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big-prizeAfter this conversation at Donal’s:

I realized that I needed to post another installment of Red Pill Rules. And here is a prime principle for you Red Pillers:

Always reject the attempted Female reframe that women somehow are the Prize.

They are not. What are women bringing to the table?

15 years of youth and beauty, and then The Wall. That’s 50+ years of non-prime female flesh.

-15 years of easy fertility, and then you’ll need good fortune and technology.

-One hymen.

-One first love(that they will never forget. So many Alpha Widows).

-Bonus points for a sweet disposition and mothering skills, but that is not the main attraction for men. If she’s sweeter than a candy cane and would make a great mom, but she’s fat or hideous, you won’t be interested.

….and that’s it. A very small window of time to parlay very limited resources into a lifetime worth of payments. Jurassic Wall.

Welcome….to Jurassic Wall.

And what do men have that women want?

-Your last name

-Your present income

-A father for the children

-Not being alone

-A large wedding celebration that focuses almost exclusively on her

-Male attention & validation

-Control over your medical decisions

-Control over your end of life decisions

-Control over your main residence and investment properties

-Your future earnings

-Your retirement

-Your life insurance proceeds

-Social position and bragging rights in front of other women

…Is her vagina worth all of that? Can you now see what you are trading just for a chance to hit it, gentlemen? Women routinely laugh at us, because we can’t see what they’re really doing. As I explained here, if you want some vagina, you’re going to have to pay. gold-digger-magnetProstitutes however, are the only women that will tell you upfront what the charges are. Wives, on the other hand, want everything I’ve named on the above list, and they’ll act like they like things that they don’t, they will laugh at jokes of yours that they don’t actually think are funny, and they will wear lingerie and clothes that they absolutely loathe, just to secure the relationship. But let me restate, unequivocally: acquiring the benefits on that list is the only reason a woman is opening her legs to you.

Whenever a woman seems “uninterested in marriage,” it means that either the male suitor isn’t high status enough, or she’s telling herself that “something better will come along.” We are men, our needs are simpler. It’s not true at all that any old vagina will do, but we are easier to satisfy, as we are not hypergamous. Regular sex, fidelity, regular meals, and regular respect/appreciation is enough to keep us working for our families for 50+ years. We are the prizes, gentlemen; the love in our hearts, the strength in our backs, the treasure in our coffers, the honor in our souls. Guard it all well, and don’t sign any of that away frivolously. Her nature is to never be satisfied. And there is no law to enforce a woman giving you what you want out of the deal; all the laws are designed to enforce your side of it.

Good fortune may afford you a woman that’s actually unplugged, as opposed to all the ones claiming to be unplugged. But understand the stakes, gentlemen; understand what you are putting on the table. Respect the Game.Tywin_Lannister_Wide1

15 Years to Life

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beautiful_young_woman-t2Fifteen years, gentlemen….that’s all women have to bargain with.

From the age of 15 to the age of 30, she maxes out. A woman will never look that good again, nor be as fertile. There are varying sources of information on Age of Consent Laws:

…but the most common one found is 16. Most states in the U.S. and most other countries say that a girl can make her own sexual decisions at that time. There are of course other mitigating factors(sex and age of partner, status-teacher, relative, etc.), but nature’s law and man’s law agree that she is at the peak of freshness. Many females have sex before then of course, but this is when it’s legal. every-male-teacher-that-day-hot-girl-women-jail-bait-demotivational-poster-1198514482But as always in this area, be careful and ask for ID. Remember that the female breast is so powerful, so deadly, so detrimental to the well being of society that even the very sight of it while legally underage will ruin you, for the rest of your life.

Her fertility, some studies show, begins to decline in her late 20s, with sharp decreases by the age of 35 and beyond:

A woman’s best reproductive years are in her 20s. Fertility gradually
declines in the 30s, particularly after age 35. Each month that she tries, a
healthy, fertile 30-year-old woman has a 20% chance of getting pregnant.
That means that for every 100 fertile 30-year-old women trying to get
pregnant in 1 cycle, 20 will be successful and the other 80 will have to try
again. By age 40, a woman’s chance is less than 5% per cycle, so fewer
than 5 out of every 100 women are expected to be successful each month.

For those unfamiliar with what we in the Manosphere call what happens after a woman leaves her peak years, it has been dubbed ‘Hitting the Wall.’  hitting-the-wallThere is a wealth of Manospherian dialogue on both what that looks like, and what it means:

In just a short amount of time, her attractiveness, youth, beauty, and most importantly, appeal to men begins to dissipate or disappears completely. Actresses take better than average care of themselves, and even they are not immune:

Kristin Kreuk, age 18

Kristin Kreuk, age 18

Kristin Kreuk, age 30

Kristin Kreuk, age 30

It may be subtle, just beginning, but it’s there….you can see it happening.

So why, then, do some states have permanent alimony(which is the point of this post)?

And more importantly, why aren’t men doing their homework before they sign a legal contract that says they are financially responsible for her for the rest of their lives? Remember, that fifteen years is not fifteen guaranteed years of great sex with her….that’s just fifteen years that you want her the most.

If you got boy problems, I feel bad for you hun; I got 99 problems but a dick ain't one.

If you got boy problems, I feel bad for you hun; I got 99 problems, but a dick ain’t one.

In today’s femcentric American culture, girls are encouraged to both get rid of their virginity as soon as possible, and slut it up as much as they want. It’s not unusual for an American girl to graduate high school with an N count of 15 or higher, especially adding in the ONS and “non-serious boyfriends” that she won’t count. But this lack of chastity and encouraged promiscuity just lowers her value to a man as a future wife, mother, and lifelong commitment partner:

Do men understand that she only has fifteen years of peak value, has most likely slutted herself around since the age of 12 or 13, has a high chance of leaving you if her N count is high, will have a hard time giving you babies after the age of 30, and that marriage means you are signing up to pay her UNTIL ONE OR BOTH OF YOU DIES?

Remember, we have to legally pay for a wife:

1) regardless of her lack of chastity or anything else she brings to the table before marriage


Help! I’m married and I can’t get up!

2) regardless of whether she gives you sex of any kind or performs any other wifely duties in the marriage and

3) regardless of what she turns into over time. Meaning that if you marry a minnow and end up with a whale, sucks to be you.

Oh look another lifetime alimony situation, this time with jail! Read it:






…So I want men to wake up and:

1) start working on changing the alimony and child support laws in their state,

2) always demand a prenup before you get married if you are just determined to do so, and

3) if you can think without the little head long enough, ask yourself, what are you getting out of the deal besides state enforced lifetime financial obligations?

Remember….just fifteen years. Which means if she lives to be 90, you get 50 years of a non-prime woman. And she doesn’t show up in your life untainted. She shows up after spending her youngest years giving herself away to only God knows how many people for free……

…..and in the marriage contract, she’s asking you to pay. Full price.

For the rest of your life.

When are men going to wake up?