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Female Trolling 101. So since she promptly deleted my comment on this video from her YouTube channel, I had to make this post about it. She is a classic example of someone that is pretending to have taken the Pink Pill. Here’s what I said in her comments:

1) Women have burned up any good will they may once have enjoyed with men. After decades of divorce rape, property and income possession, control of the children, aborting your child without you having a say, becoming pregnant by another man while married to you and still making you pay for the child, not bonding with you because she slept with so many men prior to marriage she can no longer bond, and creating the legal and social climate of #MeToo which says clearly that you are guilty just because you’re a man, men are done. It’s not just official MGTOW men either, it’s men in general. Any good will, any benefit of the doubt, any leeway that women may have once had with males is over. But because women cannot process the choice-consequence relationship, females like this Georgia Free can’t understand that.

2) In this video she states that “traditional values women” have been made to “feel undervalued” and that the “roles of wife and mother” have been “looked down upon.” Uh huh. I’ve got just one question: by whom?

Oh, that’s right, BY OTHER WOMEN.

It was not men that insisted that women go on the pill. It was not men who insisted that women burn their bras. It was not men that insisted that women join the workforce. It was not men who insisted on everything being coed. It was not men who insisted that there must be more females in college than males. Every single act of tearing down the roles of wife, mother, and keeper at home, which women are designed for, was torn down by women themselves. So now, as per usual, they want men to come in and clean up the mess that they made.

3) Women always switch sides to wherever they think the resources are. Georgia Free, and quite a few other females, who claim to be “fleeing Feminism,” are now offering the following deal:

Let us keep all of the benefits that Feminism gave us (voting rights, birth control, control of the children, the ability to divorce rape, child support, alimony, trying a man without due process, lesser sentencing for the same crimes, access to health care and education on the taxpayer’s dime, and claiming independence while signing a man’s name every time we sign our checks), but now we want you men to pay for everything again, because we’ve realized how expensive living is, a la student loans and mortgages.


As I said in her comments, I will say again: DO. NOT. BE. FOOLED. Women are not interested in become traditional wives and mothers again. They are interested in figuring out a way to manipulate men back into paying for them as if they were traditional wives and mothers. They are still sluts and whores that will burn up their teens and twenties slutting and whoring, and try to get married between 29-34 before the wall hits. They still want to keep all of their Feminism based rights and privileges. There still will be no guarantees for you as a man under Marriage 3.0 except her debts.



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Why Should Men Propose?

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Man proposesSo I’m trying to figure out why it is that a man today should propose.

And my basic question is this: who stands to gain the most from a marriage?

A woman will gain his last name, total control over their children, a default assumption of innocence in any marital disputes, control over his health and end of life decisions, half of his income in the present, half of it for the future, alimony, child support, access to his pension, and because she gets the children, she gets the house. She can also jail him at any time with accusations of marital rape, or abuse, or exposing pornography to the children, or whatever the heck she wants. Guaranteed and enforced by law. She can even get pregnant by another man, openly cuckolding him, and still force her husband to pay.

So why does HE have to ask HER?

Cash CarWhat does he gain? Absolutely no guarantee of virginity, chastity, fidelity, respect, domestic skill, half of HER income, nothing. What’s hers is hers, and what’s his is hers. A woman has absolutely no legal or social requirement to bring any wifely qualities to the table, nor behave like a wife once she legally becomes one.

A man asking a woman to give him her hand in marriage, is asking for the honor of being put in the worst position he could possibly be in. A position with no rights, all of those belong to her, he just has responsibilities. He is also tying himself to one vagina, Marry Meand the owner of that vagina will use it to control him, as she does not need sex as much as he does. When she needs verbal release, she can go elsewhere. When she needs attention and compliments, she can go elsewhere. When she needs finances, she can go elsewhere.

When he needs sex, he JUST HAS HER. People will say, what about masturbation or porn, but you don’t need a wife for those things. You need a wife for live, real time, in person love making. Which will of course be at her discretion, not his, even though she gets her benefits daily and guaranteed.

So I’ll ask one more time……why, exactly, should a man propose to a woman?

SHE should be proposing to HIM.


The Answers

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Question 1: What’s the Real Reason Women are Submissive?


Answer: because biology. Because tingles. Because Alpha. Because spankings. Not because Jesus. All of a sudden submission is coming back into fashion for some reason, and Laura suggests it’s just another ploy. I have maintained that All Women are Red Pill Women; it’s the men that wake up. All you have to do is check out the Red Pill Woman Reddit with scrutiny, and you’ll see the eternal truth in action: women want to be where the men are, and get male attention and validation, and they’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen, even feign enlightenment about things they’ve always known. Women were made for submission, and they long for it; but they are merciless to any male that does not step up and claim his rightful dominance over her. Never forget that Jenny Erikson is the poster woman-child for what Christian women will do with a Beta Supplicant Husband. And that’s leave him on the first thing smoking. Funny how Biblical submission never seems to apply when a woman is turned off or has her man whipped. I wonder where Jesus is then? Tingle free = my vows don’t count anymore(if they ever did). And Leif just keeps on trying, bless his poor, clueless beta heart. What someone needs to tell Leif is that his daughters are next. They are going to walk all over him and use him as well.

Women that are trying to be submissive to a spineless pee-filled pusbucket of a man are so disgusted that they start to throw up whenever they think about their husbands, especially Christian women. Apparently Jesus’ love does not include Betas.

Question 2: If you’re truly a Red Pill man, why would you ever get Married?

1342371026665_1839313Because being truly Red Pill and participating in Marriage 2.0 can’t even co-exist in the same universe. So as I’ve examined what the men have said:

Answer: 1) Because the sex was really good 2) Because she’s interesting outside of bed as well 3) I just decided to take the risk anyway

So in other words, sex and hope. Which is another tacit admission that they really don’t believe that AWALT and they do believe that their wives won’t pull the trigger at some point. I sincerely hope they’re right; Marriage 2.0 is nothing but risk for men, with no reward that you can’t already have without being married. Game only works because women want to be gamed; without that characteristic, we’d all have to Neanderthallically clock our potential mates in the head and plant our seeds. My belief has long been that women don’t cheat not because they don’t want to, but because they don’t have access to the men that they find exciting enough to cheat with. If a man with more power is in her vicinity, your lovely wife is mentally doing some very nasty things to Mr. New Male. Even if a woman is the wife of the Mayor of a city, when the Governor of the State walks in, don’t you think she wonders what it would be like to live in the Governor’s mansion?

The harsh and completely perplexing truth is, some of the sinful aspects of Game actually work. Which is why talking about this gives me a headache. The thing that energizes your wife to stay with you the most is if she knows you’re potentially cheating, or could cheat, or, you just flaunt your harem in front of her. That will ignite such desire in her it’s indescribable, but it’s still not about you as her husband; it’s about the fact that she’s not going to let some other woman prove that her wiles have no power. Such a shame. But the more women that want you, the more women will want you.

So guys say that if both the big head and the little head are singing happy tunes, they’re willing to take the plunge. Alrighty then. There’s gonna be some powerful case studies about this “Red Pill Marriage” thing around 2020.

Mark my

2012-celebs-topic-why-did-i-get-married-tooOne of my readers has summed up what I’ve been trying to say precisely:

DaPoet says:

Unfortunately one of of the many things those in the so called manosphere have in common with the feminists is the surrendering of one’s independence by conforming to the opinions held by the majority of the group. This is why I’m neither a feminist or an MRA.

Any red piller claiming to be happily married is either:

-ok with his wife holding a gun to the side of his head with the hammer cocked back and her finger on the trigger, Or

-believes that not all women are like that or

-his woman isn’t like that and/or

-is ignoring the salient fact that he has no rights whatsoever nor any power within the marriage.

All of which are characteristics of blue pill males.

This is what I’ve been wondering/trying to ask Red Pill men that are married. Why, exactly, did you get married?

married-men-happierI would like to hear from happily married men. My blog is about men taking the Red Pill, and understanding how male/female relationships actually work, vs. the way we think they work, and/or what we’re taught to believe.

If you’re in the Manosphere(so we can hear an accurate testimony and not a PC one), and you’re a happily married man, give your testimony on this post. Specifically what I’m looking for is:

-Testimony as to how getting married was a good choice

-Specific details about the joys of marriage for you

-Whether or not you’d highly recommend marriage to men that are seeking it

-If you’re a person of any faith, how your faith has helped in your marriage

Let’s hear from the happily married men!mm

groom1I briefly talked about the quasi-flipside of this question here. I now have to ponder the issues of what would motivate today’s man to enter into a covenantal, contractual relationship that’s almost 100% stacked against him, knowing full well that the authority of the State is also aligned against him, no matter what, once he signs. Let’s take a look at the factors that men generally consider when choosing a bride:

Virginity – Nothing as attractive as a woman that will be all yours sexually, at least initially. Some guys have weird sharing fetishes, but barring that, this gives your future wife a chance to bond with you and only you, with no other men to compete with in her head, heart, or body.

N Count – This is teachmanhuge in terms of the number of sexual partners she’s had before you. Statistically that will determine her likelihood of Frivorcing you, and most likely her ability to bond with you.

Age – As I’ve said repeatedly, she will look her best and freshest between the ages of 15 and 30; after that, she’ll start to hit The Wall.

Physical Beauty – This is deeply subjective, but it’s always a factor for men. Most of the time, it’s the deciding factor as to whether or not we’ll even initiate the relationship.

Respect, Public & Private – This is pretty simple; her attitude and behavioral manner towards you in any setting.

Disposition – Is she sweet, sour, sassy, all of the above, and most importantly, how often does it change?

Personality – What kind of person is she, and does her style of living life gel with yours?

Children – Her willingness to give you any, and whether or not she already has some by another man.

Her Income – Old school men were raised with the expectation of being a full provider for the family. New school men expect their potential wives to work. This will tie into children as well, if the decision is made for her to become a SAHM.

Domestic Skill – Her ability to manage a house, including finances, cooking, cleaning and any other domestic duties necessary.

Previous Marriages – We’ve got funny ways of defining “committed relationships” these days, so I’ll count marriages, as vows were actually taken with some other man at some point.

I’ve talked extensively about what can happen if you’re Frivorced, and anyone that’s been in the Manosphere understands the social and legal climate’s aggressive hatred of men. I’ve also listed Men’s Groups and suggested that each reader join one in his area to begin to work on changing the aforementioned climate.

My question is… the right combination of the above elements enough to make you want to jump the broom? Let me hear from you gentlemen in this poll: 




203387_1I’m not raising the question because I’ve formulated a solid answer yet. I’m raising the question because in considering the variables I earnestly began to wonder about it. Let’s examine what women like:

1) Tingles – This comes from finding a man that’s confidant, dominant, and rebellious….the Alpha traits of not caring what society’s rules and expectations are, but going his own way(Ironic, isn’t it?). A man that’s not afraid to take what he wants, a man that would never make his woman his mission or his life, a man that doesn’t take her crap(which is the biggest A on the shit test scale that you can get). Preferably taller, obviously stronger, and everything else after that(bald/hair, tattoos, clear skin, etc.) is a matter of her personal taste. When females are young, extra tingles for banging a man that their father would hate. Notice also that it’s not sex in general that women crave; it’s sex with particular men that they want.

2) Status – Women love a man with status, and it’s always relative. They love a man at the top of his high profile game; athletes, clergyman, politicians, musicians. Women want to know who the most powerful man in the room is; the man that can command all the attention of the other men; they want that guy’s attention. You’re hot when you’re the Mayor of a city; but when the Governor of the State walks in, your wife will get flushed with lust. Whether she acts on it or not, her mind immediately races to “what would it be like to be with him?”

Women also crave the status of being Mrs. Somebody. Being taken. Being in a relationship. A wedding to a woman not only gives her all the focus & attention(ding!) and makes her the prettiest woman in the room(ding ding!), but also is a day where a man stands up before God, clergy, family and friends and says to the world, “I want her. I choose her. I take her.” So females, if they bottom line themselves, want the status of not being alone(which they call “settling” when they are Post Wall), but they always want the highest status man to be attached to that they can get. The higher the status of the male, the higher her tingles.

This is also the fundamental difference between a girl and a woman. A girl can be satisfied, at least at first, with 1) and 2). But a woman, especially one that has or wants children knows that she needs:

3) Resources – Financial security. Provision for herself, her lifestyle, protection for when she’s pregnant and ensuring that there’s nothing to worry about once the children come. A fine home/mansion/roof over their heads, plenty of clothes, shoes, food, and whatever else her heart desires. Women in the last 45 years have made a fuss about female economic empowerment, but you need to check out Judgy Bitch’s post here on what the numbers actually look like in terms of the workforce. Sisters claim that they’re “doing it for themselves,” but they ALWAYS want your resources if you’re a man, regardless of how much of their own they have.

So the question becomes….if a woman gets married, what incentives would she have to stay married? gold-diggers-funny-women-pictures

Incentive 1: Tingles – This only happens if she landed an Alpha in the first place. What women have a hard time accepting is that true Alpha men? Have harems. She will always be one woman among several if she somehow gets an Alpha to marry her. Many women try to change that, and the men just laugh at them, because women are incapable of processing the fact that just as hypergamy is natural to them, polygamy is natural to men. Women want the highest status man possible, men want as many of the youngest & prettiest females to impregnate as possible. Simple. But good luck getting some females to “just get it.” Others of course do, and agree to soft harems, unspoken harems, open marriages, plural marriages, or swinging. Many women don’t care if their husbands screw around, because women place little value on physical intimacy(note to men: THIS IS A HINT).

The problem comes in when we face the fact that there just aren’t enough true Alpha men to go around….which yields the ugly truth that many women marry men that they have little to no attraction to. Remember: there is no premium on physical intimacy in the female value scale. This is why, when we see the stat of 70% of divorces initiated by women; we can easily conclude that women that have Alphas and jettison them are still young enough to get another one. Most women that stay with Alphas are past their prime anyway, and know they have little chance of doing better. So, older women(35+) with Alphas are the most likely to stay married to them.

Incentive 2: Status – This is the Hillary Clinton thing. She’s always known that she could accomplish more in life and politics if she stayed Mrs. Bill Clinton than anything else. People wouldn’t even refer to her as anything else but “the former Mrs. Clinton” if she had left him. As I said here however, if a man takes a turn for the worse and his status decreases, or leaves altogether? His wife will be gone within three to six months. As men learn the hard way, a man with no status is like a woman with no beauty; people just aren’t interested. If you are a man of low status, you can rest assured that your wife feels like she settled for you, and you weren’t even her third or fourth choice. For whatever reason, she couldn’t do any better, and she’s going to convey the seething contempt and disdain she has for that fact on to you, every single day of the relationship, unless and until you become more important in her eyes. Deti’s long running acclaim that attraction cannot be generated from nothing is apropos here. Because I say, just as a man’s sense of love is inextricably tied into the physical, a woman’s love is inextricably tied into status.

Incentive 3: Resources – This is the big kahuna. how-do-you-know-if-she-s-a-gold-digger-95594067-oct-5-2012-1-600x400The State has now guaranteed that a woman has legal access to your resources regardless of any circumstance. She can literally strip you of everything that you have, and make you pay for a family you no longer get any direct benefits from. This is also always a woman’s biggest long term concern in a marriage; it doesn’t matter how the relationship starts, this will be the central issue between you. So if she was never sexually attracted to you to begin with, or she lost attraction because you either became too Beta or lost your job status, or God help you, both, she can still have the State sanctioned legally enforced financial security that she needs. Alphas that stay Alphas have no problem, but there’s only a few DiCaprios and Clooneys in the world. She will never care that much about sex, and will never have any problem getting it. But she no longer needs a man to do anything but impregnate her. Women feel that the kids are theirs, and that mothering is all a child needs, fathering is optional, and most men find out the hard way that she doesn’t want you, she wants your resources.


So I’ll ask the question again: Why Would a Woman Stay Married?

confused_womanVox’s Post has made my week: Fourteen Years of Fun.

If you ever needed a crystal clear picture as to what 40 years of Feminism and 16 years of YouGoGrrl culture has done to the dating scene, all you need do is read that post. You need to also include in your reading Masculine By Design’s Women Who Live Their Life In Reverse. It’s the perfect companion piece to Vox’s post. It expands the Feminist view of a woman’s life to include every stage.

The Indian woman in Vox’s post doesn’t understand why she doesn’t have the same options as her Caucasian peers. She doesn’t understand why a Traditionalist culture like India who still very much believes in marrying young through arranged marriages wouldn’t welcome her back with open arms. She doesn’t understand why men aren’t plentiful in her 30s like they were in her 20s. And more than anything else, she doesn’t understand that she reaped exactly what she sowed. She wanted to have fun….so she attracted men that wanted to have fun. She didn’t want a husband….so she attracted men that didn’t want to be married. Her confusion is akin to a person that plants a farm full of corn seeds and then laments, “Why do I have all these stalks of corn growing on my farm?”

Whether you’re a MGHOW or not, you should talk to your sisters, your daughters, your cousins, and tell them the truth. That woman may not end up a spinster, but what man do you know that really wants to marry a woman who says she “only slept with 18 guys?” (We know that’s a lie. She’s discounting any blowjobs or handjobs she gave, and any one night stands or drunken adventures she had. That’s just 18 actual boyfriends.) I’ve also discovered that “committed relationship” means “I’m doing the guys in a row, not a circle.”

So if I haven’t been clear enough, let me state it unequivocally:

A high traffic vagina is not an attractive selling feature for marriage.sluts-life-s-play-things-4b1a3d


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Hope-and-SkySo, I want to start with some facts, and then move to asking a very relevant question:

Before Marriage:

There are absolutely no social or legal requirements for a wife to prepare herself to be a wife before marriage. Most men would be delighted to find the following in a prospective lifelong female partner:

-Youth and beauty

-Virginity(intact hymen) and Chastity(not using the other holes as well)

-Modesty(she’s saving something to reveal only to her husband)

-Sweet disposition

-Femininity & Girlyness in all their forms

-Mothering skills

-Investment & Entrepreneurial skills

-A penchant for both Public & Private respect for the man

What would an honorable man do for a woman that possesses those qualities? ……Anything. Including working his fingers to the bone for her for the next 50 years. But alas….there is no requirement for these to be present before purchasing a funny-virgins-9marriage license. Now, the converse is also true for men….no prep necessary before getting married, yet when women are in their prime, they get the most offers. If a man isn’t prepared, he simply gets ignored, or possibly set up for a frivorce, because at the very least, sex is what we want. Not so for women.

During Marriage:

There is absolutely no legal or social requirement for a woman to behave like a wife during a marriage. There is no requirement for her to stay in shape, give her husband sex, respect him, or even honor the vows that she pledged at the wedding. There are also no penalties for her if she does not honor them. For men, there are also no social or legal requirements that he behave like a husband during the marriage. If she decides that he hit her, even if he didn’t, he can be arrested at her request, guilty or not.

Post Marriage/Divorce:

If they are to divorce, which they can decide to do at any time, for any reason at all, he must maintain the lifestyle for her that they had while together, by law. If they had children, the likelihood in a divorce is that he will have to give up his house, and divorcchild support that is based on his income and not what it actually takes to raise a child. In some states, there is a requirement for alimony for life. She also can get access to his pension, and have her alimony and child support orders reviewed every year. Even if he can prove unfaithfulness on her part, it doesn’t matter. Even if, in some states, he can prove by DNA that not all of the children are his, if she puts his name on the birth certificate, he still has to pay. And she can do all of this while having a new lover. The man can also have a new lover, but it will have no effect on his requirement to pay.

So, before, during, and after marriage, there is no requirement on either part for marriage preparation. There is no prohibition against verbal abuse during marriage, but there is one against physical abuse, with the benefit of the doubt always going to the woman. Post marriage, the man still has lifetime financial obligations, and more often than not, restricted access to his children.

To my knowledge, everything I have said is factual. So, here’s my question: What is a man that desires to get married, to base his decision on? Hope? What is the reality of Christian women & wives? What is the guarantee or proof that they believe what they say they believe? Hope? What if a man shows all the dominance he knows how to show, and his wife wants out anyway? What is he to present against that? Hope?

When men get married, are we supposed to hope that our wives stay in shape? Hope that they will be submissive? Hope that they will be respectful? Hope that we are not living with an Alpha Widow? Hope that we will have both regular sexual access & exclusive sexual access? Hope that she will not press the nuke button through Frivorce?

HOPPBecause legally and socially, we have responsibilities once we become husbands, regardless of her behavior. What are we to pin our futures on then?



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So, I’ve been banned from Sunshine Mary’s Blog:

ssm: Hello RPSMF, I’ll let this one last comment out of moderation.

You know, sometimes I have found your comments to be insightful, and though strongly worded, your criticism of the behavior of modern women can be quite helpful. However,most of your comments are not that; for the most part, you simply proselytize against Christianity, and I’m afraid I cannot give a platform to that here any longer.

Furthermore, I have respectfully requested readers who are anti-marriage, anti-family-formation, anti-Christianity, and so on to please find a more suitable site for them to post on, one where they can get the support that will be most helpful to them and which will not pose a constant distraction to the conversations we are trying to have on my site about how to honor God in our marriages and families. I am baffled by the incredibly bad manners of those commenters who simply carry on despite my polite request.

I wish you the very best and hope that you will find peace and joy in whatever life plan God intends for you to follow. I pray God’s blessing will be upon you and yours.

This is really ironic, because I am a Christian. Which is why I wish people would tell the truth. To say that Jesus has redemptive and transformative power is absolute truth. To say that you changed inside of a marriage because of Jesus and it’s actually because of your tingles is a falsehood. This I do not understand.
I also don’t understand how she got the idea that I was anti-family or anti-marriage. Again, what I am is anti-bullshit. Men deserve to know what they’re stepping into before they sign a contract that’s going to affect the rest of their lives. How exactly is that anti-family?

But whatever.