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katarina-kroslakova-49687Here is the original article:

Quit Hitting on Me and Help Me Out

In it, we see Katarina Kroslakova expressing her frustrations at the various male “peacocks” she finds on the 6am flights that are a regular part of her work schedule. And how their constant attempts at picking her up are both simultaneously esteem boosting and pathetic. She then goes on to describe her fascination with the apparent obituary reading over Chivalry:

Has anyone ever helped pop my bag up into the overhead compartment? Nope. Have I seen any other woman helped? Nope. This week, an engineer in his 50s just stood there in the aisle, his hands clasped, as I played Olympic weight-lifting with my suitcase right in front of him. Just stood there, looking intently at the sticky carpet. Probably afraid to chip a nail or something. Has the women’s liberation movement really scared the bejesus out of men this much? When did it become chivalrous to steadfastly look away and not bother to help? If a 6am flight is anything to go by, you’d think the concept of a gentleman was well and truly dead. I promise you, I won’t get angry or defensive or give you attitude, I’ll in fact be super-grateful and flash you an extra-big smile despite the lack of sleep. Which brings me to the final dismount. Even before the seatbelt sign goes off, the jackets get put on, the suitcases get territorially placed in the aisle, and the competitive rush to get off that plane begins. Of course, I’m left to struggle with my own bag. It’s not that I expect help, it’s just the harshness of it all I find a bit surprising. Unless your carry-on luggage contains an esky full of kidneys, I actually don’t think your meeting is more important than mine. And yet, I’m fascinated by this morning microcosm of high society.

My favorite Manosphere responses have been from Dalrock:

chivalry_is_dead_by_joeynwhite-d5wikwx“Articles like the above are interesting not because the author is so stuck in her own head she can’t see how absurd her childish demands are, but that her editor didn’t see the problem either.  It is also worth noting that Ms. Kroslakova’s problem isn’t that men are afraid of being useful to her, or even that this is a movement designed to teach women a lesson.  Her problem is that this is the entirely foreseeable cultural change feminists like her have been championing.”

And from Vox:

“Chivalry is dead, ladies. You killed it. It’s dead. You can vote and you can work and you can divorce now,  so shut the hell up and stop expecting men to protect you, provide for you, or even bothering to lift a finger for you. You wanted “equality” and you got it. As Instapundit correctly noted: ‘Chivalry was a system, which imposed behavioral obligations on women as well as on men. Women were happy to cast their obligations off, yet seem perennially surprised that men haven’t stayed exactly the same.‘ Ray Rice is the perfect image of equality in action. Based on the police summons of both the Baltimore running back and his fiance, his fiance hit him and Rice promptly hit her right back.

Is that what feminists wanted? Because that’s what they got, and they damn well deserve it too. Ideologies have consequences.

…be sure to read the comments as well. I co-sign almost every comment on Vox’s post.

My take on it is this:

make_me_sandwich2As I explained in more detail here, men will always respond to lines, rules, boundaries, honor, codes, and fair competition, and we desire more than anything else to understand the rules of the game that we’re playing. Well, here’s the answer. This is the situation that modern Feminism has created:

I am female. Whether girl or woman, chronologically or psychologically immature and undeveloped, or well into maturity, broken, damaged or whole, I deserve respect because of what I am….not because of what I do or do not do. I am your equal in every way, except when it comes to taking responsibility for my life, as I reserve the right of Universal Victim Status, to be invoked at any time. I have the right to use every natural, legal, and social advantage that I have to make my life better, especially at your expense, but males cannot use any of theirs, because anything that benefits a man is by definition oppression against women and misogynistic. I have identified Patriarchy as the source of all ills in my life, and since men are the problem, my solution is….to become more like them. I therefore will eschew all natural and social expectations of femininity and embrace aggressiveness, poor manners, questionable hygiene, butch haircuts, course language, and the freedom to have as many sexual encounters as I like, because men get to do it. And any opinion of my sexual choices, and any consequences thereof, shall be shouted down with a rousing chorus of the Female National Anthem, Don’t Judge Me. Finally all available resources belong to me by birthright, therefore the Federal, State, and Local Governments shall create extensive programs to help me succeed in life, to be funded primarily by male tax dollars, regardless of my own choices in the matter, and any man that accepts the legal status of husband relinquishes all rights to any resources in the marriage to me, in perpetuity, and yet I may always adopt the title of StrongIndependentWomanTM.

girlpower2Did you catch all that? Let me chart it out for you:




 TRAITS Advantage
Physical Strength Weaker, can use Stronger, cannot use Women
Verbal Strength Stronger, can use Weaker, cannot use Women
Sexual Strength Stronger, can use Weaker, cannot use Women
Economic Strength Equal to greater, can use Equal to weaker, cannot use Women
Social Strength Stronger, can use Weaker, can use only if Game Women
Legal Strength Stronger, can use Almost nonexistent, cannot use Women
Parent Strength Stronger, can use Almost nonexistent, cannot use Women
Marital/Divorce Stronger, can use Almost nonexistent, cannot use Women

Can you see it? This is the new Feministic definition of “equality.” And yet you’ve got a pretentious Wall Creeping privileged Femiphyte like Katarina Kroslakova, complaining about CHIVALRY, while clearly taking full advantage of this new Gender Reality system by retaining her “maiden” name(a long outdated term) 794061-michael-smith-and-katarina-kroslakovawhile enjoying her husband’s resources, and yet still complaining about married life:

Needless to say, I didn’t change my name to Katarina, um, Smith. Then, less than three months after our wedding, Michael went away to film a documentary. In Mogadishu, Somalia. With no communication options. The day he flew out, my car got flooded and written off. Problems piled up. 

I doubt there is a chapter called “Dealing with Disruptive Events” in the Marriage for Dummies book. There should be, as that cozy little bubble bursts pretty quickly. Even within the first year of marriage, the age-old saying of what first attracts you later drives you mad will ring true. Six years ago I loved Michael’s vocabulary. As a journalist, I found that very attractive. He’s “Mr Big” in my phone, as a Sex and the City reference to his command of the English language. Now, if he gratuitously shoves an avoidable big word into a conversation, I simply raise a single eyebrow. Six years ago I loved our constantly exciting life of launches, lunches, dinners, dates, functions, flights. Now, I crave cheap Thai takeaway and a Bridesmaids DVD. But what marriage does is transform your relationship from that intense, mad whirlwind into your lovely, unique version of what romance and partnership is. 

This year for Valentine’s Day, we ate takeaway fish and chips in the park across the street. Just him and me, perched on the pavement, greasy paper on our good clothes, sticky slippery fingers holding on to plastic cups of white wine. For this week’s first – paper – anniversary, I was given Tom Ford stilettos and Michael a bottle of Grange. Wrapped up in paper, sure. I’m only a baby in marriage years, but I’ve learnt a lot. When I read about Hollywood stars describing how hard they worked on their marriage, I thought, “You’re so full of it”. Now I find myself on the same bandwagon. So, do I have any marriage secrets? Don’t play guessing games – help the dude out and say what you want. Subtlety is overrated. Don’t pick his clothes up off the floor. He will run out of clean underwear eventually and find the laundry basket. Get a regular cleaner. It’s the best $50 you’ll ever spend. Buy a cookbook with dishes that are full of flavour and simple to prepare. Nigella Lawson has made me seem like a culinary genius. Say thank you a lot, and say you’re proud of each other’s achievements. Pick up each other from the airport. Get a strong support network. A quick whinge to your mum or girlfriend can be most soothing: “I know, men are such total bastards!” Do I have any advice for men? Pick up your crap off the floor, buy flowers and tell your missus she looks beautiful every single day.

Chivalry is not only deservedly dead, but the day is coming when enough men will finally see that a reckoning is long overdue.



Red Pill EndGame

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Old manJust musing on my own answer to this question….as a man, how do you want to end up?

Let’s assume a life span of 80 years. When you come to the end of your days, do you:

-Want to have lots of kids, either by one wife, or many wives and/or baby mommas?

-Want to have a high N count, and be proud as  you die that you nailed a lot of women?

-Want to have a natural heir to pass your worldly goods on to?Old_Man_(Imagicity_854)

-Want to pass knowing that no woman will directly inherit your estate(because some of your estate tax will end up going to women eventually)?

-Want to still be pulling 25 year old Sugar Babies and popping Viagra like candy?

26266439-Want to have a traditional ending, where you’ve spent 50+ years with one woman, and you both die within days of each other, because you  don’t want to live without your lifelong partner?

oldman (1)As we spend our lives mastering whatever level of Game we aspire to, recognizing that sluts are not wives, and that wives and children are resource drainers with no guarantee of positive ROI, where does it all end? As we realize that women must be controlled at all times, under all situations lest the destroy everything that men have built, is that the ultimate point of learning Game? sugar_daddyTo be a woman tamer? Is our job only to enjoy the spoils of our increased knowledge and to unplug other men that are willing to learn? Let me know in the comments and in the poll.

bsr005I still see the continuance of the raging, now seemingly endless debate over whether or not Game of any kind, on any level, is acceptable for Christian men in their relationships. (You know how I feel about those that pretend that there’s a difference between Christian and non-Christian women.)

We can settle this issue once and for all.

If you’re a natural Alpha, Game is natural to you(focusing on your mission and not your woman, being aloof, not talking too much, etc.) so “just being yourself” is still Gaming. If you’re not a natural Alpha, but you learned the 16 Commandments then you have changed yourself and your behavior. So we’re defining Game as the application of Red Pill principles, whether innate or learned, from the acknowledgement of Female Solipsism, Hypergamy, Fitness Tests, SMV & MMV, The Wall, and Herd Mentality and men responding accordingly. So:

All men, Christian, non-Christian, Negro, Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic, young or old, that have maintained healthy LTR with their girlfriends or wives, that haven’t used some form of Game, please speak up.Listening-Ear


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Red_pill_wikipediaSometimes I get the distinct impression that men miss the inherent good news found in Red Pill ingestion.

It means that from now on, for the rest of your life, you must maintain frame with every woman(including family members) that you encounter, by meditating on and emotionally accepting this simple truth: you are worth more than her.better-than-women

When I see men in any stage of Red Pill shock, I strive to remind them of this. It’s what shedding your Beta colored skin is all about. And for those that keep insisting that realizing a man’s higher worth is “Dirty Game,” might I remind you of two things:

1) Maintaining higher SMV is the only thing that will make your wife enthusiastically shed ’em and spread ’em during the course of your marriage.

2) It’s true.

Women: 15 years and then Hello Wall. No honor. No code. Unlimited unapologetic hypergamy. She must be kept in check to protect her from herself. They hate working with each other. She can never be satisfied even with the most perfect of men. And every word out of her mouth is a lie.

Men: Builders of civilization. Loyal until death. Workers without complaint. First Responders. Military leaders. Holders of all things logical, and Headship over any family they sire.

Argue with me all you want to. Say I’m out of balance all you want to. How many stories of men losing frame and then losing their wives do we have to read? How many stories of men being enraged to discover that their wives did things with previous boyfriends that she won’t even consider doing with her husband? The man whose name she’s taken, whose children she bore, and whose legal & financial rights she has possessed? ARE MEN JUST CRAZY?

How in the WORLD did men get such low self-esteem? Or ever believe that the four inches of fur between her legs was worth HALF YOUR INCOME AND YOUR HOUSE?

You know you've failed when Jesus has to facepalm.

You know you’ve failed when Jesus has to facepalm.

Financial StruggleThis article was written last month, but I just discovered it through Red Pill Reddit. It is pure gold:

Favorite paragraphs:

But 18 years later, when I divorced my husband, I had a successful writing career and some money in the bank. He got to take half of it. But it isn’t even the fact that I had to give him half that I find so egregious. It’s the alimony he demanded I pay him on top of it that makes me very, very angry—like scream-really-loud, get-drunk, and eat-gratuitous-carbohydrates angry. On the first day of every month, I have to write him a mother^#%*ing check for six thousand dollars. I’ve been doing this for two and a half years. I’ve got five more left.

How did this happen? Because California divorce laws are antiquated and ridiculous and favor the less successful spouse. You’re probably thinking that he must have been raising our children, while I was acting as the breadwinner. Nope. We don’t have any. The state of California says that I’m supposed to keep him at the standard of living he got used to during our marriage, even though he’s no longer my husband. So despite the fact that he has a master’s degree and more marketable job skills than I do, I’ve had to give up my quality of life in order to maintain his. I can now no longer afford such luxuries as cable TV and haircuts.

I mean, it just doesn’t get any better than this. A perfect example of why the Feministic claim of wanting “equality” is complete and utter crap, because the second equality is actually applied, a woman is screaming bloody murder. Understand this: women do not want equality. Women want all the privileges of being a woman, and all the privileges of being a man, and none of the responsibilities of either.

Here’s the SubReddit I got the above link from:

Women don’t understand that Marriage 2.0 is just legal prostitution until they’re on the losing end of the deal. But unlike prostitution, there is actually no expectation of services; a spouse doesn’t have to do anything inside of a marriage, and an ex-spouse doesn’t have to do anything but collect a check. Strangely acceptable to women as long as they’re the ones collecting the checks.0519_alimony

Never Listen to Women

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whys-guy-0712-mdnIf, as a man, you ever want to test where you are on the transition scale from Blue Pill Bondage to Red Pill Awareness? This is a great litmus stick for you. Because as a man, you shouldn’t be listening to women. If you don’t already know that, or don’t understand why, you’re definitely still downing Blue Pills. Now of course I don’t mean if she’s stating objectively verified information or anything fact based. Nor do I mean if she’s talking to other women about womanly things. I mean about you and her. You shouldn’t be listening to a woman because:

1) Nothing she says actually concerns you.seven_reasons_men_dont_listen_women

Women speak in code; they definitely have their own language; but it’s all “Me” based. There’s nothing that ever comes out of a woman’s mouth that is actually relevant to your life as a man; everything she says, no matter how it’s constructed, well have her own interests at the heart of it.

2) The only thing she knows how to aim at you are sh*t tests.

Lots of men don’t get that when women ask you for any kind of information? She’s never actually asking for that actual information. She’s just throwing something out to see how you will react. When she starts a fight? All she cares about during the fight is your reaction…and that’s all she’ll talk about for years after the fight is over. Your reaction. And then, see my first point, because she’ll turn that reaction into “what does this mean for Me?” Even your own mother and sisters didn’t tell you the truth, but taught you crap; you had to learn the truth the hard way, or from other Red Pill men.

signals-hes-not-listening-400a0206073) She doesn’t know what she wants.

I really shouldn’t have to go over the “I just want a nice guy that treats me well” trope and how she will run screaming from a nice guy that treats her well, to be sure to give her virginity and many babies to Charles Manson.

4) If you give her everything she says, she’ll hate you for it.

The more you acquiesce and supplicate, the more you bend to her every verbal whim, the more she will hate you, lose respect for you, and have no desire to have sex with you whatsoever. How many men are sitting on the highway of life, holding their now broke heads in their now broke hands, because they did everything she wanted and then caught her banging somebody else?

5) No matter what her state or the outcome of her decisions, she’s going to blame you.

MENHowever the relationship turns out, she’s going to blame you. If she gets fat? It’s your fault, because it happened having your babies. Money problems? It’s your fault, for not making enough. Loss of attraction? It’s your fault for not being man enough to sustain her interest and arousal indefinitely.

And have you ever asked a woman that’s single, that doesn’t want to be single, why she’s single?u8_MEN-HATE-WOMEN-001

-Because guys are jerks. -Because men are afraid of commitment. -Because men are little boys that need to grow up. -Because ain’t no good men out there any more. -Because men can’t handle a strong and independent woman.

Never anything she’s done. Never any way she needs to grow. It’s always you.

6) Because her God Complex always means more work for you.

Women reveal their innate God Complexes with a very particular sh*t test tactic called, “If you were a real man.” This is expertly designed to strike at the heart of your ego, vulnerability and energy center to move you to action. Women, however, are not God, and did not design men. So how exactly would they know what a real one is or is not? Whenever she prefaces any verbal interaction with this phrase, have you noticed that the outcome is always more work for you and not for her? That, to quell her burning barb, you have to act and take on more responsibility and produce more resources? Signing you up to work harder and give her more while she sits back and smiles and thinks she’s smarter than you is her specialty.

Talk to the hand7) Because if you don’t have resources she can plunder, she won’t even speak to you.

Have you discovered yet, that without the proper status and resources, women don’t even deign you worthy of their words? That’s right, gentlemen; if you don’t have the right job and/or financial portfolio, she has no time to talk to you. But what most men miss is what that actually means: it means that she only spends her words on men that she anticipates getting resources from. If she’s talking to you, every syllable is part of a ploy to get something from you. Or else she wouldn’t be there.

After reading this, I want you to spend time reevaluating your conversations with women. As a man, you should be spending your mental energy on developing your Game skills; your leadership skills. You should be worrying about what you’re going to say, and how you’re going to be the head in any situation. Don’t waste one more hour of your precious life stewing or chewing on what a woman has said to you.

Adam listened to his woman and wrecked the whole world.adam_and_eve

Update 2.4.2014

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Hey all;

I’ve been dealing with some family issues, I have a sick close relative; I’ll be back with some new posts soon.