All Women are Red Pill Women

Posted: January 7, 2014 in Hypergamy, Life, Men, Women
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the_woman_in_the_red_dress___fiona__101570239Expounding on something I said here, we need to understand that all women are Red Pill women.

If you’re a man, the fact that 90% of what comes out of her mouth is a sh*t test is not news to her…it’s just news to you. The fact that she longs to be desired, have resources, and be controlled is not news to her…it’s news to you. The fact that she’s been dreaming, since she was a little girl, about having a Fifty Shades of Grey experience, and the fact that if she does have one, it marks her for life, is most definitely not news to her….it’s just news to you.

The fact that she will trade up in a heartbeat, and cannot stand to live on this planet in peace if she knows that another woman has more than her is not news to her…it’s just news to you. That she has not one drop of apologetic blood in her body for her natural hypergamic and solipsistic ways is not news to her…it’s just news to you.

Feminism, in all its forms, has ever been, and shall only ever be, one gigantic national sh*t test. Women smirking in men’s collective faces saying, “How far are you going to let us push this?” Letting women have their way has never resulted in them being happy in the long term, nor has it ever, EVER, made them respect men more.

She longs to be Gamed by men that “just get it” and will quickly reject and lose interest in any that don’t. She feeds on drama, chase, and challenge, and has the natural counter-intuitive tendency to want to lock down and possess that which has possessed her…and as soon as she does, she’s bored. And will always blame you for the state of the relationship, no matter what.

Don’t miss any of what was just said. She wants you to Game her. She craves men that know Game. It’s the chase that feeds her, and the worthy confident man that knows how to take what he wants that fires up the heat in her Southland regions. Thugs and criminals embody this spirit, as they have no regard for rules; this is why women surrender so easily to them. That characteristic is irresistible to the female mind.

Close up of angry man with steam coming out from his earsSo why are so many men shocked by all this?

1) Because your father never told you the truth. It’s your dad’s job to make you game aware as a young lad…and then you would’ve been ready. Instead of whining, “WAA WAA! I’M A NICE GUY AND NO GIRLS WANT ME!” you would’ve known to nut up, and learned how to dominate and conquer. The panties will be flying in your direction if you do that.

2) Too much male guilt. It’s a man’s world, and whether you believe in God or not, men are designed to be the movers and shakers. Very few women actually pioneer anything. They just get credit for being the first woman to do something that a man did years before. But Feminism keyed in on a natural strength of the female….her ability to make the male feel guilty about the way the world is, as if men designed women.

We didn’t.

3) Letting this Foolishness become Law. Everything’s unfair, the act of sex itself is penetrative so it must be rape, and men have to pay for women regardless of what they do or how much economic freedom that they gain on their own. These ridiculous ideas are now the law of the land as well as mainstream talking points, and men just let it happen.

That ought to tell you what the solution is.

beatsnotbuyingitSo what about women that claim they’ve “taken the Red Pill?”

Do you know what women mean when they say that? It means that they are willing to acknowledge, out loud, what they’ve always known in their hearts to be true. And normally, they only do so either after they’ve secured their own Alpha, or accepted their own spinsterhood. It’s amazing what either security or harsh reality does to a woman. For women to actually be free of their Female Matrix, built by Feminism and YouGoGrrl Culture, they have to take the Pink Pill.

So my challenge to the men is always the same….can’t you see that being Blue Pill is an abomination? An aberration? A delusional state? wide-_1378251719-620x349A tucking of your nuts back up into your sack? And for what, exactly? IT DOESN’T BRING YOU SUCCESS. *facepalm* Part of being a man means that you are constructed to dominate, conquer, lead, teach, provide for, and protect a woman(most of the time from her own foolishness). Women that fight you and say that’s sexist? They then do their best to become men themselves. What does that tell you?

So let today be the last day of Blue Pillage for all men that are reading this but are still plugged in. Don’t be afraid to develop what is naturally yours. If we all united as men, you realize that we could have the laws changed in less than six months, right?

Time to nut up.

  1. lgrobins says:

    The red dress woman from the Matrix is just perfect imagery to describe red pill women. The textbook feminine wile smirk wrapped in red. Yes, per your usage, it really is all women. All women are like that.

  2. earl says:

    Much like the analogy I like to use:

    Fish never know that water is wet.

    When you’ve been a land dweller all your life…you are aware water is wet, but it is still a shock to your system when you finally jump in.

  3. earl says:

    No surprise.

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  6. some guy on the internet in his thirties says:

    > 1) Because your father never told you the truth. It’s your dad’s job to make you game aware as a young lad…and then you would’ve been ready. Instead of whining, “WAA WAA! I’M A NICE GUY AND NO GIRLS WANT ME!” you would’ve known to nut up, and learned how to dominate and conquer. The panties will be flying in your direction if you do that.


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  10. redpillwifey says:

    Great read 😉

    I would say, though, that religious hamsters are REALLY GOOD at telling women that they DON’T know these things. Tricky little animal, that hamster.

  11. Saxton says:

    Very true.

    Women (in general) are natural born red pill (predators) concerning SMP and (manipulating) men BUT NOT in any other aspects of life. The most unwise and delusional women can be (with no effort) highly „intelligent“ when dealing with men.

    This is why many men will (unfortunately) disagree with your statement „All Women are Red Pill“.

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  13. Matthew Chiglinsky says:

    I’m a little bit concerned that the “red pill” movement was inspired by the selfish, misogynistic, abusive sexual fantasies we all see played out in modern Internet porn. That’s not love.

  14. Matthew Chiglinsky says:

    You didn’t finish the metaphor, which is when the girl in red in the Matrix turns into an agent and puts a bullet in your head, because it’s all part of the same system and you never really escaped from anything. It’s just another form of control.

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