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So, I’ve been banned from Sunshine Mary’s Blog:

ssm: Hello RPSMF, I’ll let this one last comment out of moderation.

You know, sometimes I have found your comments to be insightful, and though strongly worded, your criticism of the behavior of modern women can be quite helpful. However,most of your comments are not that; for the most part, you simply proselytize against Christianity, and I’m afraid I cannot give a platform to that here any longer.

Furthermore, I have respectfully requested readers who are anti-marriage, anti-family-formation, anti-Christianity, and so on to please find a more suitable site for them to post on, one where they can get the support that will be most helpful to them and which will not pose a constant distraction to the conversations we are trying to have on my site about how to honor God in our marriages and families. I am baffled by the incredibly bad manners of those commenters who simply carry on despite my polite request.

I wish you the very best and hope that you will find peace and joy in whatever life plan God intends for you to follow. I pray God’s blessing will be upon you and yours.

This is really ironic, because I am a Christian. Which is why I wish people would tell the truth. To say that Jesus has redemptive and transformative power is absolute truth. To say that you changed inside of a marriage because of Jesus and it’s actually because of your tingles is a falsehood. This I do not understand.
I also don’t understand how she got the idea that I was anti-family or anti-marriage. Again, what I am is anti-bullshit. Men deserve to know what they’re stepping into before they sign a contract that’s going to affect the rest of their lives. How exactly is that anti-family?

But whatever.

  1. Marlon says:

    “To say that you changed inside of a marriage because of Jesus and it’s actually because of your tingles is a falsehood. This I do not understand.”

    Because this would mean that she and others are EXACTLY like the sluts of today barring God’s intervention.

    It would give too much credit to their fathers, and husbands (even before the husbands became Christians).

    It would give too much credit to their tingles in their choice of mate.

    It would imply that, God forbid, their husbands were to pass away, they would use what remains of their depreciating assets to land another man, to seal the deal as it were.

    They want the credit for their good behaviour in marriage to go to God, and not to satisfied tingles. (In truth, its a mix of both, and only God knows the percentages involved).

    In short, their egos are too big to pass through that narrow gate.

    I’ll tell you a story. Two days ago, my wife hugged me, and told me she was thinking, and realized she was happy. I said, “We have been married for 15 years and it is just now you realize you are happy?”.
    Of course, I did not expect an answer nor did I press for one, and got the kids out, and had a lovely session of her showing me how happy she was.

    That should tell you something about women.
    Serve God. Don’t serve women.

  2. Hmmm I had a similar experience on It started when I posted this about a thread on declining marriage rates.

    “There is a reason men in my generation, the Millennials, are opting out of marriage. Due to the misandry of the family courts marriage is unquestionably a raw deal for men. Make no mistake, having a Y chromosome makes you a second class citizen in family law (and many other areas these days). Beyond the religious obligation what possible reason would a man have for legally tying himself to someone who, on a whim, can throw him out of his home, take half his money, and turn him into a life time wage slave in the form of alimony? Until this is addressed and reformed in the family courts system marriage will continue to decline.”

    You can see in the comment thread it was met with some rather hostile responses.

    Moderator Gina Dalfonzo seemed to be picking fights with me since then, I always had to watch what I said but she was free to call me any number of names and they were somehow “observations” rather than personal attacks and at one point even banned me for a month when I called her on it. But hey, that’s Churchianity for you. The face of Breakpoint Eric Metaxes blocked me on Twitter for responding to a rather idiotic tweet of his.

    Most of the leaders of Evangelical culture are effeminate blue pill swallowing weasels.

    • Wow. Just wow.
      Pure Churchianity.

      • Churchians gonna Churchian. I still comment on that site once in a while, as I do feel like getting some red pill into the church is pretty much the best and only hope Western Civilization has left, but for the most part the hag of a moderator there barely makes it worth the time. But hey maybe Dalrock with get tired of busting on Jenny Erikson and Family Life Today and set his sights on them. That would be rather amusing. Love this blog by the way man, I just discovered it. By the way this was my tweet to Eric he apparently blocked me for. Thin skin much there bro?

      • Yah, don’t ever call Churchians on what the Bible actually says. They will bust a gasket every time.

        And I love Dalrock following Jenny Erikson. Hopefully men can watch and learn.

        And thanks on the Blog props!

    • ballista74 says:

      Yes, and that’s just one rusting out plank of a disgusting wreck that you pointed out. Imagine how they’d react if someone went in and laid some real wood to them regarding what marriage is.

      Churchians gonna Churchian. Churchians gonna Whoreship, too.

      • Well feel free to head over to Breakpoint and do just that. Whenever there’s an influx of redpill people over there Gina gets pretty pissed and blames me and it’s rather amusing.

  3. Legion says:

    When I read SSM was going to block you, I got ready to click on your name and get to your blog. Then realized it was already there. Doh!

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  5. Ergeniz says:

    Wasn’t SSM a slut prior to her marriage? I’m still not convinced that anything but necessity forces a woman to drop her promiscuous ways and act the respectable wife role.

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