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What Women Can’t Do

Posted: September 24, 2018 in Life, Solipsism, Women
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Have you ever heard a female make the ridiculous statement that “a woman can do anything a man can do. Only better. And in heels!”

Yeah that’s a load of crap. I want all the men reading this to understand, you never have to listen to that crap again. Once you understand how women work you will see that they are just delusional.

Women cannot:

  • Take a punch like a man
  • Make as many babies per year as a man can sire
  • Make babies for as long as a man can
  • Start over at different stages of life
  • Shut up, do their job, and stop talking about how they feel
  • Shut up, raise their children, and stop expecting praise for being a mother
  • Think in straight lines
  • Think logically
  • Think objectively
  • Look at life with macrovision or a long term lens
  • Understand that they reap exactly what they sow
  • Stop thinking that they should get the same benefits as men, even though they can’t do what we do
  • Understand that you can’t be an “equal” and a “victim” at the same time
  • Build, sustain, or defend a society, a city, or a military installation
  • Realize that they have to bring something to the Marriage Table
  • Understand that they are not the only ones that can dream
  • Take responsibility unless they are forced to
  • Understand that on a scale of 1-10 they are not all 10s
  • Respond to arguments with facts or logic, only with name calling, insults, and hysterics
  • Stop thinking about Trading Up or setting up the Plan B list
  • Legitimize a child with their own names; the father has to show up

….There’s more, but you get the point.

=Action Challenge=

All you Beta Boys that have low self-esteem and worship women, I challenge you to read the above list every day for a week.

And when you get through with that, read this post every day for one week.

You’ll thank me later.


Never Listen to Women

Posted: February 6, 2014 in Life, Men, Women
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whys-guy-0712-mdnIf, as a man, you ever want to test where you are on the transition scale from Blue Pill Bondage to Red Pill Awareness? This is a great litmus stick for you. Because as a man, you shouldn’t be listening to women. If you don’t already know that, or don’t understand why, you’re definitely still downing Blue Pills. Now of course I don’t mean if she’s stating objectively verified information or anything fact based. Nor do I mean if she’s talking to other women about womanly things. I mean about you and her. You shouldn’t be listening to a woman because:

1) Nothing she says actually concerns you.seven_reasons_men_dont_listen_women

Women speak in code; they definitely have their own language; but it’s all “Me” based. There’s nothing that ever comes out of a woman’s mouth that is actually relevant to your life as a man; everything she says, no matter how it’s constructed, well have her own interests at the heart of it.

2) The only thing she knows how to aim at you are sh*t tests.

Lots of men don’t get that when women ask you for any kind of information? She’s never actually asking for that actual information. She’s just throwing something out to see how you will react. When she starts a fight? All she cares about during the fight is your reaction…and that’s all she’ll talk about for years after the fight is over. Your reaction. And then, see my first point, because she’ll turn that reaction into “what does this mean for Me?” Even your own mother and sisters didn’t tell you the truth, but taught you crap; you had to learn the truth the hard way, or from other Red Pill men.

signals-hes-not-listening-400a0206073) She doesn’t know what she wants.

I really shouldn’t have to go over the “I just want a nice guy that treats me well” trope and how she will run screaming from a nice guy that treats her well, to be sure to give her virginity and many babies to Charles Manson.

4) If you give her everything she says, she’ll hate you for it.

The more you acquiesce and supplicate, the more you bend to her every verbal whim, the more she will hate you, lose respect for you, and have no desire to have sex with you whatsoever. How many men are sitting on the highway of life, holding their now broke heads in their now broke hands, because they did everything she wanted and then caught her banging somebody else?

5) No matter what her state or the outcome of her decisions, she’s going to blame you.

MENHowever the relationship turns out, she’s going to blame you. If she gets fat? It’s your fault, because it happened having your babies. Money problems? It’s your fault, for not making enough. Loss of attraction? It’s your fault for not being man enough to sustain her interest and arousal indefinitely.

And have you ever asked a woman that’s single, that doesn’t want to be single, why she’s single?u8_MEN-HATE-WOMEN-001

-Because guys are jerks. -Because men are afraid of commitment. -Because men are little boys that need to grow up. -Because ain’t no good men out there any more. -Because men can’t handle a strong and independent woman.

Never anything she’s done. Never any way she needs to grow. It’s always you.

6) Because her God Complex always means more work for you.

Women reveal their innate God Complexes with a very particular sh*t test tactic called, “If you were a real man.” This is expertly designed to strike at the heart of your ego, vulnerability and energy center to move you to action. Women, however, are not God, and did not design men. So how exactly would they know what a real one is or is not? Whenever she prefaces any verbal interaction with this phrase, have you noticed that the outcome is always more work for you and not for her? That, to quell her burning barb, you have to act and take on more responsibility and produce more resources? Signing you up to work harder and give her more while she sits back and smiles and thinks she’s smarter than you is her specialty.

Talk to the hand7) Because if you don’t have resources she can plunder, she won’t even speak to you.

Have you discovered yet, that without the proper status and resources, women don’t even deign you worthy of their words? That’s right, gentlemen; if you don’t have the right job and/or financial portfolio, she has no time to talk to you. But what most men miss is what that actually means: it means that she only spends her words on men that she anticipates getting resources from. If she’s talking to you, every syllable is part of a ploy to get something from you. Or else she wouldn’t be there.

After reading this, I want you to spend time reevaluating your conversations with women. As a man, you should be spending your mental energy on developing your Game skills; your leadership skills. You should be worrying about what you’re going to say, and how you’re going to be the head in any situation. Don’t waste one more hour of your precious life stewing or chewing on what a woman has said to you.

Adam listened to his woman and wrecked the whole world.adam_and_eve

big-prizeAfter this conversation at Donal’s:

I realized that I needed to post another installment of Red Pill Rules. And here is a prime principle for you Red Pillers:

Always reject the attempted Female reframe that women somehow are the Prize.

They are not. What are women bringing to the table?

15 years of youth and beauty, and then The Wall. That’s 50+ years of non-prime female flesh.

-15 years of easy fertility, and then you’ll need good fortune and technology.

-One hymen.

-One first love(that they will never forget. So many Alpha Widows).

-Bonus points for a sweet disposition and mothering skills, but that is not the main attraction for men. If she’s sweeter than a candy cane and would make a great mom, but she’s fat or hideous, you won’t be interested.

….and that’s it. A very small window of time to parlay very limited resources into a lifetime worth of payments. Jurassic Wall.

Welcome….to Jurassic Wall.

And what do men have that women want?

-Your last name

-Your present income

-A father for the children

-Not being alone

-A large wedding celebration that focuses almost exclusively on her

-Male attention & validation

-Control over your medical decisions

-Control over your end of life decisions

-Control over your main residence and investment properties

-Your future earnings

-Your retirement

-Your life insurance proceeds

-Social position and bragging rights in front of other women

…Is her vagina worth all of that? Can you now see what you are trading just for a chance to hit it, gentlemen? Women routinely laugh at us, because we can’t see what they’re really doing. As I explained here, if you want some vagina, you’re going to have to pay. gold-digger-magnetProstitutes however, are the only women that will tell you upfront what the charges are. Wives, on the other hand, want everything I’ve named on the above list, and they’ll act like they like things that they don’t, they will laugh at jokes of yours that they don’t actually think are funny, and they will wear lingerie and clothes that they absolutely loathe, just to secure the relationship. But let me restate, unequivocally: acquiring the benefits on that list is the only reason a woman is opening her legs to you.

Whenever a woman seems “uninterested in marriage,” it means that either the male suitor isn’t high status enough, or she’s telling herself that “something better will come along.” We are men, our needs are simpler. It’s not true at all that any old vagina will do, but we are easier to satisfy, as we are not hypergamous. Regular sex, fidelity, regular meals, and regular respect/appreciation is enough to keep us working for our families for 50+ years. We are the prizes, gentlemen; the love in our hearts, the strength in our backs, the treasure in our coffers, the honor in our souls. Guard it all well, and don’t sign any of that away frivolously. Her nature is to never be satisfied. And there is no law to enforce a woman giving you what you want out of the deal; all the laws are designed to enforce your side of it.

Good fortune may afford you a woman that’s actually unplugged, as opposed to all the ones claiming to be unplugged. But understand the stakes, gentlemen; understand what you are putting on the table. Respect the Game.Tywin_Lannister_Wide1

Cersei-cersei-lannister-31147140-1279-691“When you play the Game of Thrones…you win. Or you die. There is no middle ground.” ~Cersei Lannister

Know what needs to happen, stat? Men need to accept the above axiom as the bottom line for relationships with females. The Female Imperative(seek the strongest seed, ignore all but the top prospects, secure the highest amount of status & resources possible while giving away as little sex as possible, and at any sign of weakness? Seek a new target, lather, rinse, repeat) is completely incompatible with the Male Imperative(spread your seed into as many virginal young fertile prime wombs as possible, and lockdown said womb to ensure purity and paternity of seed so there is no wasted investment of resources or skewed legacy). Let’s let Cersei herself tell her story:

Did you catch all that? Cersei was having the happiest day of her life, as she believed she had scored the Alphaiest of Alphas…King Robert Baratheon himself. Yet when she discovered he was weak in bed, and his drunken heart still belonged to his dead wife, she immediately, and without hesitation, cuckolded him. With her brother. Ensuring that every heir to the Baratheon throne would be an incest born, illegitimate abomination. And she’s proud of that decision.

Serial monogamy and never ending polygamy don’t live on the same street. Your life as a man is either going to be living your dream, or living her dream. Your dream can only be achieved through Game and continually elevating status, even if you want access to just one womb. If that womb is wrapped in the youngest and the prettiest flesh possible, you have no chance for impregnation without swagger and bling. And you will soon discover that you have to plate spin even if you have only one plate.

ball-and-chain-cake-topper01If, however, you do as most men and get chumped into living her dream, you are going to spend your life giving her every resource that you have: time, attention, money, energy, regardless of how much sex or respect you get in return. She’ll either Girl Game it out of you or legally enforce it out of you, or both. You might negotiate a Hall Pass, but only the highest status men can do that; if you’re Bill Gates, your wife is not about to give up that lifestyle just because you got some side poontang. It’s also why Hillary stayed married to Bill. She’d have never gotten as far career wise as a divorced woman, as an ex-first lady. Would not have happened. If you’re a janitor, however, better call your lawyer. It’s a slow death for most men, as they have to find a way to suppress their natural desire for polygamy for 40 years; God help you if you are a Christian man, because nowadays your wife and the Pastoral mangina you serve under even count masturbation as cheating. Do you get that? You signed up to have only one legitimate source of sex for the rest of your life, and you have to continue to Game it to keep it active. If not, it will get old, fat, bitchy, take all that you have, including your offspring, and leave you to rot with no remorse whatsoever. And she just might do that anyway, especially if a better alternative presents itself and you have been slumming into BetaLand just a leeetle too long.

Lord Baelish, Lord Varys, the Tyrells, and the Lannisters, they never rest. Petyr-baelish-1024They sleep with one eye open. They have spies. Their walls have ears. Know why? Because they understand that the tide can turn at any minute; all it takes is one decision. And the most Blue Pillingest of all families, the Starks? Those that put duty starkand honor and love above all else? They keep dying. Slaughtered. Because they don’t understand what game they’re playing. Men have not yet accepted that women don’t care about you beyond your usefulness to them. This is why initial Red Pill shock is so intense; because most men have no idea how easily their woman can replace them with another workhorse.

The big raging debate around the ‘Sphere these days is whether or not Game is compatible with Scripture and Christian values; my contention is that that is the wrong question. And that’s because it’s partly rooted in the fallacy that there’s a difference between Christian women and non-Christian women. Whether a woman is a believer in, and a follower of Christ or not is irrelevant to how and why she responds to you. That’s what people seem to keep getting confused about. The women will keep trying to insist that they are submissive because that’s what God tells them to do. Wrong again. Because they are not submissive to Beta men. Only Alphas; the dominant, the strong, the fun, the confident….The Gamers. Do we understand yet that the only way to ensure that a young lass will keep her purity is to basically lock her down, surrounded by a constant guard of father and brothers? She is driven to find the worst thug, criminal, or player possible to deflower her, and there is no way for her to avoid that path besides isolation. The only difference among women is NOT whether or not they have that drive….only whether or not they will submit to that protection. Otherwise it’s over, those legs will open like a Wal-Mart on Black Friday. But for some reason, Christian men seem to completely ignore the following verse:

I Peter 3:7 – Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered.

Did you get that?? ACCORDING TO KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge about how women work. And because she is weaker than you. Your strength, your knowledge, your confidence, your leadership, your dominance. These are the qualities that lead to tingles, and tingles are what lead to submission. She’s not gonna read the Bible and get wet over you. She’s gonna respond to how you treat her. Just like God said she would.SUBMIT

Ephesians 5:25-27 – Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; that he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word, that he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.

There it is again….she only gets wrinkle and blemish free because of what you say to her.

And you think that God doesn’t use Game? Guess again:

Deuteronomy 32:21 – They have moved me to jealousy with that which is not God; they have provoked me to anger with their vanities: and I will move them to jealousy with those which are not a people; I will provoke them to anger with a foolish nation. 

Matthew 21:43Therefore say I unto you, The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof.
Provocation to jealousy and anger with the threat of a new lover, and a threat of removal of resources….any of that sound familiar?
So once and for all men, stop thinking that Game is a contradiction of your faith or vice versa. You will scream, “BUT THEY USE GAME FOR FORNICATION!!!” Guess what? You have to use Game to attract a potential bride and Game to keep her. If you don’t have any Game skills I hope you can get used to loving your hand; that’s the only thing in your life that’ll be singing Here Comes the Bride. So I don’t care if you’re living holier than a cargo ship full of Swiss cheese, women are only going to respond to you the way you want them to, whether girlfriend, fiance, or wife, because of Game.
And if you don’t understand or accept that, you will die a slow death.DIE SLOW

The Answers

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Question 1: What’s the Real Reason Women are Submissive?


Answer: because biology. Because tingles. Because Alpha. Because spankings. Not because Jesus. All of a sudden submission is coming back into fashion for some reason, and Laura suggests it’s just another ploy. I have maintained that All Women are Red Pill Women; it’s the men that wake up. All you have to do is check out the Red Pill Woman Reddit with scrutiny, and you’ll see the eternal truth in action: women want to be where the men are, and get male attention and validation, and they’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen, even feign enlightenment about things they’ve always known. Women were made for submission, and they long for it; but they are merciless to any male that does not step up and claim his rightful dominance over her. Never forget that Jenny Erikson is the poster woman-child for what Christian women will do with a Beta Supplicant Husband. And that’s leave him on the first thing smoking. Funny how Biblical submission never seems to apply when a woman is turned off or has her man whipped. I wonder where Jesus is then? Tingle free = my vows don’t count anymore(if they ever did). And Leif just keeps on trying, bless his poor, clueless beta heart. What someone needs to tell Leif is that his daughters are next. They are going to walk all over him and use him as well.

Women that are trying to be submissive to a spineless pee-filled pusbucket of a man are so disgusted that they start to throw up whenever they think about their husbands, especially Christian women. Apparently Jesus’ love does not include Betas.

Question 2: If you’re truly a Red Pill man, why would you ever get Married?

1342371026665_1839313Because being truly Red Pill and participating in Marriage 2.0 can’t even co-exist in the same universe. So as I’ve examined what the men have said:

Answer: 1) Because the sex was really good 2) Because she’s interesting outside of bed as well 3) I just decided to take the risk anyway

So in other words, sex and hope. Which is another tacit admission that they really don’t believe that AWALT and they do believe that their wives won’t pull the trigger at some point. I sincerely hope they’re right; Marriage 2.0 is nothing but risk for men, with no reward that you can’t already have without being married. Game only works because women want to be gamed; without that characteristic, we’d all have to Neanderthallically clock our potential mates in the head and plant our seeds. My belief has long been that women don’t cheat not because they don’t want to, but because they don’t have access to the men that they find exciting enough to cheat with. If a man with more power is in her vicinity, your lovely wife is mentally doing some very nasty things to Mr. New Male. Even if a woman is the wife of the Mayor of a city, when the Governor of the State walks in, don’t you think she wonders what it would be like to live in the Governor’s mansion?

The harsh and completely perplexing truth is, some of the sinful aspects of Game actually work. Which is why talking about this gives me a headache. The thing that energizes your wife to stay with you the most is if she knows you’re potentially cheating, or could cheat, or, you just flaunt your harem in front of her. That will ignite such desire in her it’s indescribable, but it’s still not about you as her husband; it’s about the fact that she’s not going to let some other woman prove that her wiles have no power. Such a shame. But the more women that want you, the more women will want you.

So guys say that if both the big head and the little head are singing happy tunes, they’re willing to take the plunge. Alrighty then. There’s gonna be some powerful case studies about this “Red Pill Marriage” thing around 2020.

Mark my


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SuperWoman saves Clark KentIt occurs to me to ask the question: Why don’t Women Go Their Own Way?

As it pertains to men, MGTOW refers to the idea of men eschewing marriage and fatherhood altogether, either from being repulsed by the intense anti-male social and legal climate, or because the joys of bachelorhood would seem to far outweigh the increasingly heavy burden of husbanding and/or fatherhood.

As it pertains to women, the initial idea of Feminism, as I understand it, was to be a WGTOW movement. Because a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. Women eschewing marriage and motherhood(but not sex, they wanted more of that, just on their own terms) for the joys of career building, partying, academic accomplishments, and the freedom from societal pressure to conform to any standard notion of femininity whatsoever. Then it seemed to morph by the Power of Oprah into “Women should be able to have it all!” Which in effect has led women to live their lives in reverse. Burning through the years where they could easily attract a quality husband and get pregnant by engaging in sluttery and career building, completed by ignoring the inescapable fact that they only have 15 years to do that to begin with. It seems that women decided that men and/or Patriarchy was the problem…so the solution was for women themselves to become more masculine. Defeat the enemy by……emulation and replacement.

So now….women have it to where academic climates, sexual harassment, rape, sexual discrimination, sexual access, weddings, marriage, divorce, child custody, child support, and alimony all favors them, and in most cases, is subject to their whims and feelings. No proof or hard evidenced required to either ruin a man or enslave him.

So again, I have to ask…..why didn’t women just go their own way? Why hasn’t it been enough for them to have every single imaginable freedom and advantage that there is to have? It has long been established that any pleasure a man might have in life, is unfair and biased, and detrimental towards women. Men should never even have the nerve to think that we can enjoy our lives on any level, because the very act of us doing so means that some woman somewhere is being deprived of her rights. And with Hilary Clinton’s 2016 presidential run looming large, in which not only will the ultimate glass ceiling be shattered, but any obstacle she faces will instantly be deemed misogynistic, because women aren’t supposed to have obstacles while achieving their goals, the rhetoric will only get louder.

From dildos to artificial insemination to rape shield laws to annually modified child support to governmental offices to the military to hosting the Golden Globes, women seem to have achieved their initial goal: proving that they didn’t need men for anything.

So when are they going to sit back, live and let live, and enjoy the spoils of all their give-it-to-me-uncontested-because-I’m-a-woman-and-if-you-don’t-you’re-a-hateful-misogynist labor?


  • Sexual burn out. Sexual Burn Out. SEXUAL BURN OUT. American sluts, copying the behavior sold to them in movies and TV, get fucked by so many men who pump-and-dump them that by age 30 their pussies are like Ozzie Osbourne’s brain: exhausted, spent, and hopeless. Sex is self-perpetuating for men: the more we get, the more we like it and the more we want it. (This is the Coolidge Effect in action.) But women are designed to be discriminating. Their perverted, feminist liberation nymphomania in their teens and early-twenties is an abominable lifestyle which strips them of their love of men and their ability for passion.

This post on ‘Sahara Snatch’ is showing yet another detriment to a woman having a high N Count; her body begins to shut down sooner. She may lose fertility altogether by her mid 30’s; no eggs, no hormones, no period, no drive. Lord have mercy.

groom1I briefly talked about the quasi-flipside of this question here. I now have to ponder the issues of what would motivate today’s man to enter into a covenantal, contractual relationship that’s almost 100% stacked against him, knowing full well that the authority of the State is also aligned against him, no matter what, once he signs. Let’s take a look at the factors that men generally consider when choosing a bride:

Virginity – Nothing as attractive as a woman that will be all yours sexually, at least initially. Some guys have weird sharing fetishes, but barring that, this gives your future wife a chance to bond with you and only you, with no other men to compete with in her head, heart, or body.

N Count – This is teachmanhuge in terms of the number of sexual partners she’s had before you. Statistically that will determine her likelihood of Frivorcing you, and most likely her ability to bond with you.

Age – As I’ve said repeatedly, she will look her best and freshest between the ages of 15 and 30; after that, she’ll start to hit The Wall.

Physical Beauty – This is deeply subjective, but it’s always a factor for men. Most of the time, it’s the deciding factor as to whether or not we’ll even initiate the relationship.

Respect, Public & Private – This is pretty simple; her attitude and behavioral manner towards you in any setting.

Disposition – Is she sweet, sour, sassy, all of the above, and most importantly, how often does it change?

Personality – What kind of person is she, and does her style of living life gel with yours?

Children – Her willingness to give you any, and whether or not she already has some by another man.

Her Income – Old school men were raised with the expectation of being a full provider for the family. New school men expect their potential wives to work. This will tie into children as well, if the decision is made for her to become a SAHM.

Domestic Skill – Her ability to manage a house, including finances, cooking, cleaning and any other domestic duties necessary.

Previous Marriages – We’ve got funny ways of defining “committed relationships” these days, so I’ll count marriages, as vows were actually taken with some other man at some point.

I’ve talked extensively about what can happen if you’re Frivorced, and anyone that’s been in the Manosphere understands the social and legal climate’s aggressive hatred of men. I’ve also listed Men’s Groups and suggested that each reader join one in his area to begin to work on changing the aforementioned climate.

My question is… the right combination of the above elements enough to make you want to jump the broom? Let me hear from you gentlemen in this poll: 




ppSo we’ve talked at length about Men needing to voluntarily take the Red Pill; and the very intense and predictable effects if, as a man, you are forced to. We’ve talked about men who took the Red Pill and are loving it. We’ve also talked about so-called Red Pill Women, so named from the man’s point of view.

What about the other side? What about The Pink Pill?

And no, I really don’t mean this one:

The above is, however, a perfect example of today’s quintessential “sassy” girl, the one who thinks that everything under the sun revolves around her. What I’m talking about with the Pink Pill is the way that women unplug. How could that be, you may ask, and what would that look like, and why is it necessary? Here’s why:

Too many girls, not enough women – One of the biggest issues faced in modern society is the infantilization of women. As I researched that topic, however, I found various takes on it. Most of the stuff I read suggested that to be feminine, seductive, or soft in any way was to equate women with children. Some articles said that women are often dressed in school girl outfits, outfitted in too much pink, or asked to pose with more childlike surroundings to stress their infantilization. There is often an accusation of infantilization(accompanied by the overused and now tired Misogyny Shriek Chorus) if a female journalist reads what is called a ‘fluff’ piece, i.e., some news item that is silly, or based solely on pop culture, or just isn’t ‘serious’ enough. All of that tongue wagging is still The Matrix, folks. It’s still what 40 years of Feminism and 15 years of YouGoGrrl Culture have wrought: an atmosphere of non-stop accusation of oppression against females, often when there is none present.

So that’s not what I’m talking about.

Nor am I talking about the unlimited media barrage aimed at telling boys that they need to grow up. I’m talking about female humans that actually transition from being little girls into being mature, responsible adults. Into WOMEN. And that’s not a matter of age…it’s a matter of a mindset. thumbnailImageThe Female Matrix, again with Feminism being The Architect and YouGoGrrl Culture being the Oracle, The_Oraclehas convinced women that no matter what they do, no matter what direction they take, it is to be applauded and not ‘judged.’ It has taught that if a woman faces any obstacles on the path of her goal towards her self-defined fabulous life, said obstacles are without question or need for examination rooted in misogyny. The Female Matrix has claimed that any consequences, especially completely predictable ones, shall not be, must not be, can not ever be attributed to the female’s actions, nor does she have to pay the price for said consequences; men do.

The net effect of this has been that females no longer mentally and emotionally develop. They never face their own innate hypergamy and solipsism and immaturity, and never learn the difference between being a girl and being a woman. For example:

Girlish Fantasy: Some day, my Prince will come! – SWA man that has every attribute that you could ever want, height, danger, mystery, cash, status, drive, ambition and confidence, is out there right now, just searching with all his might, just to find you, and give you all his attention and resources, as well as your fantasy wedding.

Harsh Reality: That man you’re dreaming about? Doesn’t exist in the real world, only in your head. Any man that would come close would be among the top 1% of men on the entire planet, and guess what? He’s already swimming in vagina. Yours will be just another one to add to his collection. There is nothing you could ever bring him that he hasn’t seen before, and you will be part of a harem at best.

don-t-judge-me-you-don-t-understand-meFeminist Fantasy: Guys sleep around? Why can’t I? Don’t judge me! And of course there will be husbands a-plenty after my Carousel adventures!

Harsh Reality: Females are different than males. The effect that early promiscuity has on you as a female will be cruel and unmistakable. And guess what one of the most important factors is to a man in deciding if you’re wife material? N count. The bigger your carousel, and the later you get off it, the less the chance that someone’s going to want to put a ring on it. Beyonce seriously lied to you. You have also greatly lessened the chances of your being happy in a marriage, and your being able to bond with your 163rd sex partner new husband.

Feminist Fantasy: I can put education and career first, marriage and babies later; or, I can do them all at the same time; or, in any order that I want, because all possibilities will always be open to me at any time during my fabulous life.

Harsh Reality: You’ve got 15 years. 15 short years to have your pick of men, and then you will slam head on into The Wall, where your looks will begin to fade, as will your fertility. 5zshyBy 35 you’ll be fading, and by 40 you’ll be out of the game in any meaningful way. You land a man while you’re still young, and then count on wife goggles to take you through your Post Wall years together. Not the other way around.

Female Fantasy: If it’s not true in my world, it’s not true in the world(also known as Solipsism). And there should be different rules for me! Because YouGoGrrl!

Harsh Reality: Galatians 6:7 – Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap. And this goes for women too. There are men that you call losers that are invisible to you when you are young and in your prime. You will be invisible to men and used up by 40. Whenever you feel it’s okay to use a man for money, that same man is just going to use you for sex. If you feel it’s okay to lie to get into or sustain a relationship….the other person is at some point going to be lying to you. If you feel that men only exist to serve you, you will inevitably fall in love with a man that thinks that women only exist to serve him. You can’t beat Universal Law. Everything that you think is a ‘feminine wile?’ Is a karmic time bomb that explodes in your life after 35.

Girlish Fantasy: The only feelings that count in a relationship are mine! Plus guys don’t have feelings anyway. And if they do, if there’s anything expressed other than confidence or dominance, they’re just whiners!

Harsh Reality: Understand this, that men will not respond to your disrespect by opening up. Men will respond by seeking comfort elsewhere.

Why aren’t there more women becoming unplugged? Why are women staying immature and then being surprised about their harvest? Because every time a female Morpheus comes to offer you the Pink Pill,

she is hunted down by the squiddies.

The Pink Pill for women represents growing up, realizing the innate differences between males and females, recognizing universal laws, acknowledging history, biology, some level of spirituality, proven social dynamics and understanding that you don’t have forever to live or bear children. And a little thing that you have that men possess as well, called free will. Every single study I read says that women are now more highly educated than men.

Why doesn’t that education include the Pink Pill?morning-after-pill-617x286

203387_1I’m not raising the question because I’ve formulated a solid answer yet. I’m raising the question because in considering the variables I earnestly began to wonder about it. Let’s examine what women like:

1) Tingles – This comes from finding a man that’s confidant, dominant, and rebellious….the Alpha traits of not caring what society’s rules and expectations are, but going his own way(Ironic, isn’t it?). A man that’s not afraid to take what he wants, a man that would never make his woman his mission or his life, a man that doesn’t take her crap(which is the biggest A on the shit test scale that you can get). Preferably taller, obviously stronger, and everything else after that(bald/hair, tattoos, clear skin, etc.) is a matter of her personal taste. When females are young, extra tingles for banging a man that their father would hate. Notice also that it’s not sex in general that women crave; it’s sex with particular men that they want.

2) Status – Women love a man with status, and it’s always relative. They love a man at the top of his high profile game; athletes, clergyman, politicians, musicians. Women want to know who the most powerful man in the room is; the man that can command all the attention of the other men; they want that guy’s attention. You’re hot when you’re the Mayor of a city; but when the Governor of the State walks in, your wife will get flushed with lust. Whether she acts on it or not, her mind immediately races to “what would it be like to be with him?”

Women also crave the status of being Mrs. Somebody. Being taken. Being in a relationship. A wedding to a woman not only gives her all the focus & attention(ding!) and makes her the prettiest woman in the room(ding ding!), but also is a day where a man stands up before God, clergy, family and friends and says to the world, “I want her. I choose her. I take her.” So females, if they bottom line themselves, want the status of not being alone(which they call “settling” when they are Post Wall), but they always want the highest status man to be attached to that they can get. The higher the status of the male, the higher her tingles.

This is also the fundamental difference between a girl and a woman. A girl can be satisfied, at least at first, with 1) and 2). But a woman, especially one that has or wants children knows that she needs:

3) Resources – Financial security. Provision for herself, her lifestyle, protection for when she’s pregnant and ensuring that there’s nothing to worry about once the children come. A fine home/mansion/roof over their heads, plenty of clothes, shoes, food, and whatever else her heart desires. Women in the last 45 years have made a fuss about female economic empowerment, but you need to check out Judgy Bitch’s post here on what the numbers actually look like in terms of the workforce. Sisters claim that they’re “doing it for themselves,” but they ALWAYS want your resources if you’re a man, regardless of how much of their own they have.

So the question becomes….if a woman gets married, what incentives would she have to stay married? gold-diggers-funny-women-pictures

Incentive 1: Tingles – This only happens if she landed an Alpha in the first place. What women have a hard time accepting is that true Alpha men? Have harems. She will always be one woman among several if she somehow gets an Alpha to marry her. Many women try to change that, and the men just laugh at them, because women are incapable of processing the fact that just as hypergamy is natural to them, polygamy is natural to men. Women want the highest status man possible, men want as many of the youngest & prettiest females to impregnate as possible. Simple. But good luck getting some females to “just get it.” Others of course do, and agree to soft harems, unspoken harems, open marriages, plural marriages, or swinging. Many women don’t care if their husbands screw around, because women place little value on physical intimacy(note to men: THIS IS A HINT).

The problem comes in when we face the fact that there just aren’t enough true Alpha men to go around….which yields the ugly truth that many women marry men that they have little to no attraction to. Remember: there is no premium on physical intimacy in the female value scale. This is why, when we see the stat of 70% of divorces initiated by women; we can easily conclude that women that have Alphas and jettison them are still young enough to get another one. Most women that stay with Alphas are past their prime anyway, and know they have little chance of doing better. So, older women(35+) with Alphas are the most likely to stay married to them.

Incentive 2: Status – This is the Hillary Clinton thing. She’s always known that she could accomplish more in life and politics if she stayed Mrs. Bill Clinton than anything else. People wouldn’t even refer to her as anything else but “the former Mrs. Clinton” if she had left him. As I said here however, if a man takes a turn for the worse and his status decreases, or leaves altogether? His wife will be gone within three to six months. As men learn the hard way, a man with no status is like a woman with no beauty; people just aren’t interested. If you are a man of low status, you can rest assured that your wife feels like she settled for you, and you weren’t even her third or fourth choice. For whatever reason, she couldn’t do any better, and she’s going to convey the seething contempt and disdain she has for that fact on to you, every single day of the relationship, unless and until you become more important in her eyes. Deti’s long running acclaim that attraction cannot be generated from nothing is apropos here. Because I say, just as a man’s sense of love is inextricably tied into the physical, a woman’s love is inextricably tied into status.

Incentive 3: Resources – This is the big kahuna. how-do-you-know-if-she-s-a-gold-digger-95594067-oct-5-2012-1-600x400The State has now guaranteed that a woman has legal access to your resources regardless of any circumstance. She can literally strip you of everything that you have, and make you pay for a family you no longer get any direct benefits from. This is also always a woman’s biggest long term concern in a marriage; it doesn’t matter how the relationship starts, this will be the central issue between you. So if she was never sexually attracted to you to begin with, or she lost attraction because you either became too Beta or lost your job status, or God help you, both, she can still have the State sanctioned legally enforced financial security that she needs. Alphas that stay Alphas have no problem, but there’s only a few DiCaprios and Clooneys in the world. She will never care that much about sex, and will never have any problem getting it. But she no longer needs a man to do anything but impregnate her. Women feel that the kids are theirs, and that mothering is all a child needs, fathering is optional, and most men find out the hard way that she doesn’t want you, she wants your resources.


So I’ll ask the question again: Why Would a Woman Stay Married?