Posted: September 8, 2014 in Marriage, Men, Wife, Women

wedSo I was inspired by this post to ask this question:

What are the wife options for a contemporary man interested in marriage?

1. Finding a Virgin

Pretty much unless you can cozy up to a family like The Duggars, you don’t really have a high probability of finding a woman that’s kept herself pure. There were some interesting comments over at Dalrock’s after I asked a question about whether most virgins were 1-3s in terms of SMV or 7-10s. The general pushback was, that I shouldn’t assume that there weren’t any people out there committed to pre-marital chastity, and that somehow my perception had been warped by my life experiences. Also, that I didn’t have enough data to back up my assertion that the vast majority of women will give up their purity if the right man is asking.

certificate-of-virginitySo, are there organizations that say, “Virgins found in here, y’all?” If you are not around or affiliated with a social or organized church group, then, is there a Chastity GPS app I don’t know about?

2. Low N Count Women

It’s generally assumed that low N Count is better, but it only takes one Alpha Cad to ruin a woman for life. There are articles floating around out there that still suggest that having multiple sex partners takes a greater toll on women than it does on men, even though there can be pronounced effects on both genders. So I ask, if you’re a man considering marriage, is low N count acceptable to you? And how low? Single digits? What’s the cutoff number for acceptability?

3. Carousel Riders

Much has been said in the Manosphere about this topic, but the fact remains, women prefer bad boys:

So you need to realize, that barring unusual circumstances, any woman that you meet over the age of 13 is going to be excited about the carousel, and won’t be worrying about marriage until she feels The Wall approaching. That means for a man that hasn’t learned Game, ex loversor is not a natural or self-developed Alpha, your wife prospects are primarily going to consist of ex-carousel riders. Remember, that in today’s environment, women no longer understand why being an ex-carousel rider looking for a husband would be a problem.

4. Single Mothers

You have no way of knowing, ever, if a woman is telling the truth about the number of men she’s been with. When there’s a child involved, however, you have living evidence of how you will never have a relationship just with her. It will always be with the child, and the child’s father, regardless of where or who he is. Judgy Bitch deals with this topic better than anyone I’ve seen yet.

So I’m still trying to ascertain how, given today’s climate, a man that is interested in marriage should approach finding a suitable wife.confused-man1

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