RT’s say they would be willing to marry/partner with a hardcore slut so long as she was still willing to perform a variety of sex acts.

Understand clearly that many of those men are outright lying, but it may, *may,* not be on purpose. They may be ignoring the true long term male response.
When a man thinks about a woman he’s involved with, or even attracted to, being slutty? It’s a temporary turn on, accent on the temporary. And his first response is, “Well if she gives it up easily and enthusiastically, let me see if *I* can get some.” That’s just the first response.
Even if he can get her to do what she’s done with others, once he releases/calms down/is sexually sated, those images start to literally haunt him, if he’s emotionally involved with her at all. He can’t get them out of his head, and he will want to ask her questions about her activities, and there are no good answers that she could give. It will soon become a source of frustration for him.

Remember this: just as women think about men differently based on where they are in their ovulatory cycle, so do men think about women differently based on our stage of arousal.

There are quite a few men that would be disgusted with a wife like that over time; fun to lay with, but frustrating to think about all the things she’s done beforehand. And, normally men start to lose trust for her, as they will begin to wonder what she does when not in his presence. And if they ever break up, men are convinced that she’ll be slutting it up very quickly with someone new, which most often is true. They will also not be comfortable with any of her male “friends.”

I realize that so much of this is rooted in the Madonna/Whore complex, but, it’s a part of most male thinking. Consider it a male version of solipsism.

The only exception are true cuckolds; and men that are true cuckolds have low self-esteem, hate themselves, and are quite often bisexual. They enjoy being humiliated, and enjoy watching an Alpha/bull give their wives what they cannot, and often participate by submitting to the bull themselves. They just don’t feel worthy of being called a man, hence the submissive behavior.

Other than that…’s a turn on if I can get it too, but a torment when we’re sitting down to dinner or when I’m at work and she said she was meeting a ‘friend’ for lunch.
Men love to use sluts, but we find out to our everlasting chagrin that we will never fully trust them.

….and I think I’ve found partial male solipsism. That’s not fully accurate as to what it is, but the point is, it’s a way in which men fool themselves about potential or current wives. I can’t imagine any man being completely comfortable with his wife’s former or current extra-marital activities, no matter what he says. However, there are men who seem to be comfortably married to prostitutes.

When it comes to any woman that you’re emotionally, and not just sexually involved with as a man, there are always two parts to the mix if she is a current or former slut: attraction and revulsion. Men are wildly turned on by the idea of women that give it up easily and often…unfortunately, many men do not tell the truth about some of the revulsion that they feel if they allow themselves to dwell on her sluttery.

So I really wanted to throw it out to the Manosphere….do you think a man can ever totally be comfortable with, or fully trust a woman that’s been loose in her past, or has any occasion to be with other men in the present(primarily sex workers)?

  1. alcockell says:

    Bugger that. I don’t think God’s asked me to add “Hosea” to my name by deed poll yet…

  2. Clarence says:

    Get thee to the Social Pathologists site and read:

    Lots of food for thought.
    My personal opinion is that I really don’t care provided she is willing to do with me ANYTHING she was willing to do with another. And, more importantly, that I would be the ONLY ONE she would have a child with.

    Yes, sex is linked to that in my mind.

    Just one man’s opinion.

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