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Most men don’t understand the motivations of each of these categories of female, nor how to relate to them, nor the costs involved. Once you Red Pill it, they become clearer.


ImageFirst and foremost, your wife is not there to meet your needs. She’s there to meet her needs, whatever they might be, and that’s her sole motivation. She wants status, provision, support for the children, not to feel alone, whatever. The female array of combination needs is weighted differently for every woman, but she only gives you whatever she gives you in exchange for meeting those needs. Stop doing that and she’ll open her legs to someone else so fast it’ll make your head spin. And it won’t be for the sex, she’s trying to secure from the new guy what she can no longer get from you.


She is there to Imagemeet her own need as well, and it is primarily financial. She wants cash, not emotional connection. Her emotional satisfaction comes from the fact that she’s desirable enough that men will pay for her charms. Some whores do take pride in their work, and want to do a good job for their clients. But make no mistake; she’s not into freebies. It’s not the sex, it’s the cash.


This is the trickiest of them all, because a mistress will be the most accommodating to Imageyour needs as a man, but she will have combination need elements of both a wife and a prostitute. Long story short, a mistress will give you all the things that your wife won’t: she’ll always look and smell good, she’ll stay in shape, she’ll give you sex on demand, she’ll do the freaky stuff you like, and act like she likes it while she’s doing it. What will stymie most men is trying to figure out why.  A mistress gets her validation from the fact that her charms are strong enough to pull you away from your wife; she gets her wetness from the danger and forbiddenness of the relationship. But she may want cash & prizes, or she may want to replace your wife, or both.


You have to pay all three of them, but wives are the biggest investment with no guarantee of return. She costs a house, access to your children, half of your assets present & future, and half your pension, with no promise of sexual satisfaction or respect in return.

A prostitute will charge whatever the market will bear; you just have to remember she’s an actress, don’t get emotionally involved.

A mistress….she might cost you everything. Reputation, respect, marriage, the whole nine. But she’ll be the most eager to please you. It’s the risk/return thing.

So know your poison before you choose it.