Red Pill Rules Post #4

Posted: January 23, 2014 in Game, Life, Men, Red Pill Rules, Women
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big-prizeAfter this conversation at Donal’s:

I realized that I needed to post another installment of Red Pill Rules. And here is a prime principle for you Red Pillers:

Always reject the attempted Female reframe that women somehow are the Prize.

They are not. What are women bringing to the table?

15 years of youth and beauty, and then The Wall. That’s 50+ years of non-prime female flesh.

-15 years of easy fertility, and then you’ll need good fortune and technology.

-One hymen.

-One first love(that they will never forget. So many Alpha Widows).

-Bonus points for a sweet disposition and mothering skills, but that is not the main attraction for men. If she’s sweeter than a candy cane and would make a great mom, but she’s fat or hideous, you won’t be interested.

….and that’s it. A very small window of time to parlay very limited resources into a lifetime worth of payments. Jurassic Wall.

Welcome….to Jurassic Wall.

And what do men have that women want?

-Your last name

-Your present income

-A father for the children

-Not being alone

-A large wedding celebration that focuses almost exclusively on her

-Male attention & validation

-Control over your medical decisions

-Control over your end of life decisions

-Control over your main residence and investment properties

-Your future earnings

-Your retirement

-Your life insurance proceeds

-Social position and bragging rights in front of other women

…Is her vagina worth all of that? Can you now see what you are trading just for a chance to hit it, gentlemen? Women routinely laugh at us, because we can’t see what they’re really doing. As I explained here, if you want some vagina, you’re going to have to pay. gold-digger-magnetProstitutes however, are the only women that will tell you upfront what the charges are. Wives, on the other hand, want everything I’ve named on the above list, and they’ll act like they like things that they don’t, they will laugh at jokes of yours that they don’t actually think are funny, and they will wear lingerie and clothes that they absolutely loathe, just to secure the relationship. But let me restate, unequivocally: acquiring the benefits on that list is the only reason a woman is opening her legs to you.

Whenever a woman seems “uninterested in marriage,” it means that either the male suitor isn’t high status enough, or she’s telling herself that “something better will come along.” We are men, our needs are simpler. It’s not true at all that any old vagina will do, but we are easier to satisfy, as we are not hypergamous. Regular sex, fidelity, regular meals, and regular respect/appreciation is enough to keep us working for our families for 50+ years. We are the prizes, gentlemen; the love in our hearts, the strength in our backs, the treasure in our coffers, the honor in our souls. Guard it all well, and don’t sign any of that away frivolously. Her nature is to never be satisfied. And there is no law to enforce a woman giving you what you want out of the deal; all the laws are designed to enforce your side of it.

Good fortune may afford you a woman that’s actually unplugged, as opposed to all the ones claiming to be unplugged. But understand the stakes, gentlemen; understand what you are putting on the table. Respect the Game.Tywin_Lannister_Wide1

  1. Aussie-Bob says:

    If you go back to the 1950’s women also provided one other thing. A good wife maintained the illusion, at all times, when in the presence of their husband that he was truly the “man of the house”. The king of his domain, and it wasn’t just an act, she had to treat him like he was the king, cooking and cleaning for him, washing his clothes, having his work clothes ready for the next day, never contradicting him in conversation, ensuing dinner was ready when he got home, not asking too much about where he has been, all those sorts of things.

    Now, for a man to invest everything highlighted in the above article in a woman, the 1950’s wife is a fair trade. I didn’t say ‘equal trade’, just fair. A mutually satisfying exchange of a lifetime of wealth, for a lifetime of comfort. But modern women, with a feminist upbringing, that is most women under 60 years old now, would believe this picture to be some sort of modern slavery, but its not, its recognition of a mans worth.

    Modern men have also lost this respect for their own value through the feminist programming. Millions of smart, intelligent men truly believe that an exchange of a few hours a week housework and maybe an annual blow job, for only a few short years, is fair trade for at least half of the entire lifetime productivity of a man. I can understand women seeing things that way, for a variety of reasons (solipsism chief among them), but to believe so many men agree demonstrates the awesome effectiveness of the female imperative.

    • I don’t think it’s the awesomeness of the Female Imperative, or that men agree.

      I think it’s more, what are the alternatives?
      Men need sex, women have it, and if all you have to choose from are shrews, harpies, and sexually stingy former sluts…..then?

  2. Marlon says:

    If us men will do anything for sex…then we deserve this ill-treatment and more.
    A man is more than how much sex he gets or what women think of him.
    We have to embrace that.

  3. Robert says:

    RPP – now you tell me! Where were you when I got married 20 some odd years ago. Now I’m stuck with someone I *wish* would leave me. Most of what you say is true – she gets pretty much everything she wants out of the marriage and I get pretty much nothing. I foolishly played the white knight married one of those post-wallers. But there was no “sphere” back then to say “hey man, what the hell are you doing?”.

    But the lesson is that marriage to an American woman in the modern age (especially a post-wall one) is a suckers bet.

    Interestingly the happiest married couple I know are a couple of fives who found each other.

    • Yah, I’m a firm believer that Manosphere training should be required for all men. We need a school. Marriage 2.0 is most definitely a losing proposition for men.

      If they know they are fives, that’s why they’re happy; an adequate assessment of their SMV and sticking with it. Rare!

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