My Favorite Manosphere Post This Week 9.16.14

Posted: September 16, 2014 in Favorite Post, Feminism, Hypergamy, Life, Men, Women
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Not a blog this time for my favorite, but a video. Manospherians are quite familiar with The Sandman. I know this was released at the end of August, but I still wanted to feature it now, because it’s so powerful. Also because #WomenAgainstFeminism is still a thing. This video really speaks for itself: Also check it out on Sandman’s MGTOW site here. I really vibe with this sentiment, as I personally tend to have a long memory. I really hope that men never forget that women’s hypergamous strategy has been laid bare by Feminism, and you will never get her best.

So why should you give her yours?

  1. lgrobins says:

    YUP, excellent, will probably reblog that this week. Its what I have been saying about the Red Pill Women. With the tumblr, the women there think they can hold up a sign saying why they are against feminism and presto their sins are absolved.

  2. Thanks for posting this. I am blown away by the number of Canadians I have come across in the Manosphere and this gentleman just described so many valuable points. Not going to lie – I may have fallen into this trap.

    • It’s easy to do, which is why I posted this, as a reminder to all of us RedPillers. Always maintain frame. Your life literally depends on that.

      If not, good luck marrying leftovers and raising another man’s children, because that’s what will happen if you get sucked in to believing that a woman’s hypergamous nature has changed just because she says it has.

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