Posted: February 17, 2014 in Life, Men
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Red_pill_wikipediaSometimes I get the distinct impression that men miss the inherent good news found in Red Pill ingestion.

It means that from now on, for the rest of your life, you must maintain frame with every woman(including family members) that you encounter, by meditating on and emotionally accepting this simple truth: you are worth more than her.better-than-women

When I see men in any stage of Red Pill shock, I strive to remind them of this. It’s what shedding your Beta colored skin is all about. And for those that keep insisting that realizing a man’s higher worth is “Dirty Game,” might I remind you of two things:

1) Maintaining higher SMV is the only thing that will make your wife enthusiastically shed ’em and spread ’em during the course of your marriage.

2) It’s true.

Women: 15 years and then Hello Wall. No honor. No code. Unlimited unapologetic hypergamy. She must be kept in check to protect her from herself. They hate working with each other. She can never be satisfied even with the most perfect of men. And every word out of her mouth is a lie.

Men: Builders of civilization. Loyal until death. Workers without complaint. First Responders. Military leaders. Holders of all things logical, and Headship over any family they sire.

Argue with me all you want to. Say I’m out of balance all you want to. How many stories of men losing frame and then losing their wives do we have to read? How many stories of men being enraged to discover that their wives did things with previous boyfriends that she won’t even consider doing with her husband? The man whose name she’s taken, whose children she bore, and whose legal & financial rights she has possessed? ARE MEN JUST CRAZY?

How in the WORLD did men get such low self-esteem? Or ever believe that the four inches of fur between her legs was worth HALF YOUR INCOME AND YOUR HOUSE?

You know you've failed when Jesus has to facepalm.

You know you’ve failed when Jesus has to facepalm.

  1. Acksiom says:

    >How in the WORLD did men get such low self-esteem?

    Social training from childhood. Remember, they literally harvest our sexual flesh at birth just to make cosmetics out of it and test baldness cures with it. Circumcising our minds and spirits is just the software they run on top of that mutilatory hard-wiring.

    They restrict what positive emotional and other inputs we’re allowed from other human beings so that we’ll work harder and sacrifice more for the few left. The only place we’re really allowed unconditional love and acceptance is from our children, and that’s how they finally get most of us.

    >Or ever believe that the four inches of fur between her legs was worth HALF YOUR INCOME AND YOUR HOUSE?

    Well, no. What happens is that we know, from growing up, that what’s worth it is the love and approval and affection from the little people that come out from between her legs. Because we know hers is at best a pretty lie.

    The only people allowed to approve of adult men any more are their own children.

    And that’s how. The why of it? That’s because it makes us easier to exploit for less cost.

  2. valor says:

    a very very hard pill to ingest indeed. not a day goes by when i don’t revert back to bitter feelings. i’ve always been a sensitive man, always, and no amount emotional numbing or truth and logic will change my feelings over a betrayal of such massive caliber. the difference now is that i’ve woken up and stopped seeing other men as enemies and women as some faultless holy diety. i’ve realized that i must surround myself with fellow brothers in arms as they are the only ones who understand, appreciate and respect my struggles as a man bred in this degenerate society. someday i will fully accept all of these truths, and i will be complete as a true man as i was born to be.

    my message to any fellow man who reads this: i love you, dear brother, and i respect you. you’ve gone through hell, as have i. let us walk this path together, for a better future.

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