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SuperWoman saves Clark KentIt occurs to me to ask the question: Why don’t Women Go Their Own Way?

As it pertains to men, MGTOW refers to the idea of men eschewing marriage and fatherhood altogether, either from being repulsed by the intense anti-male social and legal climate, or because the joys of bachelorhood would seem to far outweigh the increasingly heavy burden of husbanding and/or fatherhood.

As it pertains to women, the initial idea of Feminism, as I understand it, was to be a WGTOW movement. Because a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. Women eschewing marriage and motherhood(but not sex, they wanted more of that, just on their own terms) for the joys of career building, partying, academic accomplishments, and the freedom from societal pressure to conform to any standard notion of femininity whatsoever. Then it seemed to morph by the Power of Oprah into “Women should be able to have it all!” Which in effect has led women to live their lives in reverse. Burning through the years where they could easily attract a quality husband and get pregnant by engaging in sluttery and career building, completed by ignoring the inescapable fact that they only have 15 years to do that to begin with. It seems that women decided that men and/or Patriarchy was the problem…so the solution was for women themselves to become more masculine. Defeat the enemy by……emulation and replacement.

So now….women have it to where academic climates, sexual harassment, rape, sexual discrimination, sexual access, weddings, marriage, divorce, child custody, child support, and alimony all favors them, and in most cases, is subject to their whims and feelings. No proof or hard evidenced required to either ruin a man or enslave him.

So again, I have to ask…..why didn’t women just go their own way? Why hasn’t it been enough for them to have every single imaginable freedom and advantage that there is to have? It has long been established that any pleasure a man might have in life, is unfair and biased, and detrimental towards women. Men should never even have the nerve to think that we can enjoy our lives on any level, because the very act of us doing so means that some woman somewhere is being deprived of her rights. And with Hilary Clinton’s 2016 presidential run looming large, in which not only will the ultimate glass ceiling be shattered, but any obstacle she faces will instantly be deemed misogynistic, because women aren’t supposed to have obstacles while achieving their goals, the rhetoric will only get louder.

From dildos to artificial insemination to rape shield laws to annually modified child support to governmental offices to the military to hosting the Golden Globes, women seem to have achieved their initial goal: proving that they didn’t need men for anything.

So when are they going to sit back, live and let live, and enjoy the spoils of all their give-it-to-me-uncontested-because-I’m-a-woman-and-if-you-don’t-you’re-a-hateful-misogynist labor?

  1. earl says:

    The reason…

    To the woman He said, “I will greatly multiply Your pain in childbirth, In pain you will bring forth children; Yet your desire will be for your husband, And he will rule over you.”
    Genesis 3:16

    Women would die if they didn’t have male attention in some form. No matter how much they lie about fish and bicycles…their subconcious always wins.

  2. DaPoet says:

    To go one’s own way requires one to stand on their own two feet and deal in a competent manner with whatever crisis comes one’s way. Unfortunately today’s modern day female – little better than a spoiled brat with an entitlement chip permanently attached to her shoulder – is incapable of standing on her own two feet – witness the ever increasing numbers of female headed households that live in poverty – preferring instead to remain dependent upon men both individually and collectively with the government as her faux husband.

  3. Aussie-Bob says:

    The female imperative is a parasite. It cant exist outside of the male created world. So WGTOW is impossible. The closet thing to WGTOW is lesbian separatism, and even that is just a poor copy of masculinity.

  4. Carlos says:

    One of the primary places where feminism truly failed is in their attempt for women to become more masculine. Utter failure there…they didn’t become more masculine…they just become more bitchy. I’m still trying to figure out if this happened because they just don’t understand men, or if it just because that is what women think power is.

  5. Tarnished says:

    “It occurs to me to ask the question: Why don’t Women Go Their Own Way?”

    Some do, but I agree that we are few and far between. For the most part, women who are single past age 25-30 often write posts that speak more to a false “you go grrl” mentality or worse…a lamentation of “where have all the good men gone”. And herein lies the problem: many men can become MGTOWs without batting an eye, but relatively small numbers of women could claim the same stance with the same amount of happiness/satisfaction. All humans are primates and thus social creatures…but it’s probably safe to say that females are more dependent (on average) than males for relationships. Whether this is biological or an aspect of socialization, I don’t know. Likely a bit of both.

    Regardless, this is why you don’t see a large number of women going their own way, yet you see a veritable horde of men doing so. MGTOWs will always outnumber WGTOWS, that’s just the way of things.

    If you’re interested though, here are some posts I’ve penned about my happiness in staying single and free. If you wish to call me a WGTOW after reading them, I’d not shy from the label or disagree with you. However, it should be noted beforehand that I’m only committed to my bachelorhood due to my love of independence/freedom, *not* because of any nonexistent feminist leanings or foolish ideas about men being “immature” or “not good enough”. There are a plethora of good, or even great, men out there…one of them has even been my FwB for 7+ years…but they are not for me, through no faults of their own.




  6. Nickel Mgtow Bravo says:

    Isnot child support, or alimony or welfare dependence on men? You are not independents, wgtows. you just changed your host. Now, you depend on government.
    You will fail.



    • Tarnished says:

      A true WGTOW is one who doesn’t rely on alimony, child support (which isn’t for anyone but the children anyway), or welfare to survive. In other words, a woman who works 40+ hours a week, isn’t married, uses none of the sources of income you mentioned, and doesn’t steal resources from her significant other if she has one.

      This is why there are so few WGTOWs compared to MGTOWs.

      • infowarrior1 says:

        WGTOW’s are rare due to the masculine nature of their brains. Normal sexually dimorphic female brains are borg-like and act as a collective hence women cannot be WGTOW.

        Yet even WGTOW’s rely on the collective efforts of men to maintain the infrastructure that houses and delivers water to their houses as well as process the resulting sewage from their dwellings.

        MGTOW’s could build their own houses and do everything themselves away from civilization women can’t:

      • Tarnished says:

        True, but this is due to the fact that men typically go into those fields and women don’t. You wouldn’t have a schoolteacher, a nurse, or a florist try to build a house…you’d call an architect and a carpenter. Which is why I laugh when feminists say “we need more women doing X!” where X is always a high powered white collar job.

        Where’s the push for more female plumbers, or electricians, or oil drillers? I’d like to see more women in ALL areas of the job market, precisely because it would serve the whole of humanity better should a catastrophe occur.

      • infowarrior1 says:

        ”Where’s the push for more female plumbers, or electricians, or oil drillers? I’d like to see more women in ALL areas of the job market, precisely because it would serve the whole of humanity better should a catastrophe occur.”

        You see many women cannot qualify for those jobs even if they do push for it. Likewise there are efforts to push women to push into trades, when I applied for a trades job there are ample examples of promotional material and methods that people are implementing to try to do just that.

        However natural sexual dimorphism ensued that such efforts failed. And personally I don’t care much for pushing women into those areas. They should be grateful at least to know where their bread is buttered.

      • Tarnished says:

        “You see many women cannot qualify for those jobs even if they do push for it.”
        Why? What part of sexual dimorphism would result in this?

        “And personally I don’t care much for pushing women into those areas.”
        Ok, but it sounded like you thought women in general/WGTOWs specifically were being disingenuous by saying they are gtow by the fact that most live in modern day society, and a lot of that is run by men. If more women became sewage workers and oil drillers and electricians, then it’d make things more equal. Likewise, if more men became schoolteachers and househusbands and nurses then those spheres would be more equal.

        “They should be grateful at least to know where their bread is buttered.”
        So you’re not actually upset about the sexual ratio disparities of various workplace spheres, you just want women to be grateful for a society they were born into? I think the present and upcoming generation could certainly stand to lose some of their entitlement for the way things are. Both men and women of my age group (30) as well as the inheriting one act/speak like they are responsible for current civilization. It’s as though they don’t realize everything we have is built upon the prior achievements of others…I worry about future generations, because I see a lack of motivation in much of today’s women and men to give a fuck about anything more than the here and now.

      • infowarrior1 says:

        ”Why? What part of sexual dimorphism would result in this?”

        Physical work and danger as well the the intellectual challenge of some of the trades causes a difference in the sexes as women are more adverse to danger(like falling off a building being electrocuted or falling into boilers) and they can’t handle the sheer physicality of those jobs day in and day out and get dirty in the process.

        ”So you’re not actually upset about the sexual ratio disparities of various workplace spheres, you just want women to be grateful for a society they were born into?”

        I would not want them to go into a field I am going into(looking for a trades job myself), the corporate environment is bad enough as it is with all those women running around(and the faggot males prancing about also). I would like the trades to remain a male space(last of its kind anyway).

  7. Ergeniz says:

    Women don’t Go Their Own Way because they can’t. The nature of women relies completely on manipulating and being dependent on men. A “WGTOW” is a fantasy. Some women have realized that truth, that they are all absolutely dependent on men and they hate that.

  8. DISGUSTED says:

    All of this seems like A HOT MESS to me.

    MGTOW seems to be traditional **masculine men** who are oppressed ***due to masculine Feminists that through influence have seemingly moulded even non-Feminist women in their masculine image*** thus when ready to settle down they are looking for international **feminine wives** because there are too many masculine women and female Feminists here, you never know if an American woman can be trusted to be as feminine as foreigners seemingly out of the Feminist influence.

    That is amazing. I agree this should be done. HOWEVER, the female version of that as described by WGTOW websites such as this one is garbage.

    WGTOW should be traditional **feminine women** who are ALSO oppressed ***due to masculine Feminists and the way the men in this country have become feminine as a result*** thus when ready to settle down they are looking for international **masculine men** because there are too many feminine men and male Feminists here, you never know if an American men can be trusted to be as masculine as foreigners seemingly out of the Feminist influence.

    THIS NONSENSICAL WGTOW movement is not a female verison of MGTOW because it FURTHER OPPRESSES the same masculinity onto women as the Feminist movement it is SUPPOSEDLY against. It makes no sense whatsoever… Positively TRASH.

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  10. bongstar420 says:

    Feminine= Tits, hips, and ass; soprano; definitely not hairy
    Masculine= No tits, hips, and ass; baritone; possibly hairy but preferably not

    Women fighting for high powered white collar jobs is more of a problem with “the rich” rather than sexual diamorphism. Traditional femininity (all that behavioral stuff you guys seem to think is so attractive) is parasitic and so are the rich.

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