My Favorite Manosphere Post This Week 1.24.2014

Posted: January 24, 2014 in Favorite Post, Hypergamy, Life, Women
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Unicorn-Dimensions-unicorns-17788267-1024-768Right here:

Now obviously that post was not written this week, but I just found it. And it is so spot on it needs to be set to music. Some of my favorite quotes:

Most women deserve to be old and alone because since they’ve been given all the freedoms in the world to do whatever they like, they’ve not used that power to become people who are remotely desirable, likeable or respectable to men as a collective (without holding them at politically correct gunpoint) or even themselves. 

 Most women are great to childrenit’s a damn shame they can’t treat men with that same love and sacrifice – with the exception of unicorns, which most of you think you have met, but haven’t.

The skeptical and new initiates who can’t see this and question it’s truth are not deep enough down the rabbit hole, you’ve still got a long way to go – a lot of you think you can use red pill philosophy to make yourself desirable to a woman and then go fuckoff to your masturbatory Disney fantasy “…and they lived happily ever after” because now you have the magical instructions to create attraction. Bullshit. That is nothing but you still being ignorantstill being unable to accept that women are unilaterally: self-obsessed, selfish, solipsistic users.

Women only team up with you on the conditions that you’re better than them and that they can use your betterment to better themselves, as soon as you’re worse than them, they’re dumping your ass. It’s a battle. She’d use your corpse to save her own neck because she thinks she’s more important than you are. That’s reality.

Go read the whole thing. If what’s stated in that post isn’t enough to make you wake up, then, you deserve those lifetime alimony payments.wake-up

  1. Marlon says:

    “That is nothing but you still being ignorant, still being unable to accept that women are unilaterally: self-obsessed, selfish, solipsistic users.”

    I looked at a thread you mentioned at SSM about some fellow marrying some “past it chick”, and the celebration of the women and the lamentation of the men, and I wondered,

    Are men able to understand that statement in quotes from illimitable men?
    Why do grown men post heavily on blogs like SSM, yet run from blogs like this one, Rob Fedders’ NO MA’AM etc?
    Men are too feminine; we are not yet masculine enough.
    We give in to “male mother need’ as Barbarosssa puts it.
    They argue with Mummy SSM, Aunt Elspeth etc. Please love us? Tell us the secret? Please!!!!


    One does not argue with women. Either you are cooperating with them or have power over them.
    Why the endless whiny responses…from men?

    It will take another 40 years or so for men with enough balls to rise up who will treat these women as they should be treated. Too many weaklings.
    Rob Fedders was right. Women run the manosphere.

    • This is what I’ve discovered too, but the thing is….one of the weaknesses that men have?
      Is….hope. Hope that maybe, MAYBE……….*this* one will be different.

      It’s the Last Stand of the Blue Pill in every man.

      And I don’t argue with them, nor ask for any “secrets;” I already know the secret, and I don’t give a damn what they think.

      • lgrobins says:

        “Hope that maybe, MAYBE……….*this* one will be different.”
        Like Obama. Some man should make a poster of the quintessential manosphere woman with HOPE written across. Just like the famous Obama poster.

    • lgrobins says:

      “Men are too feminine; we are not yet masculine enough.”

      This is clear otherwise there wouldn’t be this regression in the manosphere of pussy worshiping. Its like the Snow Queen from Narnia offering turkish delights and the men can’t resist just one more, on more woman with “hope”.

      The “pussy pass” meme use to be widely employed and talked about and now hardly ever. It use to be if a woman wanted to be part of the sphere she had to check that pass at the door and get over her self. Not so much these days, rather its men handing them out as candy with VIP (very important pussy) status to boot

      If men aren’t careful, soon women will be femDOMing the whole manosphere.

  2. Marlon says:

    Then our hope is in the wrong place.
    Christian! Put it in Christ.
    Non-Christian! Put it in…something…not women.

    We need to grow UP.
    A woman behaves in accord with the authority over her. That’s it.
    If she grew up in a properly fathered home, and quickly finds a good strong man, then she is good.
    If not, we have what we have now.

  3. george says:

    i´ll put it bluntly, you never surrender your power(balls) to a woman , any woman. If she´s bad and you care about her to displince her you beat the shit out of her or else you leave her. If she´s good you give her the pleasure of a good f*ck.

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