What Incentives do Men have to Get Married?

Posted: January 9, 2014 in Marriage, Men, Wife, Women
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groom1I briefly talked about the quasi-flipside of this question here. I now have to ponder the issues of what would motivate today’s man to enter into a covenantal, contractual relationship that’s almost 100% stacked against him, knowing full well that the authority of the State is also aligned against him, no matter what, once he signs. Let’s take a look at the factors that men generally consider when choosing a bride:

Virginity – Nothing as attractive as a woman that will be all yours sexually, at least initially. Some guys have weird sharing fetishes, but barring that, this gives your future wife a chance to bond with you and only you, with no other men to compete with in her head, heart, or body.

N Count – This is teachmanhuge in terms of the number of sexual partners she’s had before you. Statistically that will determine her likelihood of Frivorcing you, and most likely her ability to bond with you.

Age – As I’ve said repeatedly, she will look her best and freshest between the ages of 15 and 30; after that, she’ll start to hit The Wall.

Physical Beauty – This is deeply subjective, but it’s always a factor for men. Most of the time, it’s the deciding factor as to whether or not we’ll even initiate the relationship.

Respect, Public & Private – This is pretty simple; her attitude and behavioral manner towards you in any setting.

Disposition – Is she sweet, sour, sassy, all of the above, and most importantly, how often does it change?

Personality – What kind of person is she, and does her style of living life gel with yours?

Children – Her willingness to give you any, and whether or not she already has some by another man.

Her Income – Old school men were raised with the expectation of being a full provider for the family. New school men expect their potential wives to work. This will tie into children as well, if the decision is made for her to become a SAHM.

Domestic Skill – Her ability to manage a house, including finances, cooking, cleaning and any other domestic duties necessary.

Previous Marriages – We’ve got funny ways of defining “committed relationships” these days, so I’ll count marriages, as vows were actually taken with some other man at some point.

I’ve talked extensively about what can happen if you’re Frivorced, and anyone that’s been in the Manosphere understands the social and legal climate’s aggressive hatred of men. I’ve also listed Men’s Groups and suggested that each reader join one in his area to begin to work on changing the aforementioned climate.

My question is…..is the right combination of the above elements enough to make you want to jump the broom? Let me hear from you gentlemen in this poll: 




  1. Legion says:

    Hi red. “Living in foreign country” was my response. No mtter what, the laws in USA are impossible to marry in.

  2. earl says:

    I think that a lot of these things are tied together.

    Her personality, dispostion, and looks are highly dependant on if she is a virgin and N count. There are other outside factors that influences how she thinks (such as media, her girlfriends, her beta dad and overbearing mother)…but the number of dicks her brain has been in contact with is the biggest factor.

  3. DaPoet says:

    It really doesn’t matter how perfect she is as long as the laws regarding marriage, child support, divorce and alimony remain as they are now. For until they are changed marriage will remain a bad deal for men while eschewing any and all intimate contact with women will remain the only viable tactic available to men.

  4. […] incentives does a man have to get married? Related: Child support and the threat […]

  5. So far(as of 1.15.14) the top three factors are:

    1) Respect
    2) N Count
    3) Physical Beauty

    …keep those votes coming.

  6. Robert says:

    I will never get married… just to get married. It’s better to have children out of wedlock. Post-postmodern marriage is economic suicide.

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