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Red Pill EndGame

Posted: February 21, 2014 in Game, Life, Men, Wife
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Old manJust musing on my own answer to this question….as a man, how do you want to end up?

Let’s assume a life span of 80 years. When you come to the end of your days, do you:

-Want to have lots of kids, either by one wife, or many wives and/or baby mommas?

-Want to have a high N count, and be proud as  you die that you nailed a lot of women?

-Want to have a natural heir to pass your worldly goods on to?Old_Man_(Imagicity_854)

-Want to pass knowing that no woman will directly inherit your estate(because some of your estate tax will end up going to women eventually)?

-Want to still be pulling 25 year old Sugar Babies and popping Viagra like candy?

26266439-Want to have a traditional ending, where you’ve spent 50+ years with one woman, and you both die within days of each other, because you  don’t want to live without your lifelong partner?

oldman (1)As we spend our lives mastering whatever level of Game we aspire to, recognizing that sluts are not wives, and that wives and children are resource drainers with no guarantee of positive ROI, where does it all end? As we realize that women must be controlled at all times, under all situations lest the destroy everything that men have built, is that the ultimate point of learning Game? sugar_daddyTo be a woman tamer? Is our job only to enjoy the spoils of our increased knowledge and to unplug other men that are willing to learn? Let me know in the comments and in the poll.

bsr005I still see the continuance of the raging, now seemingly endless debate over whether or not Game of any kind, on any level, is acceptable for Christian men in their relationships. (You know how I feel about those that pretend that there’s a difference between Christian and non-Christian women.)

We can settle this issue once and for all.

If you’re a natural Alpha, Game is natural to you(focusing on your mission and not your woman, being aloof, not talking too much, etc.) so “just being yourself” is still Gaming. If you’re not a natural Alpha, but you learned the 16 Commandments then you have changed yourself and your behavior. So we’re defining Game as the application of Red Pill principles, whether innate or learned, from the acknowledgement of Female Solipsism, Hypergamy, Fitness Tests, SMV & MMV, The Wall, and Herd Mentality and men responding accordingly. So:

All men, Christian, non-Christian, Negro, Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic, young or old, that have maintained healthy LTR with their girlfriends or wives, that haven’t used some form of Game, please speak up.Listening-Ear


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Red_pill_wikipediaSometimes I get the distinct impression that men miss the inherent good news found in Red Pill ingestion.

It means that from now on, for the rest of your life, you must maintain frame with every woman(including family members) that you encounter, by meditating on and emotionally accepting this simple truth: you are worth more than her.better-than-women

When I see men in any stage of Red Pill shock, I strive to remind them of this. It’s what shedding your Beta colored skin is all about. And for those that keep insisting that realizing a man’s higher worth is “Dirty Game,” might I remind you of two things:

1) Maintaining higher SMV is the only thing that will make your wife enthusiastically shed ’em and spread ’em during the course of your marriage.

2) It’s true.

Women: 15 years and then Hello Wall. No honor. No code. Unlimited unapologetic hypergamy. She must be kept in check to protect her from herself. They hate working with each other. She can never be satisfied even with the most perfect of men. And every word out of her mouth is a lie.

Men: Builders of civilization. Loyal until death. Workers without complaint. First Responders. Military leaders. Holders of all things logical, and Headship over any family they sire.

Argue with me all you want to. Say I’m out of balance all you want to. How many stories of men losing frame and then losing their wives do we have to read? How many stories of men being enraged to discover that their wives did things with previous boyfriends that she won’t even consider doing with her husband? The man whose name she’s taken, whose children she bore, and whose legal & financial rights she has possessed? ARE MEN JUST CRAZY?

How in the WORLD did men get such low self-esteem? Or ever believe that the four inches of fur between her legs was worth HALF YOUR INCOME AND YOUR HOUSE?

You know you've failed when Jesus has to facepalm.

You know you’ve failed when Jesus has to facepalm.

Unicorn-Dimensions-unicorns-17788267-1024-768Right here:

Now obviously that post was not written this week, but I just found it. And it is so spot on it needs to be set to music. Some of my favorite quotes:

Most women deserve to be old and alone because since they’ve been given all the freedoms in the world to do whatever they like, they’ve not used that power to become people who are remotely desirable, likeable or respectable to men as a collective (without holding them at politically correct gunpoint) or even themselves. 

 Most women are great to childrenit’s a damn shame they can’t treat men with that same love and sacrifice – with the exception of unicorns, which most of you think you have met, but haven’t.

The skeptical and new initiates who can’t see this and question it’s truth are not deep enough down the rabbit hole, you’ve still got a long way to go – a lot of you think you can use red pill philosophy to make yourself desirable to a woman and then go fuckoff to your masturbatory Disney fantasy “…and they lived happily ever after” because now you have the magical instructions to create attraction. Bullshit. That is nothing but you still being ignorantstill being unable to accept that women are unilaterally: self-obsessed, selfish, solipsistic users.

Women only team up with you on the conditions that you’re better than them and that they can use your betterment to better themselves, as soon as you’re worse than them, they’re dumping your ass. It’s a battle. She’d use your corpse to save her own neck because she thinks she’s more important than you are. That’s reality.

Go read the whole thing. If what’s stated in that post isn’t enough to make you wake up, then, you deserve those lifetime alimony payments.wake-up

Cersei-cersei-lannister-31147140-1279-691“When you play the Game of Thrones…you win. Or you die. There is no middle ground.” ~Cersei Lannister

Know what needs to happen, stat? Men need to accept the above axiom as the bottom line for relationships with females. The Female Imperative(seek the strongest seed, ignore all but the top prospects, secure the highest amount of status & resources possible while giving away as little sex as possible, and at any sign of weakness? Seek a new target, lather, rinse, repeat) is completely incompatible with the Male Imperative(spread your seed into as many virginal young fertile prime wombs as possible, and lockdown said womb to ensure purity and paternity of seed so there is no wasted investment of resources or skewed legacy). Let’s let Cersei herself tell her story:

Did you catch all that? Cersei was having the happiest day of her life, as she believed she had scored the Alphaiest of Alphas…King Robert Baratheon himself. Yet when she discovered he was weak in bed, and his drunken heart still belonged to his dead wife, she immediately, and without hesitation, cuckolded him. With her brother. Ensuring that every heir to the Baratheon throne would be an incest born, illegitimate abomination. And she’s proud of that decision.

Serial monogamy and never ending polygamy don’t live on the same street. Your life as a man is either going to be living your dream, or living her dream. Your dream can only be achieved through Game and continually elevating status, even if you want access to just one womb. If that womb is wrapped in the youngest and the prettiest flesh possible, you have no chance for impregnation without swagger and bling. And you will soon discover that you have to plate spin even if you have only one plate.

ball-and-chain-cake-topper01If, however, you do as most men and get chumped into living her dream, you are going to spend your life giving her every resource that you have: time, attention, money, energy, regardless of how much sex or respect you get in return. She’ll either Girl Game it out of you or legally enforce it out of you, or both. You might negotiate a Hall Pass, but only the highest status men can do that; if you’re Bill Gates, your wife is not about to give up that lifestyle just because you got some side poontang. It’s also why Hillary stayed married to Bill. She’d have never gotten as far career wise as a divorced woman, as an ex-first lady. Would not have happened. If you’re a janitor, however, better call your lawyer. It’s a slow death for most men, as they have to find a way to suppress their natural desire for polygamy for 40 years; God help you if you are a Christian man, because nowadays your wife and the Pastoral mangina you serve under even count masturbation as cheating. Do you get that? You signed up to have only one legitimate source of sex for the rest of your life, and you have to continue to Game it to keep it active. If not, it will get old, fat, bitchy, take all that you have, including your offspring, and leave you to rot with no remorse whatsoever. And she just might do that anyway, especially if a better alternative presents itself and you have been slumming into BetaLand just a leeetle too long.

Lord Baelish, Lord Varys, the Tyrells, and the Lannisters, they never rest. Petyr-baelish-1024They sleep with one eye open. They have spies. Their walls have ears. Know why? Because they understand that the tide can turn at any minute; all it takes is one decision. And the most Blue Pillingest of all families, the Starks? Those that put duty starkand honor and love above all else? They keep dying. Slaughtered. Because they don’t understand what game they’re playing. Men have not yet accepted that women don’t care about you beyond your usefulness to them. This is why initial Red Pill shock is so intense; because most men have no idea how easily their woman can replace them with another workhorse.

The big raging debate around the ‘Sphere these days is whether or not Game is compatible with Scripture and Christian values; my contention is that that is the wrong question. And that’s because it’s partly rooted in the fallacy that there’s a difference between Christian women and non-Christian women. Whether a woman is a believer in, and a follower of Christ or not is irrelevant to how and why she responds to you. That’s what people seem to keep getting confused about. The women will keep trying to insist that they are submissive because that’s what God tells them to do. Wrong again. Because they are not submissive to Beta men. Only Alphas; the dominant, the strong, the fun, the confident….The Gamers. Do we understand yet that the only way to ensure that a young lass will keep her purity is to basically lock her down, surrounded by a constant guard of father and brothers? She is driven to find the worst thug, criminal, or player possible to deflower her, and there is no way for her to avoid that path besides isolation. The only difference among women is NOT whether or not they have that drive….only whether or not they will submit to that protection. Otherwise it’s over, those legs will open like a Wal-Mart on Black Friday. But for some reason, Christian men seem to completely ignore the following verse:

I Peter 3:7 – Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered.

Did you get that?? ACCORDING TO KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge about how women work. And because she is weaker than you. Your strength, your knowledge, your confidence, your leadership, your dominance. These are the qualities that lead to tingles, and tingles are what lead to submission. She’s not gonna read the Bible and get wet over you. She’s gonna respond to how you treat her. Just like God said she would.SUBMIT

Ephesians 5:25-27 – Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; that he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word, that he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.

There it is again….she only gets wrinkle and blemish free because of what you say to her.

And you think that God doesn’t use Game? Guess again:

Deuteronomy 32:21 – They have moved me to jealousy with that which is not God; they have provoked me to anger with their vanities: and I will move them to jealousy with those which are not a people; I will provoke them to anger with a foolish nation. 

Matthew 21:43Therefore say I unto you, The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof.
Provocation to jealousy and anger with the threat of a new lover, and a threat of removal of resources….any of that sound familiar?
So once and for all men, stop thinking that Game is a contradiction of your faith or vice versa. You will scream, “BUT THEY USE GAME FOR FORNICATION!!!” Guess what? You have to use Game to attract a potential bride and Game to keep her. If you don’t have any Game skills I hope you can get used to loving your hand; that’s the only thing in your life that’ll be singing Here Comes the Bride. So I don’t care if you’re living holier than a cargo ship full of Swiss cheese, women are only going to respond to you the way you want them to, whether girlfriend, fiance, or wife, because of Game.
And if you don’t understand or accept that, you will die a slow death.DIE SLOW

ppSo we’ve talked at length about Men needing to voluntarily take the Red Pill; and the very intense and predictable effects if, as a man, you are forced to. We’ve talked about men who took the Red Pill and are loving it. We’ve also talked about so-called Red Pill Women, so named from the man’s point of view.

What about the other side? What about The Pink Pill?

And no, I really don’t mean this one:

The above is, however, a perfect example of today’s quintessential “sassy” girl, the one who thinks that everything under the sun revolves around her. What I’m talking about with the Pink Pill is the way that women unplug. How could that be, you may ask, and what would that look like, and why is it necessary? Here’s why:

Too many girls, not enough women – One of the biggest issues faced in modern society is the infantilization of women. As I researched that topic, however, I found various takes on it. Most of the stuff I read suggested that to be feminine, seductive, or soft in any way was to equate women with children. Some articles said that women are often dressed in school girl outfits, outfitted in too much pink, or asked to pose with more childlike surroundings to stress their infantilization. There is often an accusation of infantilization(accompanied by the overused and now tired Misogyny Shriek Chorus) if a female journalist reads what is called a ‘fluff’ piece, i.e., some news item that is silly, or based solely on pop culture, or just isn’t ‘serious’ enough. All of that tongue wagging is still The Matrix, folks. It’s still what 40 years of Feminism and 15 years of YouGoGrrl Culture have wrought: an atmosphere of non-stop accusation of oppression against females, often when there is none present.

So that’s not what I’m talking about.

Nor am I talking about the unlimited media barrage aimed at telling boys that they need to grow up. I’m talking about female humans that actually transition from being little girls into being mature, responsible adults. Into WOMEN. And that’s not a matter of age…it’s a matter of a mindset. thumbnailImageThe Female Matrix, again with Feminism being The Architect and YouGoGrrl Culture being the Oracle, The_Oraclehas convinced women that no matter what they do, no matter what direction they take, it is to be applauded and not ‘judged.’ It has taught that if a woman faces any obstacles on the path of her goal towards her self-defined fabulous life, said obstacles are without question or need for examination rooted in misogyny. The Female Matrix has claimed that any consequences, especially completely predictable ones, shall not be, must not be, can not ever be attributed to the female’s actions, nor does she have to pay the price for said consequences; men do.

The net effect of this has been that females no longer mentally and emotionally develop. They never face their own innate hypergamy and solipsism and immaturity, and never learn the difference between being a girl and being a woman. For example:

Girlish Fantasy: Some day, my Prince will come! – SWA man that has every attribute that you could ever want, height, danger, mystery, cash, status, drive, ambition and confidence, is out there right now, just searching with all his might, just to find you, and give you all his attention and resources, as well as your fantasy wedding.

Harsh Reality: That man you’re dreaming about? Doesn’t exist in the real world, only in your head. Any man that would come close would be among the top 1% of men on the entire planet, and guess what? He’s already swimming in vagina. Yours will be just another one to add to his collection. There is nothing you could ever bring him that he hasn’t seen before, and you will be part of a harem at best.

don-t-judge-me-you-don-t-understand-meFeminist Fantasy: Guys sleep around? Why can’t I? Don’t judge me! And of course there will be husbands a-plenty after my Carousel adventures!

Harsh Reality: Females are different than males. The effect that early promiscuity has on you as a female will be cruel and unmistakable. And guess what one of the most important factors is to a man in deciding if you’re wife material? N count. The bigger your carousel, and the later you get off it, the less the chance that someone’s going to want to put a ring on it. Beyonce seriously lied to you. You have also greatly lessened the chances of your being happy in a marriage, and your being able to bond with your 163rd sex partner new husband.

Feminist Fantasy: I can put education and career first, marriage and babies later; or, I can do them all at the same time; or, in any order that I want, because all possibilities will always be open to me at any time during my fabulous life.

Harsh Reality: You’ve got 15 years. 15 short years to have your pick of men, and then you will slam head on into The Wall, where your looks will begin to fade, as will your fertility. 5zshyBy 35 you’ll be fading, and by 40 you’ll be out of the game in any meaningful way. You land a man while you’re still young, and then count on wife goggles to take you through your Post Wall years together. Not the other way around.

Female Fantasy: If it’s not true in my world, it’s not true in the world(also known as Solipsism). And there should be different rules for me! Because YouGoGrrl!

Harsh Reality: Galatians 6:7 – Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap. And this goes for women too. There are men that you call losers that are invisible to you when you are young and in your prime. You will be invisible to men and used up by 40. Whenever you feel it’s okay to use a man for money, that same man is just going to use you for sex. If you feel it’s okay to lie to get into or sustain a relationship….the other person is at some point going to be lying to you. If you feel that men only exist to serve you, you will inevitably fall in love with a man that thinks that women only exist to serve him. You can’t beat Universal Law. Everything that you think is a ‘feminine wile?’ Is a karmic time bomb that explodes in your life after 35.

Girlish Fantasy: The only feelings that count in a relationship are mine! Plus guys don’t have feelings anyway. And if they do, if there’s anything expressed other than confidence or dominance, they’re just whiners!

Harsh Reality: Understand this, that men will not respond to your disrespect by opening up. Men will respond by seeking comfort elsewhere.

Why aren’t there more women becoming unplugged? Why are women staying immature and then being surprised about their harvest? Because every time a female Morpheus comes to offer you the Pink Pill,

she is hunted down by the squiddies.

The Pink Pill for women represents growing up, realizing the innate differences between males and females, recognizing universal laws, acknowledging history, biology, some level of spirituality, proven social dynamics and understanding that you don’t have forever to live or bear children. And a little thing that you have that men possess as well, called free will. Every single study I read says that women are now more highly educated than men.

Why doesn’t that education include the Pink Pill?morning-after-pill-617x286

the_woman_in_the_red_dress___fiona__101570239Expounding on something I said here, we need to understand that all women are Red Pill women.

If you’re a man, the fact that 90% of what comes out of her mouth is a sh*t test is not news to her…it’s just news to you. The fact that she longs to be desired, have resources, and be controlled is not news to her…it’s news to you. The fact that she’s been dreaming, since she was a little girl, about having a Fifty Shades of Grey experience, and the fact that if she does have one, it marks her for life, is most definitely not news to her….it’s just news to you.

The fact that she will trade up in a heartbeat, and cannot stand to live on this planet in peace if she knows that another woman has more than her is not news to her…it’s just news to you. That she has not one drop of apologetic blood in her body for her natural hypergamic and solipsistic ways is not news to her…it’s just news to you.

Feminism, in all its forms, has ever been, and shall only ever be, one gigantic national sh*t test. Women smirking in men’s collective faces saying, “How far are you going to let us push this?” Letting women have their way has never resulted in them being happy in the long term, nor has it ever, EVER, made them respect men more.

She longs to be Gamed by men that “just get it” and will quickly reject and lose interest in any that don’t. She feeds on drama, chase, and challenge, and has the natural counter-intuitive tendency to want to lock down and possess that which has possessed her…and as soon as she does, she’s bored. And will always blame you for the state of the relationship, no matter what.

Don’t miss any of what was just said. She wants you to Game her. She craves men that know Game. It’s the chase that feeds her, and the worthy confident man that knows how to take what he wants that fires up the heat in her Southland regions. Thugs and criminals embody this spirit, as they have no regard for rules; this is why women surrender so easily to them. That characteristic is irresistible to the female mind.

Close up of angry man with steam coming out from his earsSo why are so many men shocked by all this?

1) Because your father never told you the truth. It’s your dad’s job to make you game aware as a young lad…and then you would’ve been ready. Instead of whining, “WAA WAA! I’M A NICE GUY AND NO GIRLS WANT ME!” you would’ve known to nut up, and learned how to dominate and conquer. The panties will be flying in your direction if you do that.

2) Too much male guilt. It’s a man’s world, and whether you believe in God or not, men are designed to be the movers and shakers. Very few women actually pioneer anything. They just get credit for being the first woman to do something that a man did years before. But Feminism keyed in on a natural strength of the female….her ability to make the male feel guilty about the way the world is, as if men designed women.

We didn’t.

3) Letting this Foolishness become Law. Everything’s unfair, the act of sex itself is penetrative so it must be rape, and men have to pay for women regardless of what they do or how much economic freedom that they gain on their own. These ridiculous ideas are now the law of the land as well as mainstream talking points, and men just let it happen.

That ought to tell you what the solution is.

beatsnotbuyingitSo what about women that claim they’ve “taken the Red Pill?”

Do you know what women mean when they say that? It means that they are willing to acknowledge, out loud, what they’ve always known in their hearts to be true. And normally, they only do so either after they’ve secured their own Alpha, or accepted their own spinsterhood. It’s amazing what either security or harsh reality does to a woman. For women to actually be free of their Female Matrix, built by Feminism and YouGoGrrl Culture, they have to take the Pink Pill.

So my challenge to the men is always the same….can’t you see that being Blue Pill is an abomination? An aberration? A delusional state? wide-_1378251719-620x349A tucking of your nuts back up into your sack? And for what, exactly? IT DOESN’T BRING YOU SUCCESS. *facepalm* Part of being a man means that you are constructed to dominate, conquer, lead, teach, provide for, and protect a woman(most of the time from her own foolishness). Women that fight you and say that’s sexist? They then do their best to become men themselves. What does that tell you?

So let today be the last day of Blue Pillage for all men that are reading this but are still plugged in. Don’t be afraid to develop what is naturally yours. If we all united as men, you realize that we could have the laws changed in less than six months, right?

Time to nut up.

confused_womanVox’s Post has made my week: Fourteen Years of Fun.

If you ever needed a crystal clear picture as to what 40 years of Feminism and 16 years of YouGoGrrl culture has done to the dating scene, all you need do is read that post. You need to also include in your reading Masculine By Design’s Women Who Live Their Life In Reverse. It’s the perfect companion piece to Vox’s post. It expands the Feminist view of a woman’s life to include every stage.

The Indian woman in Vox’s post doesn’t understand why she doesn’t have the same options as her Caucasian peers. She doesn’t understand why a Traditionalist culture like India who still very much believes in marrying young through arranged marriages wouldn’t welcome her back with open arms. She doesn’t understand why men aren’t plentiful in her 30s like they were in her 20s. And more than anything else, she doesn’t understand that she reaped exactly what she sowed. She wanted to have fun….so she attracted men that wanted to have fun. She didn’t want a husband….so she attracted men that didn’t want to be married. Her confusion is akin to a person that plants a farm full of corn seeds and then laments, “Why do I have all these stalks of corn growing on my farm?”

Whether you’re a MGHOW or not, you should talk to your sisters, your daughters, your cousins, and tell them the truth. That woman may not end up a spinster, but what man do you know that really wants to marry a woman who says she “only slept with 18 guys?” (We know that’s a lie. She’s discounting any blowjobs or handjobs she gave, and any one night stands or drunken adventures she had. That’s just 18 actual boyfriends.) I’ve also discovered that “committed relationship” means “I’m doing the guys in a row, not a circle.”

So if I haven’t been clear enough, let me state it unequivocally:

A high traffic vagina is not an attractive selling feature for marriage.sluts-life-s-play-things-4b1a3d


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Hope-and-SkySo, I want to start with some facts, and then move to asking a very relevant question:

Before Marriage:

There are absolutely no social or legal requirements for a wife to prepare herself to be a wife before marriage. Most men would be delighted to find the following in a prospective lifelong female partner:

-Youth and beauty

-Virginity(intact hymen) and Chastity(not using the other holes as well)

-Modesty(she’s saving something to reveal only to her husband)

-Sweet disposition

-Femininity & Girlyness in all their forms

-Mothering skills

-Investment & Entrepreneurial skills

-A penchant for both Public & Private respect for the man

What would an honorable man do for a woman that possesses those qualities? ……Anything. Including working his fingers to the bone for her for the next 50 years. But alas….there is no requirement for these to be present before purchasing a funny-virgins-9marriage license. Now, the converse is also true for men….no prep necessary before getting married, yet when women are in their prime, they get the most offers. If a man isn’t prepared, he simply gets ignored, or possibly set up for a frivorce, because at the very least, sex is what we want. Not so for women.

During Marriage:

There is absolutely no legal or social requirement for a woman to behave like a wife during a marriage. There is no requirement for her to stay in shape, give her husband sex, respect him, or even honor the vows that she pledged at the wedding. There are also no penalties for her if she does not honor them. For men, there are also no social or legal requirements that he behave like a husband during the marriage. If she decides that he hit her, even if he didn’t, he can be arrested at her request, guilty or not.

Post Marriage/Divorce:

If they are to divorce, which they can decide to do at any time, for any reason at all, he must maintain the lifestyle for her that they had while together, by law. If they had children, the likelihood in a divorce is that he will have to give up his house, and divorcchild support that is based on his income and not what it actually takes to raise a child. In some states, there is a requirement for alimony for life. She also can get access to his pension, and have her alimony and child support orders reviewed every year. Even if he can prove unfaithfulness on her part, it doesn’t matter. Even if, in some states, he can prove by DNA that not all of the children are his, if she puts his name on the birth certificate, he still has to pay. And she can do all of this while having a new lover. The man can also have a new lover, but it will have no effect on his requirement to pay.

So, before, during, and after marriage, there is no requirement on either part for marriage preparation. There is no prohibition against verbal abuse during marriage, but there is one against physical abuse, with the benefit of the doubt always going to the woman. Post marriage, the man still has lifetime financial obligations, and more often than not, restricted access to his children.

To my knowledge, everything I have said is factual. So, here’s my question: What is a man that desires to get married, to base his decision on? Hope? What is the reality of Christian women & wives? What is the guarantee or proof that they believe what they say they believe? Hope? What if a man shows all the dominance he knows how to show, and his wife wants out anyway? What is he to present against that? Hope?

When men get married, are we supposed to hope that our wives stay in shape? Hope that they will be submissive? Hope that they will be respectful? Hope that we are not living with an Alpha Widow? Hope that we will have both regular sexual access & exclusive sexual access? Hope that she will not press the nuke button through Frivorce?

HOPPBecause legally and socially, we have responsibilities once we become husbands, regardless of her behavior. What are we to pin our futures on then?



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So, I’ve been banned from Sunshine Mary’s Blog:

ssm: Hello RPSMF, I’ll let this one last comment out of moderation.

You know, sometimes I have found your comments to be insightful, and though strongly worded, your criticism of the behavior of modern women can be quite helpful. However,most of your comments are not that; for the most part, you simply proselytize against Christianity, and I’m afraid I cannot give a platform to that here any longer.

Furthermore, I have respectfully requested readers who are anti-marriage, anti-family-formation, anti-Christianity, and so on to please find a more suitable site for them to post on, one where they can get the support that will be most helpful to them and which will not pose a constant distraction to the conversations we are trying to have on my site about how to honor God in our marriages and families. I am baffled by the incredibly bad manners of those commenters who simply carry on despite my polite request.

I wish you the very best and hope that you will find peace and joy in whatever life plan God intends for you to follow. I pray God’s blessing will be upon you and yours.

This is really ironic, because I am a Christian. Which is why I wish people would tell the truth. To say that Jesus has redemptive and transformative power is absolute truth. To say that you changed inside of a marriage because of Jesus and it’s actually because of your tingles is a falsehood. This I do not understand.
I also don’t understand how she got the idea that I was anti-family or anti-marriage. Again, what I am is anti-bullshit. Men deserve to know what they’re stepping into before they sign a contract that’s going to affect the rest of their lives. How exactly is that anti-family?

But whatever.