My Favorite Manosphere Post this Week 12.31.13

Posted: December 31, 2013 in Favorite Post, Sluts, Women
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confused_womanVox’s Post has made my week: Fourteen Years of Fun.

If you ever needed a crystal clear picture as to what 40 years of Feminism and 16 years of YouGoGrrl culture has done to the dating scene, all you need do is read that post. You need to also include in your reading Masculine By Design’s Women Who Live Their Life In Reverse. It’s the perfect companion piece to Vox’s post. It expands the Feminist view of a woman’s life to include every stage.

The Indian woman in Vox’s post doesn’t understand why she doesn’t have the same options as her Caucasian peers. She doesn’t understand why a Traditionalist culture like India who still very much believes in marrying young through arranged marriages wouldn’t welcome her back with open arms. She doesn’t understand why men aren’t plentiful in her 30s like they were in her 20s. And more than anything else, she doesn’t understand that she reaped exactly what she sowed. She wanted to have fun….so she attracted men that wanted to have fun. She didn’t want a husband….so she attracted men that didn’t want to be married. Her confusion is akin to a person that plants a farm full of corn seeds and then laments, “Why do I have all these stalks of corn growing on my farm?”

Whether you’re a MGHOW or not, you should talk to your sisters, your daughters, your cousins, and tell them the truth. That woman may not end up a spinster, but what man do you know that really wants to marry a woman who says she “only slept with 18 guys?” (We know that’s a lie. She’s discounting any blowjobs or handjobs she gave, and any one night stands or drunken adventures she had. That’s just 18 actual boyfriends.) I’ve also discovered that “committed relationship” means “I’m doing the guys in a row, not a circle.”

So if I haven’t been clear enough, let me state it unequivocally:

A high traffic vagina is not an attractive selling feature for marriage.sluts-life-s-play-things-4b1a3d

  1. earl says:

    I suppose the deeper question is…does she do this because she has been brainwashed into thinking this is normal…or does she willingly want that life and then laments at the end of the results that happen.

    To take your corn field analogy and translate it to the female mind…

    Suppose you are a naive farmer who has never planted anything before and some hack gives you seeds in which he tells you they are wheat, you have the media proclaming those seeds are wheat and have always been wheat, you have “friends” who tell you they’ve planted those seeds before and wheat resulted…then when corn sprouts up you are a bit pissed at why you have been lied to. Most women don’t have the ability to know what will happen in the future until it becomes the present. That’s why it is important for good men to let them know…then at least their choices will be their own.

  2. Just Saying says:

    Women discover the truth too late to change their outcome. And they tend to be so angry that they were sold a bill of goods that are worthless that they propagate the lie to the next generation – misery loves company. You can’t fault them for being dumb – it is a natural state for young women (which is why they used to be protected from their own foolishness by their parents – i.e., their Father). But you can, as a man, take advantage of their stupidity and use it to your benefit.

    All of society is becoming this way – present policies provide access based on the color of your skin and gender, rather than ability. But the smart white, male (the only group okay to discriminate against by law) uses this to his advantage by having a minority figure-head at the lead of his company – so he doesn’t have to work as hard – it also ensures that shady policies are over-looked. So just as the smart American, off-shores his assets to hide his wealth from confiscation by a corrupt government as quickly as possible, you are only stupid if you don’t use these polices to benefit yourself.

    Look. You cannot change things – it’s a waste of your time and effort, and you will be vilified if you try. Or even if you speak of it – which is why I hide my identity. You’re not stupid – use these policies to benefit yourself. I have been doing so for the past 30+ years and will do so till I’m too old to get it up – whoops, I meant to say “till I retire”. And come on – what do you want in your bed? A wrinkled, and reproductively worthless, bitter 40+ year old woman, or a sweet little teenage beauty, that you can ride bareback because it turns her on to cheat on her boyfriend? I know what I choose – but hey, that is your choice. You can’t change things, but you can choose to enjoy them, if you work the system to benefit yourself.

    I mean, when I was a kid I couldn’t afford anything nice so I had to go for “used” everything, and make-do with what I could afford – but the women were all new and un-used. Now I buy everything new, and get rid of it when I’m done with it. Why would I want a woman that has been used more than a porta-potty? No thanks – that’s for the stupid men. The smart men, enjoy the sweet young things, as is the birth-right of MEN.

  3. Why would I want a woman that has been used more than a porta-potty? No thanks.

    HAW HAW HAW I’m going to be laughing all week at that one.

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