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Posted: December 5, 2013 in Red Pill Rules, Whore, Wife, Women
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The commenter known as Just Saying has posted the Red Pill Playa credo over at Sunshine Mary’s; every man that is a RPP or is aspiring to be one needs to understand it. Here it is, in its entirety:56095738_15d318e014

Just Saying
December 5, 2013 at 1:58 pm

“women do regret slutty behavior”

True, but ONLY if it is found out by others. This is why I do as well as I do – the women know that I’m not talking. So it’s “cost-free” sex, and every woman wants to up their experience without having any repercussions. That is why I thank Feminism – I really don’t have to do anything other than be myself, and provide young women with the opportunity – since they all think they are missing something. So as long as they know that a photo of them won’t be sent around, or their name won’t be circulated, they are more than willing to do whatever you want. Sure she’ll regret it if anyone were to ever find out, but as long as no one does – it didn’t happen in her mind.

Look at all of the women that scream “rape” after willingly having sex – the video of the woman getting oral sex when waiting in line, comes to mind. Yeah – she said it was rape when the video shows she was pulling his head between her legs and moaning. So she was trying to excuse her slutty behavior. That is how women think – they WANT to be sluts, they just don’t want men, or other women, to KNOW they are sluts. So if she feels safe, and that no one will ever know the things she’s done – she’ll do things she wouldn’t have dreamed of doing any other way. All of her sick fantasies – to be tied up, beaten, choked, kidnapped, “raped”, etc.. Most women have those fantasies, and they will act on them. Bless their black little hearts… (And other more colorful areas….)

Heck, I cannot count the number of times I have had unprotected sex with a woman who makes her boyfriend wear a condom. They get off on “being bad” – it turns them on to know that they are having unprotected sex with someone old enough to be their father and making their boyfriend wear a condom. She just want him as a cover for her sluttiness – so if she gets knocked up, he’ll take the blame. Women can be very dependable when you depend on them to blame others for their actions. Heck, that is what Feminism is based on – blaming others for her own choices.

Boom. You can’t get any plainer than that. I also hope this clears up the questions that keep getting asked by men that find out about their wives’ slutty past. tumblr_kqaycjo6pv1qzl3sdo1_r1_500Women do those things because that’s what they wanted to do.


Please let go of your notions of pedestalized, non-sexual, demure femininity. It is the male equivalent of chasing unicorns. Arabian_unicorns_csg010-1


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