What Incentives do Women have to Stay Married?

Posted: January 8, 2014 in Hypergamy, Life, Men, Wife, Women
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203387_1I’m not raising the question because I’ve formulated a solid answer yet. I’m raising the question because in considering the variables I earnestly began to wonder about it. Let’s examine what women like:

1) Tingles – This comes from finding a man that’s confidant, dominant, and rebellious….the Alpha traits of not caring what society’s rules and expectations are, but going his own way(Ironic, isn’t it?). A man that’s not afraid to take what he wants, a man that would never make his woman his mission or his life, a man that doesn’t take her crap(which is the biggest A on the shit test scale that you can get). Preferably taller, obviously stronger, and everything else after that(bald/hair, tattoos, clear skin, etc.) is a matter of her personal taste. When females are young, extra tingles for banging a man that their father would hate. Notice also that it’s not sex in general that women crave; it’s sex with particular men that they want.

2) Status – Women love a man with status, and it’s always relative. They love a man at the top of his high profile game; athletes, clergyman, politicians, musicians. Women want to know who the most powerful man in the room is; the man that can command all the attention of the other men; they want that guy’s attention. You’re hot when you’re the Mayor of a city; but when the Governor of the State walks in, your wife will get flushed with lust. Whether she acts on it or not, her mind immediately races to “what would it be like to be with him?”

Women also crave the status of being Mrs. Somebody. Being taken. Being in a relationship. A wedding to a woman not only gives her all the focus & attention(ding!) and makes her the prettiest woman in the room(ding ding!), but also is a day where a man stands up before God, clergy, family and friends and says to the world, “I want her. I choose her. I take her.” So females, if they bottom line themselves, want the status of not being alone(which they call “settling” when they are Post Wall), but they always want the highest status man to be attached to that they can get. The higher the status of the male, the higher her tingles.

This is also the fundamental difference between a girl and a woman. A girl can be satisfied, at least at first, with 1) and 2). But a woman, especially one that has or wants children knows that she needs:

3) Resources – Financial security. Provision for herself, her lifestyle, protection for when she’s pregnant and ensuring that there’s nothing to worry about once the children come. A fine home/mansion/roof over their heads, plenty of clothes, shoes, food, and whatever else her heart desires. Women in the last 45 years have made a fuss about female economic empowerment, but you need to check out Judgy Bitch’s post here on what the numbers actually look like in terms of the workforce. Sisters claim that they’re “doing it for themselves,” but they ALWAYS want your resources if you’re a man, regardless of how much of their own they have.

So the question becomes….if a woman gets married, what incentives would she have to stay married? gold-diggers-funny-women-pictures

Incentive 1: Tingles – This only happens if she landed an Alpha in the first place. What women have a hard time accepting is that true Alpha men? Have harems. She will always be one woman among several if she somehow gets an Alpha to marry her. Many women try to change that, and the men just laugh at them, because women are incapable of processing the fact that just as hypergamy is natural to them, polygamy is natural to men. Women want the highest status man possible, men want as many of the youngest & prettiest females to impregnate as possible. Simple. But good luck getting some females to “just get it.” Others of course do, and agree to soft harems, unspoken harems, open marriages, plural marriages, or swinging. Many women don’t care if their husbands screw around, because women place little value on physical intimacy(note to men: THIS IS A HINT).

The problem comes in when we face the fact that there just aren’t enough true Alpha men to go around….which yields the ugly truth that many women marry men that they have little to no attraction to. Remember: there is no premium on physical intimacy in the female value scale. This is why, when we see the stat of 70% of divorces initiated by women; we can easily conclude that women that have Alphas and jettison them are still young enough to get another one. Most women that stay with Alphas are past their prime anyway, and know they have little chance of doing better. So, older women(35+) with Alphas are the most likely to stay married to them.

Incentive 2: Status – This is the Hillary Clinton thing. She’s always known that she could accomplish more in life and politics if she stayed Mrs. Bill Clinton than anything else. People wouldn’t even refer to her as anything else but “the former Mrs. Clinton” if she had left him. As I said here however, if a man takes a turn for the worse and his status decreases, or leaves altogether? His wife will be gone within three to six months. As men learn the hard way, a man with no status is like a woman with no beauty; people just aren’t interested. If you are a man of low status, you can rest assured that your wife feels like she settled for you, and you weren’t even her third or fourth choice. For whatever reason, she couldn’t do any better, and she’s going to convey the seething contempt and disdain she has for that fact on to you, every single day of the relationship, unless and until you become more important in her eyes. Deti’s long running acclaim that attraction cannot be generated from nothing is apropos here. Because I say, just as a man’s sense of love is inextricably tied into the physical, a woman’s love is inextricably tied into status.

Incentive 3: Resources – This is the big kahuna. how-do-you-know-if-she-s-a-gold-digger-95594067-oct-5-2012-1-600x400The State has now guaranteed that a woman has legal access to your resources regardless of any circumstance. She can literally strip you of everything that you have, and make you pay for a family you no longer get any direct benefits from. This is also always a woman’s biggest long term concern in a marriage; it doesn’t matter how the relationship starts, this will be the central issue between you. So if she was never sexually attracted to you to begin with, or she lost attraction because you either became too Beta or lost your job status, or God help you, both, she can still have the State sanctioned legally enforced financial security that she needs. Alphas that stay Alphas have no problem, but there’s only a few DiCaprios and Clooneys in the world. She will never care that much about sex, and will never have any problem getting it. But she no longer needs a man to do anything but impregnate her. Women feel that the kids are theirs, and that mothering is all a child needs, fathering is optional, and most men find out the hard way that she doesn’t want you, she wants your resources.


So I’ll ask the question again: Why Would a Woman Stay Married?

  1. alcockell says:

    And the tears well up in any honest salt-of-the-earth bloke, especially Asperger blokes who want to build something that’ll last… oh – like civilisation as we know it.

    And would love a life-partner with similar ethics and goals.. that of BENEFITING others around and not tearing shit down…

    I saw the destruction and havoc that blew apart a local St John division when feral natures in leaders ripped apart marriages and caused massive amounts of bad blood.. this shit can wreck civilisations… we took CENTURIES building things.. and it’s being wrecked due to ‘gina tingles?

  2. alcockell says:

    Just realised something… a committed Christian man knows he is a man under authority. Is this why Christian wives are commanded to respect their hubbies?

    I suppose I’ve been lucky in the women I’ve had as friends and managers… ones who were active in St John Amb and the like…

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  4. Tarnished says:

    “…she doesn’t want you, she wants your resources.”

    My answer to a woman like this would be for her to act like an adult and get her own resources through study and hard work, instead of pretending to be a powerless victim who can’t do s*** for herself.

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