More Red Pill Memes

Posted: January 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

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  1. galden says:

    Asian Unicorn.
    Does not exsit!!! Married a Philippino girl last year who had nonthing. Her and 5 sisters, mother and father had little food. 4 sisters had babies. She wanted a better life, and a good husband. I learned the hard way a US wife was a trip to hell. I so wish i had learned about the red pill 5 years ago.
    Any how, last year she wanted to go back home for visit, And when there spent way to much monie. Seems what she wanted was to show her friends she was a rich Philippino. WOMAN WANTS #1. Prestige. At my home she is very unhappy. She has no Prestige here. This is very important for Philippino women, Why they dont like other filipinos unless they have more then them. Now she lives in my other bedroom, spends all day on Facebook and chatting with sisters, and friends on viber. She does cook some, and cleans, but talks to her husband very little, mostly telling me how much she hates the US. They think the gov. gives us monie. That jobs are easy to get. And when your 16 the Gov gives you a ATM card. Monie is easy in the US. exc…
    I am glad i did find the red pill now though, other wise i would of tried to do what ever i could to make this work. Now however, Her Temp resident card will expire in 6 months. As things are now, i will not petition for her permanent resident card. She will go home and i will become MGTOW.

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