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Posted: January 17, 2014 in Life, Marriage, Men, Women
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Question 1: What’s the Real Reason Women are Submissive?


Answer: because biology. Because tingles. Because Alpha. Because spankings. Not because Jesus. All of a sudden submission is coming back into fashion for some reason, and Laura suggests it’s just another ploy. I have maintained that All Women are Red Pill Women; it’s the men that wake up. All you have to do is check out the Red Pill Woman Reddit with scrutiny, and you’ll see the eternal truth in action: women want to be where the men are, and get male attention and validation, and they’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen, even feign enlightenment about things they’ve always known. Women were made for submission, and they long for it; but they are merciless to any male that does not step up and claim his rightful dominance over her. Never forget that Jenny Erikson is the poster woman-child for what Christian women will do with a Beta Supplicant Husband. And that’s leave him on the first thing smoking. Funny how Biblical submission never seems to apply when a woman is turned off or has her man whipped. I wonder where Jesus is then? Tingle free = my vows don’t count anymore(if they ever did). And Leif just keeps on trying, bless his poor, clueless beta heart. What someone needs to tell Leif is that his daughters are next. They are going to walk all over him and use him as well.

Women that are trying to be submissive to a spineless pee-filled pusbucket of a man are so disgusted that they start to throw up whenever they think about their husbands, especially Christian women. Apparently Jesus’ love does not include Betas.

Question 2: If you’re truly a Red Pill man, why would you ever get Married?

1342371026665_1839313Because being truly Red Pill and participating in Marriage 2.0 can’t even co-exist in the same universe. So as I’ve examined what the men have said:

Answer: 1) Because the sex was really good 2) Because she’s interesting outside of bed as well 3) I just decided to take the risk anyway

So in other words, sex and hope. Which is another tacit admission that they really don’t believe that AWALT and they do believe that their wives won’t pull the trigger at some point. I sincerely hope they’re right; Marriage 2.0 is nothing but risk for men, with no reward that you can’t already have without being married. Game only works because women want to be gamed; without that characteristic, we’d all have to Neanderthallically clock our potential mates in the head and plant our seeds. My belief has long been that women don’t cheat not because they don’t want to, but because they don’t have access to the men that they find exciting enough to cheat with. If a man with more power is in her vicinity, your lovely wife is mentally doing some very nasty things to Mr. New Male. Even if a woman is the wife of the Mayor of a city, when the Governor of the State walks in, don’t you think she wonders what it would be like to live in the Governor’s mansion?

The harsh and completely perplexing truth is, some of the sinful aspects of Game actually work. Which is why talking about this gives me a headache. The thing that energizes your wife to stay with you the most is if she knows you’re potentially cheating, or could cheat, or, you just flaunt your harem in front of her. That will ignite such desire in her it’s indescribable, but it’s still not about you as her husband; it’s about the fact that she’s not going to let some other woman prove that her wiles have no power. Such a shame. But the more women that want you, the more women will want you.

So guys say that if both the big head and the little head are singing happy tunes, they’re willing to take the plunge. Alrighty then. There’s gonna be some powerful case studies about this “Red Pill Marriage” thing around 2020.

Mark my

  1. lgrobins says:

    “I have maintained that All Women are Red Pill Women; it’s the men that wake up.”

    Funny. I recently commented this on my last post:

    “I think girl game has always existed and then the men had to start their own game, but then women start to cry foul in disgust of immorality of male gamers “hey that was our thing!”, so they up the ante and bring back the girl game stronger!”

    I think you mentioning this theory got me thinking again and when you relate it back to that vintage “moral dominance” article, it truly makes sense. Women got pissy over the male gamers cause women not only had moral dominance, but market dominance and men doing the same tricks back leveled the playing field. But women don’t like level, or equal, they like to dominate.

    “Women were made for submission, and they long for it; but they are merciless to any male that does not step up and claim his rightful dominance over her.”


  2. Whoa, holy crap… it will be okay. Really, it will. Maybe not now, but Jesus.

    I mean, don’t keep doing the Christian Nice Boy thing, obviously. But you can be quick enough with the money/accounts so that she won’t get it even if she goes utterly psychotically insane on your ass. I know, Costa Rica kinda blows, but if you’re being hunted by a banshee…

    Let’s be honest, if you legally shackled yourself to a psychopath, that’s the Worst Feeling in the World (i.e., my genitals chose poorly). But the blame isn’t on Jesus or her, it’s on your faulty dick. What I used to call “rape” is apparently what women call “normal sex,” so keep doing that and keep both eyes open. And, uh, don’t share the passwords to your various money-related accounts online.

  3. earl says:

    Sin doesn’t work…it is an illusion of power. Women only think it is powerful because it is an illusion on the outside.

    Betas are dumb in that they take a lie of trying to not act like a man and lez themselves out. Emasculating yourself so that you neither have the illusion of power or have anything internally is dumb.

    The truth is what works.

  4. deti says:

    “And Leif just keeps on trying, bless his poor, clueless beta heart”

    Here’s what Leif tweeted on January 19:

    “I am happy to be seen a fool in the eyes of the world for continuing to show love to my wife.”

    The Leif and Jenny Erikson story continues as a tragic slow motion trainwreck.

    Someone needs to tell Leif to face facts. His ex wife is never coming back. In fact she said this in her last Stir column. She’s not coming back, not now, not ever. His marriage is not only over, it never started.

    • And, the root of the tragedy is that he can’t see that it’s his own puppy dog behavior that’s guaranteeing her staying away.
      If got a haircut, got some sunglasses, got a tattoo, and started hanging out with some new babes?
      She’d be RUSHING back to him.

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