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ppSo we’ve talked at length about Men needing to voluntarily take the Red Pill; and the very intense and predictable effects if, as a man, you are forced to. We’ve talked about men who took the Red Pill and are loving it. We’ve also talked about so-called Red Pill Women, so named from the man’s point of view.

What about the other side? What about The Pink Pill?

And no, I really don’t mean this one:

The above is, however, a perfect example of today’s quintessential “sassy” girl, the one who thinks that everything under the sun revolves around her. What I’m talking about with the Pink Pill is the way that women unplug. How could that be, you may ask, and what would that look like, and why is it necessary? Here’s why:

Too many girls, not enough women – One of the biggest issues faced in modern society is the infantilization of women. As I researched that topic, however, I found various takes on it. Most of the stuff I read suggested that to be feminine, seductive, or soft in any way was to equate women with children. Some articles said that women are often dressed in school girl outfits, outfitted in too much pink, or asked to pose with more childlike surroundings to stress their infantilization. There is often an accusation of infantilization(accompanied by the overused and now tired Misogyny Shriek Chorus) if a female journalist reads what is called a ‘fluff’ piece, i.e., some news item that is silly, or based solely on pop culture, or just isn’t ‘serious’ enough. All of that tongue wagging is still The Matrix, folks. It’s still what 40 years of Feminism and 15 years of YouGoGrrl Culture have wrought: an atmosphere of non-stop accusation of oppression against females, often when there is none present.

So that’s not what I’m talking about.

Nor am I talking about the unlimited media barrage aimed at telling boys that they need to grow up. I’m talking about female humans that actually transition from being little girls into being mature, responsible adults. Into WOMEN. And that’s not a matter of age…it’s a matter of a mindset. thumbnailImageThe Female Matrix, again with Feminism being The Architect and YouGoGrrl Culture being the Oracle, The_Oraclehas convinced women that no matter what they do, no matter what direction they take, it is to be applauded and not ‘judged.’ It has taught that if a woman faces any obstacles on the path of her goal towards her self-defined fabulous life, said obstacles are without question or need for examination rooted in misogyny. The Female Matrix has claimed that any consequences, especially completely predictable ones, shall not be, must not be, can not ever be attributed to the female’s actions, nor does she have to pay the price for said consequences; men do.

The net effect of this has been that females no longer mentally and emotionally develop. They never face their own innate hypergamy and solipsism and immaturity, and never learn the difference between being a girl and being a woman. For example:

Girlish Fantasy: Some day, my Prince will come! – SWA man that has every attribute that you could ever want, height, danger, mystery, cash, status, drive, ambition and confidence, is out there right now, just searching with all his might, just to find you, and give you all his attention and resources, as well as your fantasy wedding.

Harsh Reality: That man you’re dreaming about? Doesn’t exist in the real world, only in your head. Any man that would come close would be among the top 1% of men on the entire planet, and guess what? He’s already swimming in vagina. Yours will be just another one to add to his collection. There is nothing you could ever bring him that he hasn’t seen before, and you will be part of a harem at best.

don-t-judge-me-you-don-t-understand-meFeminist Fantasy: Guys sleep around? Why can’t I? Don’t judge me! And of course there will be husbands a-plenty after my Carousel adventures!

Harsh Reality: Females are different than males. The effect that early promiscuity has on you as a female will be cruel and unmistakable. And guess what one of the most important factors is to a man in deciding if you’re wife material? N count. The bigger your carousel, and the later you get off it, the less the chance that someone’s going to want to put a ring on it. Beyonce seriously lied to you. You have also greatly lessened the chances of your being happy in a marriage, and your being able to bond with your 163rd sex partner new husband.

Feminist Fantasy: I can put education and career first, marriage and babies later; or, I can do them all at the same time; or, in any order that I want, because all possibilities will always be open to me at any time during my fabulous life.

Harsh Reality: You’ve got 15 years. 15 short years to have your pick of men, and then you will slam head on into The Wall, where your looks will begin to fade, as will your fertility. 5zshyBy 35 you’ll be fading, and by 40 you’ll be out of the game in any meaningful way. You land a man while you’re still young, and then count on wife goggles to take you through your Post Wall years together. Not the other way around.

Female Fantasy: If it’s not true in my world, it’s not true in the world(also known as Solipsism). And there should be different rules for me! Because YouGoGrrl!

Harsh Reality: Galatians 6:7 – Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap. And this goes for women too. There are men that you call losers that are invisible to you when you are young and in your prime. You will be invisible to men and used up by 40. Whenever you feel it’s okay to use a man for money, that same man is just going to use you for sex. If you feel it’s okay to lie to get into or sustain a relationship….the other person is at some point going to be lying to you. If you feel that men only exist to serve you, you will inevitably fall in love with a man that thinks that women only exist to serve him. You can’t beat Universal Law. Everything that you think is a ‘feminine wile?’ Is a karmic time bomb that explodes in your life after 35.

Girlish Fantasy: The only feelings that count in a relationship are mine! Plus guys don’t have feelings anyway. And if they do, if there’s anything expressed other than confidence or dominance, they’re just whiners!

Harsh Reality: Understand this, that men will not respond to your disrespect by opening up. Men will respond by seeking comfort elsewhere.

Why aren’t there more women becoming unplugged? Why are women staying immature and then being surprised about their harvest? Because every time a female Morpheus comes to offer you the Pink Pill,

she is hunted down by the squiddies.

The Pink Pill for women represents growing up, realizing the innate differences between males and females, recognizing universal laws, acknowledging history, biology, some level of spirituality, proven social dynamics and understanding that you don’t have forever to live or bear children. And a little thing that you have that men possess as well, called free will. Every single study I read says that women are now more highly educated than men.

Why doesn’t that education include the Pink Pill?morning-after-pill-617x286