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More proof that Red Pill Truths are indeed accurate, Ravens running back Ray Rice is planning to address the media at 3 p.m. Friday for the first time since he was charged with knockingI give you exhibit 238392232nthX1239 to the umpteenth power, Janay Rice:

janay rice


Never Listen to Women

Posted: February 6, 2014 in Life, Men, Women
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whys-guy-0712-mdnIf, as a man, you ever want to test where you are on the transition scale from Blue Pill Bondage to Red Pill Awareness? This is a great litmus stick for you. Because as a man, you shouldn’t be listening to women. If you don’t already know that, or don’t understand why, you’re definitely still downing Blue Pills. Now of course I don’t mean if she’s stating objectively verified information or anything fact based. Nor do I mean if she’s talking to other women about womanly things. I mean about you and her. You shouldn’t be listening to a woman because:

1) Nothing she says actually concerns you.seven_reasons_men_dont_listen_women

Women speak in code; they definitely have their own language; but it’s all “Me” based. There’s nothing that ever comes out of a woman’s mouth that is actually relevant to your life as a man; everything she says, no matter how it’s constructed, well have her own interests at the heart of it.

2) The only thing she knows how to aim at you are sh*t tests.

Lots of men don’t get that when women ask you for any kind of information? She’s never actually asking for that actual information. She’s just throwing something out to see how you will react. When she starts a fight? All she cares about during the fight is your reaction…and that’s all she’ll talk about for years after the fight is over. Your reaction. And then, see my first point, because she’ll turn that reaction into “what does this mean for Me?” Even your own mother and sisters didn’t tell you the truth, but taught you crap; you had to learn the truth the hard way, or from other Red Pill men.

signals-hes-not-listening-400a0206073) She doesn’t know what she wants.

I really shouldn’t have to go over the “I just want a nice guy that treats me well” trope and how she will run screaming from a nice guy that treats her well, to be sure to give her virginity and many babies to Charles Manson.

4) If you give her everything she says, she’ll hate you for it.

The more you acquiesce and supplicate, the more you bend to her every verbal whim, the more she will hate you, lose respect for you, and have no desire to have sex with you whatsoever. How many men are sitting on the highway of life, holding their now broke heads in their now broke hands, because they did everything she wanted and then caught her banging somebody else?

5) No matter what her state or the outcome of her decisions, she’s going to blame you.

MENHowever the relationship turns out, she’s going to blame you. If she gets fat? It’s your fault, because it happened having your babies. Money problems? It’s your fault, for not making enough. Loss of attraction? It’s your fault for not being man enough to sustain her interest and arousal indefinitely.

And have you ever asked a woman that’s single, that doesn’t want to be single, why she’s single?u8_MEN-HATE-WOMEN-001

-Because guys are jerks. -Because men are afraid of commitment. -Because men are little boys that need to grow up. -Because ain’t no good men out there any more. -Because men can’t handle a strong and independent woman.

Never anything she’s done. Never any way she needs to grow. It’s always you.

6) Because her God Complex always means more work for you.

Women reveal their innate God Complexes with a very particular sh*t test tactic called, “If you were a real man.” This is expertly designed to strike at the heart of your ego, vulnerability and energy center to move you to action. Women, however, are not God, and did not design men. So how exactly would they know what a real one is or is not? Whenever she prefaces any verbal interaction with this phrase, have you noticed that the outcome is always more work for you and not for her? That, to quell her burning barb, you have to act and take on more responsibility and produce more resources? Signing you up to work harder and give her more while she sits back and smiles and thinks she’s smarter than you is her specialty.

Talk to the hand7) Because if you don’t have resources she can plunder, she won’t even speak to you.

Have you discovered yet, that without the proper status and resources, women don’t even deign you worthy of their words? That’s right, gentlemen; if you don’t have the right job and/or financial portfolio, she has no time to talk to you. But what most men miss is what that actually means: it means that she only spends her words on men that she anticipates getting resources from. If she’s talking to you, every syllable is part of a ploy to get something from you. Or else she wouldn’t be there.

After reading this, I want you to spend time reevaluating your conversations with women. As a man, you should be spending your mental energy on developing your Game skills; your leadership skills. You should be worrying about what you’re going to say, and how you’re going to be the head in any situation. Don’t waste one more hour of your precious life stewing or chewing on what a woman has said to you.

Adam listened to his woman and wrecked the whole world.adam_and_eve

I already posted this at Dalrock’s, but I wanted to comment on it even further.

I saw this article in the comment thread:

Wife’s Experience Leaves Him Frustrated

DEAR ABBY: This is my wife’s second marriage. When we were dating, she led me to believe that I was the second sexual partner she had ever had. Shortly after our wedding, I found out through some mutual acquaintances she had attended college with that she had been very promiscuous during her college years and that the number of men she has been with is far greater than two.

I feel lied to and trapped in my marriage. (If I had known this, I would not have married her.) She knows I know. She dismissed it by saying the past doesn’t matter, but what she fails to recognize is that it matters to me. I can’t help but wonder if she has lied to me about something this important, what else will she lie to me about?

What do I do?
– Confounded in the South

Clear Red Flags:

-Her second marriage. Did you vet her about what went wrong with the first one? And even if you did, I’m sure that she said it was all her ex’s fault.

-She lied to you about something as important as N count. No integrity.

-Minimizing your feelings/concern/perspective by saying “the past doesn’t matter.” Um, if it didn’t matter then why did she feel the need to lie?

He asked what he should do. What you do is take the Red Pill son, and accept some things:

1) Women lie about their N count because they know innately that being a slut is shameful
2) Women lie & manipulate & do whatever they have to do to secure a man’s resources without remorse or apology(and religious women have a Come to Jesus moment later to wipe it all away)
3) A woman is only there to secure your resources; she never has, and never will, give a damn about what you want or need
4) Women will bargain their short window of SMV for a lifetime of payments from you with a sense of brazen entitlement, and will call you a misogynist for not eagerly agreeing to their terms
5) NEVER ask a woman for advice about anything, but ESPECIALLY relationships. Do you think she, or the beta knighters in the comment thread are going to see it from your perspective?
…The Red Pill will set you free.

But check out Abby’s “advice:”

DEAR CONFOUNDED: People lie when they feel threatened, when they want to impress someone or when they’re ashamed of something. The lie your wife told you may fall into the latter category. She wasn’t honest about the number of men she had been with because she knew you would react the way you have.

You say you love her, but if you truly mean that, you either need to change your attitude or do her a favor and think about ending your marriage. From my perspective, the number of lovers she has had since the wedding is far more important than the number she had before.

Please be aware that many women in our society have had multiple partners, so if you’re looking to replace your wife any time soon, you may be hard-pressed to find a woman with no experience. If you want to salvage your marriage, I strongly recommend you talk with a therapist, but don’t spend your money unless you can forgive your wife for being afraid to tell you the truth.

….Did you catch all of that?

She felt threatened, i.e., it’s your fault that she had to lie. It was your reaction that she feared that’s the problem, not her well deserved sense of shame or clear lack of integrity.

You have to prove your love to her, by changing your attitude, but be aware that she has most likely already cheated on you anyway, so prepare to end the marriage. She doesn’t have to repent, change, show remorse or come clean. You have to do her a favor, the one that started this relationship with a huge lie.

-Have no expectation of chastity of any woman in today’s society, get ready to foot the bill for therapy, and remember, you have to forgive her.

Not one shred of responsibility required on the part of the SlutBag wife.

But we’re not done; check out some of the comments:

    • Posted 9:10 AM, 11/15/2013

      Seriously???? Did you just arrive via the way back machine from the 50’s ?I also find it hard to believe you were straight up about things going on with you in the past.You sound like one of those southern Bible beaters. Ok, do like the good book says and forgive the woman.Oh and seek professional help. You sound like you have other issues.— vrb1955

  • Posted 9:20 AM, 11/15/2013
    • LW1-let her go; she obviously made a mistake when she thought she needed to shade the truth to satisfy you.— CanisMaximus

  • Posted 9:34 AM, 11/15/2013
  • LW1- What’s past is past. Get over it!

  • Posted 10:51 AM, 11/15/2013

    L1- You are a tool. Even women in the Amish/Mennonite community had more than 2 partners before marriage. Do your wife a favor and send her my way.


Unreal. The man is SOL and it’s his fault. Accept the Slut Nation you dweeb!

Oh well, clearly men have to keep getting burned before they learn.