Shocked, Bitter, Angry Men

Posted: December 29, 2013 in Life
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Close up of angry man with steam coming out from his earsThere’s been some buzz around the ‘Sphere about how there are so many “jaded, cynical men” making comments on various blog posts and giving cynical advice. I touched on it briefly here, but now I need to go deeper.

Most Red Pill men are working through some level of shock after taking the Red Pill, the same way Neo did when Morpheus first gave it to him, and explained the construct. The_Matrix_Neo_and_Morpheus_ConstructAfter Neo rejects reality, pukes, and takes a nap, Morpheus apologizes. He also tells Neo that “we never free a mind after a certain age,” because Morpheus understood the rough but necessary adjustment period that comes with the knowledge of the truth. And, that it would be better to learn the truth as a boy, and grow up unplugged. Here are the stages/forms of Red Pill shock that can be seen in men:neo-wakes-up

The Frivorced

This is a man who has lost his house, regular access to his children, at least half of his present income, and a significant portion of his pension, all because his wife announced to him one day that she was unhaaaaapy. And this often completely blindsides the man, as he has spent most of the marriage trying to do everything he could to please her. This is a man that’s getting an education on the Predatory Nature of Females.  And how the full weight of the State is going to come down against him for the rest of his life. He most often has bought into the ‘good husband’ lies taught by both Churchian and secular spheres, and has now had his world completely blow up, right in his face.

wake-upThe Cuckolded

This is a man that’s been splattered in the face with the seed of another man, after said seed has first been all over his wife. He has either discovered an ongoing affair, or discovered that some or all of his children have been fathered by his wife’s lover. Some other rooster has dominated his hen house, and yet he has been paying for the eggs. This is a man coming face to sperm with the truth that most women stay immature during the course of their lives, and need to be constantly entertained, controlled, dominated, restrained and subjugated…or, they will very quickly and unapologetically open their legs to a powerful seductive cad that’s anywhere in their vicinity. As I’ve said before, women with any amount of freedom, without being in submission to a man, will complete the AF/Beta Bucks cycle every time. Extra anger points for those men that feel compelled to stay in the marriage because of honor or religion.

The Virginal Nice Guy

This is the man that is maxresdefaultboth naturally a beta, and has completely integrated the Hallmark Valentine’s Day mantra into his psyche. He truly believes that being a supplicative and supportive man is the way to go….yet he finds himself being the tampon of many a hot woman. He absorbs her discharge as she complains about her abusive boyfriend, and then runs back to him at every possible turn. This poor guy just can’t get laid and burns up decades of his life not understanding why. He then comes to the realization that his future will only ever be full of leftovers….women that have racked up an N count of 30 or more, and will only ever bring him their worn out bodies and post Wall looks, asking him yet again for emotional and financial support, and to live with all of her Alpha Widowness on full display.

The Combination Man

This dude has had the unfortunate cypherexperience of being two, or even all three of the above. Maybe he got laid for the first time late in life, maybe he was a virgin when he got married, he did everything he could to be supportive to his wife and family and somehow got both cuckolded and frivorced before the age of 40, and is reeling from all that’s happened. And the events of his life have force fed him the Red Pill…..and he’s most likely choking on it. Rejecting it, not believing it, embarrassed, ashamed, and very unsure of what to do next.

All males that have taken the Red Pill, for whatever reason, can resonate with any other man that’s in the throes of discovery. He’s being violently ripped out of his pod, seeing the world as it really is for the first time, maybe after three to four decades of living fully plugged in. Hence, no male is really shocked by observing the outrage in his fellow man that follows the unplugging. So where are the women in all this?

The Women

The women Fionaare where they’ve always been, swimming in the juices of their Female Imperative. Here’s what men, especially newly awakened men don’t yet fully get: none of the Red Pill truths that we discover are news to women. They know how they are….they’ve always known. They’ve always been manipulative, always wanted Alphas, always been willing to be seduced by whatever man is the most powerful in their immediate sphere, and have always been able to rationalize and justify their behavior, no matter how selfish or immoral. They are, in effect, giving us a great big “DUH” look, and laughing all the way to the bank, and their current lover’s bed. As far as women are concerned, men that don’t “just get it?” …..deserve everything that happens to them. Don’t expect any woman….from the one that made you take the Red Pill, to any that you encounter afterwards… be able to relate or understand. Or even care.

What about the women that claim that they’re trying to do better? So far, those women are still following the script of AF and Beta Bucks…it’s just that they’ve landed their Alpha, so of course they’re happier. And exceptions don’t disprove the rule. That’s why we call them “exceptions.”

The Root of It All

As men, there’s a deeper truth here that needs to be stated. The thing that really triggers rules-made-to-be-brokenall the anger, beyond the obvious surface stimuli….is the fact that men hate, with an unbridled passion, not knowing the rules of the game that they’re playing. We are so goal, rule, structure, and boundary oriented, that to be competing in a contest where the rules are unclear is anathema to the male spirit. For men, realizing that the world you knew was a complete lie, and you were a fool working against his own best interests is akin to a blazing dagger being plunged into the masculine brain, and the pain may never fully go away. Where the female of the species feeds on drama, and its generation fuels and sustains her interest, us males revile it, and would always choose a winning strategy if we know what the real game is, no bullshit necessary. So as we comment? Many times, it’s that blazing dagger, slicing through yet another brain cell, fueling the words being spoken.

All men need to take the Red Pill; sooner is always better than later. Start here.


  1. 662 says:

    Absolutely brilliant as usual.. You are top 3 favorite new commentators/posters I’ve discovered in 2013.. I’m a MGTOW myself, would love to see a post about your red pill ingestion moment..

  2. Marlon says:

    You have truly seen through the lies and misdirection and self-deception.
    Respect due.
    Keep it up.
    Don’t slack off.

  3. deti says:

    Good stuff, RPSMF. The “root” of it is indeed that the vast majority of men have been kept in the dark about the rules of the game. The sexual revolution fundamentally changed the rules; yet it was in feminism’s interest to make men believe the same rules applied. Thus, most men have been trained to operate in an SMP and MMP that last existed around 1970 or so.

  4. Marlon says:

    History tells us societal collapse is the reset.

    But let’s try the prediction game.

    As homo marriage becomes accepted, polygamy, bestiality and pedophilia will follow. This may nuke state marriage, leaving it possible for men to craft cohabitation agreements and trusts to protect themselves.
    The stigma from prostitution will decrease, no doubt.

    Another wild card today is technology.
    Will VR porn take off and other more immersive technologies take off?
    Then more men will walk away.

    One thing is for sure, women are not going to change unless men make them. Who knows? Pray God will be merciful. It doesn’t look good.

    • I’ve thought about each one of those scenarios as well…and I tend to agree with your analysis. I wonder if the cohabitation agreement will be available to all men regardless of income level.

  5. earl says:

    I’m beginning to think the manosphere is pretty much case studies on what a rebellious woman looks like, does, says, and what game to use to either handle it or how to avoid those women. While I don’t disagree with the advice on how to handle a rebellious woman…many men can fall into the habit that every woman is just assumed to be in rebellion. That is what leads to being jaded, cynical, and bitter. I’d like to think that we should give them the benefit of the doubt at first until their fruits show. That way you can appear to be blue pill on the outside…while keeping the red pill on the inside and using it when you need to cross that bridge.

    Now women hate it when you point out their rebellious ways because they are still trying to convince you they are all sweet and submissive…they need to make sure men can stay duped so that they can pull out the rebellious woman when it is benefical to her.

    All women are capable of be submissive and all women are capable of being in rebellion. Give props when she submits, use game when she rebels.

  6. Marlon says:

    “All women are capable of be submissive and all women are capable of being in rebellion.”

    What matters is power.
    Do you have the power to walk away?
    To compel obedience?
    Power over yourself not to be wounded by her criticisms or wooed by her praises?

    Then, you are in good stead.

  7. […] that women have always known the game and how to work their feminine wiles to their advantage. “….none of the Red Pill truths that we discover are news to women. They know how they a….  Part of this game involves projecting the appearance that they are rejecting the feminist label […]

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  10. Robert says:

    I came to the Red Pill last year at the ripe old age of 50-ahem-something. Which shows it can happen at any age. It is unquestionably a hard pill to swallow (especially thinking about the lost decades) but it helped things make sense in a way that years of therapy and antidepressants could not. Did it completely change my life? No, but things now make more sense. I know now that the white-knight beta I was for most of my life was an emotional and spiritual black hole. While it is important for an old dude like me, it is absolutely critical knowledge for young men. One difference I have – and maybe this comes from the perspective of age: I don’t view women as the enemy (although some women certainly are). They have been lied to their entire lives just like we were, just in different ways.

  11. In a greater level what about lots of men dropping off the SMP a la japanese? Would it change something in future generations? I could imagine lot of MGTOW, alphas enjoying the scenario, women not caring until post wall.

    Personally, the path of self update, becoming better for oneself and doing the opposite one did in blue pill days (that includes avoiding most of the chivalry and showing women the true face of equalism) is the way to go.

    Recently even older female relatives have been telling me: “Look I was hoping you got a good girl but seeing how the situation looks like it’s better that you remain single so you don’t destroy your life and nobody takes half of your assets”

    So GMOW

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  13. europe_here says:

    > men hate, with an unbridled passion, not knowing the rules of the game that they’re playing.


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  16. More bitter vitriol from first losers.

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  19. Joe says:

    Great, great article! I’ll be coming back to your blog for more knowledge and inspiration.


  20. Ciacorps says:

    Excellent post! All of this is glaringly true nowadays.

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