Let’s Clear Up this ‘Bitterness’ Thing

Posted: December 19, 2013 in Life, Wife, Women
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cuckoldAfter reading an older but still fantastic thread at Dalrock’s about male bitterness post Red Pill: http://dalrock.wordpress.com/2013/03/23/red-pill-bitterness/

I think we really need to address the real issue here. As men, we are more oriented towards lines, rules, boundaries, instructions, and ethical concepts like morality, vengeance, justice, and equity. Our brains are wired to try and make sense of the world, and a man (unless he’s a sociopath) will almost naturally have a strong desire to balance the scales.

If men display bitterness after taking the Red Pill, it’s because 1) The situational shock is intense and 2) there’s no justice or equity once you become unplugged. There was none while you were still blue pill, but you weren’t aware of it, being a good pre-whipped mangina nice guy knight of the white table. Once your eyes become opened, however, you see the dilemma:

-To actually find a virgin, you have to go young; and in most cases, too young to be legal, as girls are being sexualized and becoming active at younger & younger ages. This also means that the average girl can rack up an N count of 13 or more partners during high school.                                                                                                           -The carousel? Is real. If females are not kept under lock and key by zealous fathers, the cycle of Alpha F*cks/Beta Bucks is inevitable. Many in the Manosphere have concluded that this a type of pre-marriage cuckolding. That your future wife doesn’t have enough respect for your future marriage to even try and save herself for you. And, she expects you to live with the knowledge of whatever she’s done, and just “let the past be the past.” Christian women will have the inevitable Come to Jesus moment once the marriage is secured.

-Given the provable affect of carousel riding on women, if you choose to get married, you now have to stand behind every guy she’s done, live with the fact that she’s highly likely to frivorce you, and understand that she has bonded with some guy way back in her past, and will never bond with you that way.

-There is no Slut Discount in marriage or divorce. In other words, no matter what shape your potential wife is in when you meet her, or how she behaves in the marriage, she still gets to rape you financially and make you pay for her until you die.

Can you now see the dilemma that men face? There is no answer for all of this. Unless you marry her at 13, you have to take the LaCrosse Team’s leftovers, but that has no bearing on what she can do to you in a marriage or a divorce.

This is the truth that’s making men bitter. The truth that, at least on a human level, the choices now are either to Man Up and Marry those Sluts, or become a MGTOW. No more middle ground, and no way to redress marriage grievances if you’re the man. No way to get justice or equity. Women no longer have to pay for unleashing their worst qualities. Men still do.

Want to see the actual types of situations that cause Red Pill shock?

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  3. John says:

    Is it a surprise in the manosphere even the “redpill women” have stories that mirror that of what you wrote. They admitted they slutted up and sinned, but then they got with their husband and gave their life to Jesus! Yet almost every married redpill women had the same story! Not a virgin, premarital sex, met their husband and BAM the transformation of Christ. Or was it? Sometimes I wonder.

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  5. […] Let's Clear Up this 'Bitterness' Thing […]

  6. Ann says:

    I find this all a little sad, fatalistic… maybe because I am young I have a very different life reality then a emotionally scared middle aged man. I am 23 and a happy virgin who was raised with Faith, and a loving mother and Father. I respect myself, and my family… when I am in a relationship with a man I respect him and myself… if it works out we will marry then we will fuck and raise our babies, carry on the respect… good old fashioned reality. Good women are out there, as are good men… gulp I hope.

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