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Female Trolling 101. So since she promptly deleted my comment on this video from her YouTube channel, I had to make this post about it. She is a classic example of someone that is pretending to have taken the Pink Pill. Here’s what I said in her comments:

1) Women have burned up any good will they may once have enjoyed with men. After decades of divorce rape, property and income possession, control of the children, aborting your child without you having a say, becoming pregnant by another man while married to you and still making you pay for the child, not bonding with you because she slept with so many men prior to marriage she can no longer bond, and creating the legal and social climate of #MeToo which says clearly that you are guilty just because you’re a man, men are done. It’s not just official MGTOW men either, it’s men in general. Any good will, any benefit of the doubt, any leeway that women may have once had with males is over. But because women cannot process the choice-consequence relationship, females like this Georgia Free can’t understand that.

2) In this video she states that “traditional values women” have been made to “feel undervalued” and that the “roles of wife and mother” have been “looked down upon.” Uh huh. I’ve got just one question: by whom?

Oh, that’s right, BY OTHER WOMEN.

It was not men that insisted that women go on the pill. It was not men who insisted that women burn their bras. It was not men that insisted that women join the workforce. It was not men who insisted on everything being coed. It was not men who insisted that there must be more females in college than males. Every single act of tearing down the roles of wife, mother, and keeper at home, which women are designed for, was torn down by women themselves. So now, as per usual, they want men to come in and clean up the mess that they made.

3) Women always switch sides to wherever they think the resources are. Georgia Free, and quite a few other females, who claim to be “fleeing Feminism,” are now offering the following deal:

Let us keep all of the benefits that Feminism gave us (voting rights, birth control, control of the children, the ability to divorce rape, child support, alimony, trying a man without due process, lesser sentencing for the same crimes, access to health care and education on the taxpayer’s dime, and claiming independence while signing a man’s name every time we sign our checks), but now we want you men to pay for everything again, because we’ve realized how expensive living is, a la student loans and mortgages.


As I said in her comments, I will say again: DO. NOT. BE. FOOLED. Women are not interested in become traditional wives and mothers again. They are interested in figuring out a way to manipulate men back into paying for them as if they were traditional wives and mothers. They are still sluts and whores that will burn up their teens and twenties slutting and whoring, and try to get married between 29-34 before the wall hits. They still want to keep all of their Feminism based rights and privileges. There still will be no guarantees for you as a man under Marriage 3.0 except her debts.



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If you’re new to the Manosphere, and new to the Red Pill, there’s some basic stuff that you need to hear. We can’t cover it all at once, but we can give principles, and pieces of it, one at a time.

If you’ve ever listed to women talk, you know full well that they don’t live out here in the real world where men do. There are multiple reasons for that, and here are a few:

Women cannot be Objective

Get that in your head, men. Women are not creatures of objectivity. They don’t look at something and see it for what it is. They look at something and see how they feel about it, then that’s what they think it is. And that is always the perspective that they are talking from. How they feel about something, not what the facts and the actual state or condition of that thing is, including themselves. It’s why mothers think that their non-talented children are so talented, why they think that a child placing dead last in a footrace somehow deserves a trophy, and why the fat chicks or the ugly chicks think that they’re just as pretty as the in shape women or the Victoria’s Secret supermodels.

They’re not. But if a woman feels like she is, then she thinks it’s true.

Women are looking at a Self-Made Movie

This has been talked about multiple times, but women are solipsistic. What that means in simple terms is that they think only they, and the movie that’s playing in their heads is real. That movie is written by them, produced by them, and it’s starring them. And all of the stuff they work out in their heads they think is then the right picture. So then they set about manipulating the people around them to try and conform to that movie that’s playing in their heads.

It’s why the first words out of woman’s mouth, when her plans fail are, “this isn’t how this was supposed to go.”

Women take no Responsibility

This is the big one. Females take absolutely not one drop of responsibility for their own behavior. When your mother pushes you out of her womb, God has given you charge of precisely one soul and one body. The females will NEVER own that. They will never accept that they are 100% responsible for their own choices. They will always take no responsibility and blame men.

Ask a 45-year-old man with five kids by five different women how he got there. What will he say? He’ll say “I should’ve covered my junk up.” Which is absolutely right. Or get a vasectomy.

Ask a 45-year-old woman with five kids by five different men how she got there, what will she say? She’ll say:

“Men are afraid of commitment”

“Men need to step up to the plate”

“Men are little boys who need to grow up”

“Guys are jerks”

“Men can’t handle a strong woman”

“Ain’t no more good men out there”

Not, “Maybe I should’ve kept my panties up.” Nor will she say, “Maybe I shouldn’t be opening my legs to men that aren’t my husband.”

Think about it men, when’s the last time you heard women say that? Never, that’s when.

Take Charge, Bro

I give you these principles, men, to save you some frustration. Because talking to a woman is a waste of time. She’s not operating from the same system that you are. You’re trying to approach with facts, logic, reason, and linear thinking.

She’s approaching with emotion, no logic, solipsism, and circular thinking.

Stop arguing with women. They don’t have mirrors. They will never face themselves.

You take charge and you tell her where things are going, and if she doesn’t like it, there are plenty more females out there.



American Woman

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Lenny Kravtiz prophesied the truth a long time ago.

So our friend Georgia is back with another video on why women like bad boys. None of the reasons listed are news to anyone in the Manosphere.

What I want to address for the men is: use the EXACT SAME ARGUMENT that this woman is using in the video when oldies, fatties, uglies, sluts and whores want to marry you.

A man’s testicles only get fired up over youth, beauty, and fertility; because they represent an opportunity to pass on our genes. And it’s supposed to come sealed with virginity, that’s a feature that God built into women. They’re supposed to be all yours if you are to wife them.

What man would argue against that truth? So when women present themselves to you as slutty, fat, used up, wrinkled, full of attitude, old, ugly, and disagreeable, yet they are asking for a lifetime contract, the proper response men, is to laugh right in their faces. I’ll say it again, women only have fifteen years to be any of what we want. Here is a Woman’s Timeline. Than that version of them that we want goes away and she’s never coming back.

And women have the NERVE to ask you for a lifetime contract, and lifetime payments, based on fifteen years. So men, no longer be afraid or ashamed or apologetic about your attraction to youth, beauty and fertility. Also, reinstate this standard: no hymen, no diamond. When all of that goes away, or when a woman has wasted and abused her husband-getting gifts, say the same thing women say: my testicles aren’t on fire for nice girls if they’re fat, used up, and old.


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I realize that I am giving her exactly what she wants by doing this, which is attention, but it’s just too good of an example to pass up.

I want you to watch a few of the videos of this entitled Gwyneth Paltrow wannabe who’s so afraid of the wall, she’s whining about it before she actually hits it. But at no point does she take responsibility for wasting her youth, beauty and fertility on her education and career.

She wasted her man getting gifts, and now her man getting years will soon be coming to a close and she can’t deal. She is one of the best examples of what I tell you all the time: women live in a movie that’s playing in their heads, they don’t live out here in the real world like men do.

A Woman’s Timeline

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After seeing this article at Boxer‘s it inspired me to make this post, because once again, as Boxer demonstrates, men have to speak up if truth is to be told.

Understand men, that women do not see with their eyes; they see with their feelings.

Understand men, that women do not believe what they see; they believe what they hear and feel.

THAT is why women who are obviously unattractive or way past their expiration date still think they’re beautiful. Because they either feel they are, or someone keeps telling them they are. But as men, we are hardwired by God to be able to handle truth. Women cannot.

Here is the actual progression for females:

18-29 – Prime years; youth, beauty, fertility at its highest; most male attention they will EVER get in LIFE; retain their pick of men, can get almost any man to sign a marriage contract. Can easily remarry if they want to, can easily have more kids if they want to.

30-34 – At the age of 30, women lose their pick of men. Almost without exception, this is a shock to them, because they have become intoxicated with the high amount of male attention that exists in the previous stage. As the scripture says, Favor is deceitful, and beauty is vain – Proverbs 31:30 (KJV). So God already told you that young women are deceived by the favor they receive, and their beauty goes to their heads….see why pretty young women are so full of themselves?

35-39 – At age 35, a woman’s fertility takes a HUGE nosedive. Read the article from the link to understand all the problems women have trying to conceive after the age of 35.

40-44 – At age 40, women lose their wife goggles. Women don’t know why they get wife goggles in the first place. Here’s why: when a man falls in love with a woman in her prime, aged 18-30 years old, and gets to make love to that version of her, his heart takes a picture of it. So powerful is youth, beauty, and fertility in attracting males until if you get her while she’s young, a man’s heart will superimpose that picture on her when he looks at her. Even after she’s no longer actually that version of herself.

It’s one of the few instances of men seeing with their feelings. But the COST of wife goggles is her youth, beauty and fertility while she still has it. A man has to fall in love with the PRIME version of her. That’s why women are supposed to get married when they’re young. So their husbands will keep looking at them in that way, like she’s still the PRIME version of herself, even when she’s old and wrinkly and fat and saggy and can’t make babies any more.

Which is why, if women are just now coming to the marriage table at the age of 40, with their best years already behind them, wife goggles are gone. No man is ever going to look at her with that look except thirsty beta boys and needy men who are starving for sex and female attention. P.S. Women can lose their wife googles sooner if they live too hard.

45-50 – Unless you are 1) extremely beautiful through nature and makeup AND 2) pitching yourself to hungry beta males, women become functionally invisible to top men by the age of 45. And that’s really still pushing it, I’m being generous, it can happen much sooner. Top men have harems, and no man with enough juice to have a harem has one full of 45+ year old women.

51-65 – Some women by this age have been disinterested in sex for 20+ years. It’s because 1) the low amount of testosterone they have in their bodies has been steadily depleting and 2) they don’t think the man they married is interesting enough, or high enough on the social scale to stay turned on.

For men, pretty much only pervs and desperate incels even entertain the thought of hooking up with middle aged women. Women marrying at this age normally have to marry men in the same age range who have no other options. Because no hetero male wants women this age. Remember that women think they’re settling for us, but as usual, they have it backwards. If you’re dating in this age range as a man, you’re settling for them. More money, confidence, power, and higher social status can get you back into prime range in a snap, where you really want to be. Nature is also done giving women babies in this age range. Not true for men, most of us still have a good 10-20+ years of baby making left, although it can decline sooner for us too. Just not this soon.

=Action Challenge=

Men. This week I want you to memorize the age ranges I’ve listed above. Then you’ll see the truth about females and why they act the way they do based on their age range. They cannot see this. Which is why they are turning their noses up at perfectly good men until they’re old and fat and nasty and no one wants them, then they whine about not being able to get a husband.


What Women Can’t Do

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Have you ever heard a female make the ridiculous statement that “a woman can do anything a man can do. Only better. And in heels!”

Yeah that’s a load of crap. I want all the men reading this to understand, you never have to listen to that crap again. Once you understand how women work you will see that they are just delusional.

Women cannot:

  • Take a punch like a man
  • Make as many babies per year as a man can sire
  • Make babies for as long as a man can
  • Start over at different stages of life
  • Shut up, do their job, and stop talking about how they feel
  • Shut up, raise their children, and stop expecting praise for being a mother
  • Think in straight lines
  • Think logically
  • Think objectively
  • Stand to hear the truth about themselves on any level
  • Look at life with macrovision or a long term lens
  • Understand that they reap exactly what they sow
  • Stop thinking that they should get the same benefits as men, even though they can’t do what we do
  • Understand that you can’t be an “equal” and a “victim” at the same time
  • Build, sustain, or defend a society, a city, or a military installation
  • Realize that they have to bring something to the Marriage Table
  • Understand that they are not the only ones that can dream
  • Take responsibility unless they are forced to
  • Understand that on a scale of 1-10 they are not all 10s
  • Respond to arguments with facts or logic, only with name calling, insults, and hysterics
  • Stop thinking about Trading Up or setting up the Plan B list
  • Legitimize a child with their own names; the father has to show up

….There’s more, but you get the point.

=Action Challenge=

All you Beta Boys that have low self-esteem and worship women, I challenge you to read the above list every day for a week.

And when you get through with that, read this post every day for one week.

You’ll thank me later.


Ephesians 5:22-24 (NKJV)

22 Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord.
For the husband is head of the wife, as also Christ is head of the church; and He is the Savior of the body.

Therefore, just as the church is subject to Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything.

That’s what the scripture says. But why does it say that?

If you begin to understand the basic differences between male and female thinking, you’ll understand why women have to submit.

Male Thinking

  • Factual
  • Logical
  • Linear
  • Objective

Female Thinking

  • Solipsistic & non-factual
  • Emotional
  • Circular & Self-Centered
  • Subjective

This is what I wish I could make every man living understand. She is not your equal. She is not your head, Christ is. You do not listen to her. You listen to Christ. And she is literally not capable of processing information the same way you do.

1) As a man when your brain is presented with information, you can at least process and analyze it factually. You can perceive it for what it is.

When women get information, women have a movie playing in their heads. That movie is written by them, produced by them, directed by them, and it’s starring them. Women are solipsistic, they believe that only that movie playing in their heads is real. They think that no matter what else is going on before their very eyes, what they think inside that brain is the only reality. This is why sometimes when you’re talking to women, they come out of NOWHERE with something that has no basis in reality. It doesn’t live anywhere but in their heads, but they swear it’s real. As a man, you know better.

2) As a man, when you get information, you can use logic to process it. You can stack facts and reach the bottom line, men are hardwired to do so. You also know, even if you don’t like it, that how you feel about it doesn’t change anything. Emotions don’t change facts.

When women get info, they process it according to how it makes them feel. Women do not see with their eyes, they see with their feelings. It’s why women have a greater tendency to struggle with anorexia, bulimia, and plastic surgery addition. Because when women look in a mirror, they don’t see what’s there; they see how they feel about themselves. It’s why fat chicks can lose so much weight they are skin and bones, and still think they’re fat. Because they feel fat. It’s also why fat chicks can walk around like they’re a size 2 and they’re a size 10. Because if someone told them enough that they were pretty and skinny, then they feel pretty and skinny, and they think it’s real. It’s why your wife can have a dream about you cheating, and wake up mad at you. She saw it in her head, she had emotions about it, now to her it’s real. And she needs you to say something different to counter how she feels.

3) As a man, you can think in a straight line. This is one of the greatest strengths we have as men. We can go from A to B in a straight line, and we can do it over and over again. We actually delight in doing so. You also know better as a man than to take everything personally. Everything is not about you.

Women? They think in circles. When something gets in their heads, it spins around and around. Her mind keeps it spinning, and you can see that reflected in the way women talk. They can talk about something over and over and over again, ad nauseum, and never reach a conclusion. Never reach a bottom line. Because it’s spinning circularly in her head.

A woman’s worldview is also completely self-centered. And when I say completely, I mean completely. Every thought in a woman’s head could be subtitled “About me.” If you want to understand what’s coming out of a woman’s mouth, just start or finish every sentence with “about me.” All of a sudden her thoughts and actions will make sense to you. It’s also why women have a LIMITLESS ability to make whatever’s happening be about them. You can make an offhanded comment, she’ll take it and spin it in her self-centered thinking and take it personally. That’s why as a man you eventually learn: you always have to watch what you say and do around her. Because she’s going to translate everything as if it’s about her.

4) As a man, you can be much more objective. Objectivity is a result of the first three traits, factual, logical and linear thinking. You can see something as apart from yourself, and you can see it for what it is. You can also evaluate it based on its own merits, and not how you feel about it. Not that we don’t have blind spots as men, because we do, but this kind of processing is still easier for us. It’s why you have to shut your mind off when a fat, unattractive chick is talking about how skinny and beautiful she is. Your man-mind immediately processes what is factually in front of you, and you have to lie as to not hurt her feelings.

Women? Everything for them is subjective. We talk about this all the time in the Manosphere as the Rationalization Hamster. (Check out some excellent articles here at Dalrock’s and The Rational Male to learn more about that.) A woman can twist anything in her mind to fit her narrative. A woman can justify any behavior after the fact. A woman says that she is not a slut because she has only slept with 100 men, N=100. Whereas her friends have all slept with 120+ men, N=120+, so she is therefore not a slut. Insert eye-roll here. Her constant subjective processing is a result of the first three: solipsism, emotional processing, through a circular & self-centered worldview.


Now there is so much more to everything listed above. I’m just scratching the surface with each topic. But when you get those basics down, you’ll begin to see why the Creator says that women are to submit. She literally cannot process the same way you can, and she’ll never see it the way you do. She will swear, suh-WEAR that what she’s seeing is right, and it will be based on how she feels. Why do you think that you constantly have to lie to get along with them?

“Does this make my butt look big?”

“I’m so fat. I look pregnant, don’t I?”

“No, everyone tells me I still look 25. I do, don’t I?”


So we already know their reaction to everything I’m saying. Without exception, the females will say:

“ALL women aren’t like that. I’m not like that. MEN DO IT TOO!”

which as men, we know proves our point. Because AWALT.


All you have to do to make her mad? Is tell her the factual, objective truth about anything.

Tell her as a man you love to spread your seed, and staying faithful to her is a daily fight that she’ll never fully understand. Well she’ll just lose her mind with THAT little tidbit of truth, won’t she? “No!” she’ll scream. “YOU’RE JUST SUPPOSED TO WANT ME!” There’s another example of everything I said above. In her head, she’s always the prettiest woman in the room. In her mind, there’s something special about her lady parts that’s somehow different, better, and above all the other girls. In her mind, your desire is only for her. And any evidence to the contrary will be met with hysterics, because it contradicts the movie playing in her head.


This is why she has to submit. Her perceptions are not even accurate. She’s designed to need headship. Which is Christ and you. She can’t process out here in the real world like we can. This is why feminized thinking ruins everything it touches. This also is another reason why we as men need to be in submission to Christ ourselves. We need to be sure we’re following the right path and plan as laid out by the Creator.

=Action Challenge=

This week, men, I want you to take a step back. I want you to count how many times you lie to your wife, or any woman, so as to not hurt her feelings. I want you to make an internal inventory of how many times a day, to deal with a woman, you have to shut your factual and objective process off. Watch how she manipulates you to draw you into her internal movie, and make you say what she wants to hear. Then you’ll understand how Feminists brainwash men, and you can see the results in the society American Feminism has given us. Ask yourselves men, do you want this to continue?

FemBrainwashing Part 1

Posted: September 18, 2018 in Feminism, Life, Men

The consequences of FemBrainwashing are widespread and severe. If men want any semblance of happiness in their lives to return, we’re going to have to root out FemBrainwashing and its effects. Here’s a principle to get us started:

There’s no such thing as “Fair.”

There is no fairness in this world. There is not now, nor has there even been, any pocket of reality where all creatures have all the same gifts, access, resources and privileges at the same time. It just does not exist. Eagles and vultures are both birds but they didn’t get the same gifts. Extrapolate that principle everywhere else in nature and you’ll see the truth. Here’s the next principle:

The only people that want “fairness” are people that have less than you.

This is the crux of why men listening to women is always their first mistake. A woman’s opening salvo is always based in the fact that she didn’t get all the gifts. As a creature of God endowed with all the powers of maleness, including rational, factual thinking, you are able to see why she needs to be shut down. There is no class of creature that God made that got ALL the gifts. Not one. Women are the dead last thing God made, and here they come whining about how “it’s not fair!” that they didn’t get all the gifts. They think they should’ve gotten all the benefits of being a woman, AND all the benefits of being a man. Wrong again.

So as men I’m going to challenge you to come back into your man mind, and stop allowing FemBrainwashing to have any reign in your cranium. You understand perfectly well that males got the gifts God gave us, and women got the gifts God gave them, which were plenteous by the way. This is how Feminism begins its wedge building into societal thought, with the completely false idea that somehow women have been slighted in life because they don’t have all the gifts.

So men? Start today by purging your mind. Do not allow your sons to EVER feel bad that they can do things that your daughters can’t. Shut that mess down before it begins. Replace all of their FemBrain crap with truth. You will instantly feel better.

I said all of this at Dalrock‘s, but I realized it needs a separate post of its own.


Males have taken a massive cultural hit to their self-esteem in America’s feminized, harpy, slut-shrieking whore primacy culture. So we need to start by re-educating men as to things that are male value based resources. Things that only men have, and things that only we can bring to the table:

  • Spiritual Leadership
  • Authority from God to bless and curse
  • Personal physical protection
  • Our last name/family name
  • Legitimization of wives and bastard children
  • Our income and resources
  • Property, assets
  • Seed for children
  • Logical, linear, objective thinking
  • Power to build anything on this planet that can be built
  • Military organization to keep enemies at bay

So let me start the ball rolling to tell all of the males reading this post:

With all that you have and can potentially bring to a five decade/beyond death relationship, you have no obligation to buy a multi-thousand dollar ring and white wedding dress for a 15 years running N+50 cum rag that’s been opening her legs to men since she was thirteen years old.


You also need to realize that you don’t have to chase women. They were created for you. All you have to do is self-improve. There is no place on Earth where male money and power is, that pretty young women aren’t.

Eve was created for Adam, and pulled out of him. Women were created for men and already set up to get the better end of the deal. They just walk into whatever we have by virtue of the marriage. Adam was already working, naming animals, and tending the Garden.
Eve didn’t have to do anything but wake up, get walked down the aisle, and inherit a planet.

So they need to present themselves to *us* with:

    • Hymen intact
    • Chaste conduct & conversation
    • Youth
    • Beauty
    • Fertility (which will all be gone in 15 years but she wants a lifetime commitment)
    • Ability to manage money & keep a home (not burn through money faster than you can make it)

So American men have unfortunately made Adam’s mistake: throwing out the Word of God that you know to be true, and listening instead to women.

=Action Challenge=

Look at the country that they have given you, after 100+ years of listening to them itch and moan about “fairness” and “equality” and “rights.” They’ve created a legal and social climate where they can do whatever they want, wait until 40 years of age, and then charge you full price.

Do you want 100+ more years of that, men?

Make a list of all the benefits you’re getting, or you think you’re getting from your marriage. Make it an honest list.