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big-prizeAfter this conversation at Donal’s:

I realized that I needed to post another installment of Red Pill Rules. And here is a prime principle for you Red Pillers:

Always reject the attempted Female reframe that women somehow are the Prize.

They are not. What are women bringing to the table?

15 years of youth and beauty, and then The Wall. That’s 50+ years of non-prime female flesh.

-15 years of easy fertility, and then you’ll need good fortune and technology.

-One hymen.

-One first love(that they will never forget. So many Alpha Widows).

-Bonus points for a sweet disposition and mothering skills, but that is not the main attraction for men. If she’s sweeter than a candy cane and would make a great mom, but she’s fat or hideous, you won’t be interested.

….and that’s it. A very small window of time to parlay very limited resources into a lifetime worth of payments. Jurassic Wall.

Welcome….to Jurassic Wall.

And what do men have that women want?

-Your last name

-Your present income

-A father for the children

-Not being alone

-A large wedding celebration that focuses almost exclusively on her

-Male attention & validation

-Control over your medical decisions

-Control over your end of life decisions

-Control over your main residence and investment properties

-Your future earnings

-Your retirement

-Your life insurance proceeds

-Social position and bragging rights in front of other women

…Is her vagina worth all of that? Can you now see what you are trading just for a chance to hit it, gentlemen? Women routinely laugh at us, because we can’t see what they’re really doing. As I explained here, if you want some vagina, you’re going to have to pay. gold-digger-magnetProstitutes however, are the only women that will tell you upfront what the charges are. Wives, on the other hand, want everything I’ve named on the above list, and they’ll act like they like things that they don’t, they will laugh at jokes of yours that they don’t actually think are funny, and they will wear lingerie and clothes that they absolutely loathe, just to secure the relationship. But let me restate, unequivocally: acquiring the benefits on that list is the only reason a woman is opening her legs to you.

Whenever a woman seems “uninterested in marriage,” it means that either the male suitor isn’t high status enough, or she’s telling herself that “something better will come along.” We are men, our needs are simpler. It’s not true at all that any old vagina will do, but we are easier to satisfy, as we are not hypergamous. Regular sex, fidelity, regular meals, and regular respect/appreciation is enough to keep us working for our families for 50+ years. We are the prizes, gentlemen; the love in our hearts, the strength in our backs, the treasure in our coffers, the honor in our souls. Guard it all well, and don’t sign any of that away frivolously. Her nature is to never be satisfied. And there is no law to enforce a woman giving you what you want out of the deal; all the laws are designed to enforce your side of it.

Good fortune may afford you a woman that’s actually unplugged, as opposed to all the ones claiming to be unplugged. But understand the stakes, gentlemen; understand what you are putting on the table. Respect the Game.Tywin_Lannister_Wide1

men-love-womenTime for another dose of Red Pill Rules, and this time we’re talking about the Bottom Line in male/female romantic relationships.

1. When it comes to Women, Men do not love you. Men love it.

The only reason men are interested in women is because men need sex. Physical release of our semen into a vagina. (Although boobs are nice to look at/touch/motorboat too.) Your desire as a man to boff her is the only thing that makes you put up with her crap, sign an awful legal contract to pay for her for the rest of your life, and anything else you can file under the category of “why men love women.” Because, consider this:

What if you could have the perfect wife in every other way? What if you could find the perfect cook, supermodel pretty, perfect mother for your children, she could always look like she’s 22, never embarrass you, always support you, loves your parents, lets you watch football in peace….but you can never make love to her. Ever. No sex whatsoever.

Do you still want to marry her? Gee, I wonder why not.

Because we don’t love them. We love it. And the only way that women keep us “in love” with them is to give us good experiences with it. And if we can’t get it from our wives, the ones we pledged our lives to, we will get it somewhere else. Masturbation, porn, mistresses, prostitutes. Why is the Sex Worker industry so lucrative, with 99% of workers being women, and 99% of clients being men? Why is pornography so ubiquitous? The answers are all the same….because men love it. And it never matters how good your wife looks, or how good she is to you, when some new vagina crosses your field of vision, you can’t stop thinking about it. And it takes everything you have to stay faithful. When we do cheat, we make statements like “it didn’t mean anything” and “she meant nothing to me.” And why? Because it’s true…you wanted it, not her.

Marriage, as defined by men = Regular sexual access and(in most cases) exclusive sexual access. Everything else is a bonus.

what-men-love-women-body2. When it comes to Men, Women do not love you. Women love:

a) their idea of you

b) your status

c) your resources

Women don’t know who you are as a man, and they couldn’t possibly care less. They’ve spent years dreaming up what they think is “the perfect man” and when they get involved with you, they superimpose that pattern over the relationship. Then they spend all of their manipulative energy trying to turn you into that man. Because it’s not you that they love. It’s that idea of you in their heads that they love.

Just think about it. If she actually loved you, she wouldn’t be surprised by male behavior.

Second thing they love? Is being Mrs. You if you are a high status man. An athlete, a politician, an entertainer, a popular clergyman…they are in love with your status. Not you. Remember, you are literally invisible to a woman if you are not the most powerful man in the room. They love, love LOVE the idea of being attached to someone important, all the associated perks, and the continuous thrill of making the other women furious with jealousy.

Because what happens when an athlete, clergyman, entertainer, politician et al loses that coveted status? Their wife is divorcing them inside of six months. Where’s all their “love” then? It has been proven over and over and over again, that women don’t care about whether or not a man has morals or ethics. They are, in fact, turned on by criminals, thugs, and rebels; men that have absolutely no regard for society’s rules. Wives don’t leave a man if he cheats. They leave if the status does. And for the NAWALT females reading this, stop lying. Women only stay with a decreased status man if they can’t do any better(too old, too fat, too ugly). Period. Which leads me to the third thing women love:

They love your resources. Women are so unbelievably entitled that they actually believe that 50-75% of your resources should be theirs just because they want it, or just because you marry them. They don’t care what attaining those resources cost you….they just know that they want them. And now, by law, your divorcing wife can take them. Around the Manosphere, and now even in the mainstream, people are finally acknowledging that women have no problem marrying the State. Know why? Because women will support any kind of system that guarantees them resources. Because that’s what they care about. Not men.

Marriage, as defined by women = Unlimited lifetime access to his status, resources, and a chance to turn him into who I think he should be.

When you think of male/female relations, just remember this picture:Why-men-wants-Sex-and-Women-wants-Love

….and you’ll always have it right.

You can’t trust a damn thing women say.

This is a lesson you’re supposed to learn in junior high school, Imagewhen you first get rejected by a girl. She’ll give you some excuse, “I’m not dating right now,” yada yada, and two days later, you’ll find out that she’s getting horizontal with Rebel McDropOut and loving it.


Any rejection by a female in her prime can always be attributed to just one single thing. No matter what she says, here’s the real reason:

You just don’t make her panties wet enough.