So, Red Men: Why exactly *did* you get married?

Posted: January 14, 2014 in Marriage, Men, Wife
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2012-celebs-topic-why-did-i-get-married-tooOne of my readers has summed up what I’ve been trying to say precisely:

DaPoet says:

Unfortunately one of of the many things those in the so called manosphere have in common with the feminists is the surrendering of one’s independence by conforming to the opinions held by the majority of the group. This is why I’m neither a feminist or an MRA.

Any red piller claiming to be happily married is either:

-ok with his wife holding a gun to the side of his head with the hammer cocked back and her finger on the trigger, Or

-believes that not all women are like that or

-his woman isn’t like that and/or

-is ignoring the salient fact that he has no rights whatsoever nor any power within the marriage.

All of which are characteristics of blue pill males.

This is what I’ve been wondering/trying to ask Red Pill men that are married. Why, exactly, did you get married?

  1. Emma the Emo says:

    Here’s a man answering such a question, if you’re interested: In short, “Because it seemed like a good idea at the time”

  2. DaPoet says:

    Most men marry because they want to raise a family. Unfortunately the average male has not only been duped all of his life but is woefully ignorant and absolutely stupid in regards to the average modern day female.

    The average blue pill male actually thinks that he can beat the odds – that he has what it takes to tame and hold onto a modern day female harpy. Yet will steadfastly refuse to admit that he is wrong in regards to the opposite sex and spends his time bullying those men who are honest enough to dare to expose the modern day female for who and what she really is.

  3. deti says:

    The questions you should ask are:

    Would you do it over again, knowing what you know now?

    If you were single now, would you marry knowing what you know now?

    If you find yourself single again, would you remarry?

    • Def good questions. It’s also interesting to see the votes on my poll.

    • RICanuck says:

      In answer to Detis’ questions:
      1. Yes, the 7 children were/are worth it. I now know what a shit test is and know about red pill frame. I would also be outcome independant as to whether she blows up the marriage. I would have made sure that my wife did not get involved in the ‘Catholic’ satanic lay movement she joined. This movement shall remain unnamed because they have been known to play legal hardball.

      2. I am not single.

      3. NEVER!!! I wish no more children, and a wife serves no other purpose.

  4. I got married because it was good, easy sex and the girl had long legs and lots of curiosity. Also, with generosity and deeply-laid escapes, I control almost all our economic actions and resources. I made sure her employment did not render our finances so one-sided that, given divorce, even a white knight conservative-dad judge would think to force indentured servitude on me.

    In short, I got married to fuck her senseless (and because she’s interesting). It’s tough at times without the harem days back in college, but Mrs. TSJ has quite decent and sincere porn star skills.

    (Somewhat related word of warning: some states will happily force the equivalent of alimony/child support on you even if you are not legally married. If the state deems you were pretty much kind of like a husband/dad for a period of time, you still get indentured servitude. Don’t lose your souls, but be careful, friends.)

    • deti says:

      Timber’s story makes sense. In today’s day and age, most couples are sleeping together before marriage. Many such couples marry because she presents him with the Marriage Ultimatum. She tells him in effect “I want to get married; and if we’re not getting married we’re done”. Or she tells him something like “Where is this relationship/whatevership heading?”

      At that point he has three choices. He can marry her. He can continue as before. Or he can break up with her.

      Many men, but it is a slightly shrinking number of men, choose the first option. No question that they do. He decides to get married because he is getting sex, and he wants that to continue, and he believes that if marriage does not happen, eventually he will “lose” her.

      He believes marriage gives him a modicum of greater control over the relationship, and over her. He imagines she will consider herself as bound to the union as he considers himself bound. This is pure folly, as he will have only the control she decides to give him in a legal marriage.

      • To be honest, the reason it works is that I was NOT worried about losing her. Perhaps my case is the minority, but I was rarely at a loss for sexual partners—Mrs. TSJ was simply a girl who did not bore me out of my mind. I could talk to her for hours and not just have sex, get bored, and leave.

        Not say there’s no one else like her—she just came along at a convenient time. I suspect she is more unicorn however, i.e., the minority—similar to Sunshine and Jen Kay. Not all women are like that. Unhappy married women aren’t necessarily unhappy at their husbands. They experience cognitive dissonance because their vaginas picked the wrong guy and they can’t rationalize it away anymore. No man intuitively realizes a woman can semi-happily marry a guy she doesn’t want to fuck sideways. But enough about Leif Erickson.

  5. Marlon says:

    Not in America so your manrape laws do not apply to me!:)

    But I married for the same reasons men do everywhere: she keeps my balls empty and my belly full, plus she is intelligent and has self-control (good mother & wife material).

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